How To Increase Productivity

Productivity is one of the key factors of being successful in work, study or any other activity. However, productivity is a difficult thing to accomplish with all the distractions around us. It’s a struggle for me as well, but I have gotten better at it in the last couple of months. I will share the few tips that helped me increase my productivity.

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I wrote about organization in my previous blogposts, and the organization is an important aspect for me in increasing my productivity. If I am not organized or if the space around me is not organized, I am simply not productive. It’s distracting and annoying me which results in a situation where I can not focus on my tasks or any other things that ask me to be productive.

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To be honest, I don’t have any magical tips that will make you instantly productive. I believe it’s the little things you change that will increase productivity. It’s a combination of tips and actions.

Put your phone on airplane mode

My phone is my biggest distraction when I am trying to focus. WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: it’s one big distraction for me. I usually put the airplane mode on for about an hour or two hours and try to be as productive as possible. After the hour or two hours, I take a 15 to 30 minute break where I can use my phone and respond to any texts and check social media.

Make sure to know what you need to do

One of the things that waste your time is when you don’t know what your tasks are. It’s such a waste of time when you need to look up the tasks and find the papers you will need to complete the tasks. What I do to prevent this? I make lists and I’ve talked about this before. The planner I showed in my previous blogposts is my perfect planner because I have all the projects and to-do’s on the same page. I know what to do and I make sure to have everything I need, like books and papers.

Get your snacks and drinks

Sometimes we just need something to snack on while we are writing a summary, writing a business plan or when we need to study for a test and any other activities that need your focus. I like to make a fruit or vegetable plate with cucumber, a pepper and carrots with hummus. It’s proven that coffee improves your focus, so I like to make a cup of coffee (but try to limit this). Walnuts are good for your focus as well, same as avocado, pure chocolate, water and pumpkinseeds. I bowl with walnuts, pumpkinseeds and a piece of chocolate with water sounds great!


Divide the big task in smaller pieces

Whenever I need to summary 300 pages of a textbook, and I write down that I need to summarize the 300 pages: I will never do it. It’s just too big to begin with and I can not find the motivation to begin. However, if I divide the 300 pages in equal parts of 50 pages: it’s way easier to start.

Start with 1 task and finish this task

Focus on one task at a time: don’t start with one, finish about 25% of the task and start another one. Finish the task before you start any other task. If you work on multiple tasks at a time: it can become overwhelming and unclear.

Set goals: what do you want to achieve?

Motivation and goals are one of the best things to keep in mind when you wan to increase your productivity. What do you want to achieve? What is your dream? Will you achieve any of this when you start procrastinating? Write it down and look at it whenever your motivation is lacking. Never dream about your success but start working for it.

Productivity is always a work in process but you need to increase or maintain your productivity to be successful in the things you want. However, don’t forget to relax and take some me-time once in a while. If you go on and on, your mind will block and things won’t go as planned. Balance is key! Sometimes you need a break to shine.

I have a quote about success and working for it.

“The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.”




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