The mission of Rosy Melissa

Rosy Melissa is a steady growing travel blog for travellers who want to leave a positive impact on the destination. The mission of Rosy Melissa is to inspire travellers to travel responsibly and show how easy and fun it is. Rosy Melissa is doing this by providing guides on responsible travel, destination guides, sharing travel stories and travel tips, and do research about responsible travel for the travellers. This way – the travellers can find all the information on Rosy Melissa and don’t have to do the research themselves!

I created Rosy Melissa in March 2018 out of a passion for writing. I’ve been writing since I was 10/11 years old but fell out of love with writing in my teens. My creativity got blocked and I found it so hard to write again. I let it go for a few years until I decided to start this blog in 2018.

This blog is a travel blog because I’m very passioned about travelling. I love discovering new places in the world. I love to meet new people, get to know new cultures and learn important lessons from the local community. I’m passioned about creating a positive impact and want to spread this initiative on my blog.

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I want to show that it is fun to travel responsibly and share stories on slow travelling and other sides of responsible travel. It’s not a popular travel topic to discuss yet, but it’s important to start this conversation and to treat the destination with the maximum amount of respect.

The main topics of responsible travel on my blog are the culture, the local community, the environment, the (wild) animals and the history of the destination. I want to educate others about red flags on the destination and other important signs to look at. I think we can travel more responsibly without completely changing the way we travel.

Besides travel, I write about other topics as well.

Productivity & Blogging

I developed a drive to help others with starting a blog and writing about productivity. I’m sharing my own tips of having productive morning routines and increasing productivity. In addition, I recently started a blogging series on my blog to share my knowledge about starting a blog with new bloggers.

Lifestyle & Mental Health

Mental health is really close to my heart and I love writing about topics such as your mindset. It’s important to me to talk about mental health and keep this conversation going. Furthermore, I write about lifestyle related topics once in a while like a product I’ve been loving or my favorite things about a specific topic.


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