8 Fun Things To Do In Barcelona

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Are you visiting Barcelona soon and are you looking for fun things to do? Besides the traditional things to see and do in the gorgeous city, there are many more fun things that aren’t as popular but equally as fun! Here are eight fun things to do in Barcelona!

8 Fun Things To Do In Barcelona

Eat tapas & watch the flamenco

You can’t really visit Barcelona (or any Spanish city) without eating tapas. There are so many great restaurants that serve the best tapas. One of the best things is that tapas is actually pretty inexpensive. You can choose the dish you want and decide how much money you’re going to spend. Especially if you are with a group of people! What’s more fun than having a fun tapas dinner in one of the many great streets in Barcelona?

The flamenco is a typical Spanish dance and you have to see at least one of these performances. It’s usually performed all around the city, just look for the signs while you’re exploring Barcelona! It’s so much fun.

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Go on a private sailing tour

Barcelona is located on the coast of Spain and this is one of the best way to take full advantage of it! If you walk to the harbour of Barcelona you’ll find a few boat tours. Most of these tours are with a larger group of people but it’s always worth asking if there’s a possibility for a private tour. You can do the tour with your partner, family or friends and just enjoy the ocean! If you’re lucky, you can even watch the sunset above Barcelona from the ocean. There are a few organizations that offer private sailboat tours like Barcelona sailboats. Just have a look on the internet and see which one fits you’re wishes and budget best!

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Take the cable car up to Montjuïc

If you’re looking for an epic spot to watch the sunset: this is the place to be. It’s a pretty well known spot among the locals and the place is pretty crowded during the evening. Just make sure you get there in time! The cable car gives you an amazing view over Barcelona with the coast and even the Sagrada Familia as a view. You can get to the cable car by stopping at the metro station “Paral lel”. You can visit the website of the TMB for more information about the route to Montjuïc!

The cable car closes at 9 PM which means that you have to walk down the hill/mountain after you have watched the sunset. There’s also a bus which will take you down the mountain as well. I must say, I didn’t walk down due to an infection in my hip, but the walk looks pretty amazing from above! It’s just a big park with (again) amazing views over Barcelona!

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Watch the opera at the Palau de la Música

This is the best place to be if you love a big theatre, opera and amazing architecture. This building is pretty old and it looks as classic as you would imagine. It’s open for tours when there isn’t an opera show. Please keep in mind that it’s not possible to walk around individually. You have to book a guided tour on a scheduled time. I did not know this, which means I didn’t end up actually visiting the inside of the opera house. You can look at their website “Palau Música” for the shows and guided tours.

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Watch a Barcelona soccer game at Camp Nou

This Barcelona Stadium is a great place to visit and have a tour but you will have the best experience while watching a soccer game in this stadium. Just make sure you get your tickets in advance because I’m pretty sure it’s always sold out! Definitely a must-have for the soccer fans under us (like me!). You have to get lucky because (obviously) there has to be a game when you’re visiting Barcelona. If there’s not a game, don’t be sad: you can do the tour around the stadium! This will give you about 50% of the experience and it’s a lot of fun. You can book a group tour or private tours.

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Visit the Funeral Carriage Museum

I’m aware that not everyone is a fan of this and I must say: I’m not always a fan of this either. But at times, cemeteries give me a really peaceful feeling. There’s a huge cemetery on the Montjuïc, located on the hill near the coast. I have not visited this one but saw it from the taxi on my way to the airport. It’s truly massive and it looks really impressive. No shame if you like going to funerals and pay your respects and no shame if it’s not your thing. Just do you what you like!

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Watch Barcelona from above

If you’re looking for a more luxury way to see Barcelona from another perspective: book a helicopter tour! A private helicopter tour starts around €79 so it’s definitely more expensive. There are plenty of helicopter tours on the internet so just look around and again see what fits your wishes and your budget. There differ in price so it’s good to have a look. BCN Travel has a helicopter tour starting at €79. I haven’t done a helicopter tour because to be honest, it’s pretty expensive and I love the view from the cable car on our way up to Montjuïc. However, if it’s really your thing and you love doing a helicopter your: go for it!

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Rent a Vespa and tour around Barcelona

This is the best way to explore Barcelona. The public transportation system in Barcelona is incredible and it’s takes you anywhere in no-time. The sad thing about it is that it’s underground so you miss all the amazing stuff above the ground. I’m a little scared on scooters in big cities, simply because I don’t have any experience. But, this is the true Barcelonan way of exploring the city! You can start at the coast, drive around the Sagrada Familia and go up to Park Güell while enjoying this amazing city. You can also decide to drive up to Montjuïc, watch the sunset and enjoy the city at night. Whatever you like: with a Vespa you can do it all!

There are so many options of renting a vespa in Barcelona. Just make sure you take pictures of any already existing damage before driving off. Make sure to write these damages down in the rent contract so you won’t be held accountable for the damage that wasn’t your fault!

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With these eight activities you are going to have the best time in Barcelona! It’ll give you another perspective of the city apart from the (amazing) usual stuff like visiting Sagrada Familia (which is gorgeous) and Park Güel (love the view!). I wish you all a lovely Wednesday!




  1. These are such cool ideas, a little off the beaten path. I love adding cool things like these to our itinerary. Plus, maybe fewer crowds to manage, right?

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