6 Reasons why Paris is always a good idea

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I’ve mentioned before that Paris is my all time favourite city. My mom and I weren’t quite sure where to go this summer, as we always do our mother-daughter trips during the summer. We have a busy summer ahead of us: we’re moving house and have a lot of stuff to do so we wanted to take a little trip to relax. We both had an amazing time in Paris last year, and we just know it’s going to be great again. Today I’ll give you my six reasons why Paris is always a good idea.

Café hopping
This is the best place to find cute cafés or authentic cafés. Paris has roughly 7000 cafés so there’s plenty of places to choose from! The neighbourhoods have their own style of cafés: the cafés in Montmartre are more artsy and the cafés in Le Marais are “cuter”. I love to drink my café lattes or my cappuccino in these cafés and just relax from a day walking and watch other people walk by.


Paris has many, many places that are great for picnicking. It doesn’t matter where you are in Paris: Montmartre has great spots, the area around the Champs Elysées has amazing spots and you can even picnic next to the Seine. If you need some picnic inspiration: Pinterest is the best place to get some! Some of my own picnic essentials are: a soft and colourful blanket: I love my yellow blanket, get a wooden basket or a cooling basket so your drinks and beverages stay cold! Some mason jars with straws are key if you want to keep the wasps away from you and your drink. And the basic things like plates and utensils of course! “Champs de Mars” is the parc under the Eiffeltoren with the best view of the tower. It can be crowded during the summer and especially at night because the Parisians love picnicking as well! If you want to have a great view of Notre-Dame: “Quai des Tournelle” is your best option. “Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet” (or Parc de la Turlure) is a parc near Sacre Coeur and has an amazing view. I’ll have more hotspots after I’ve visited Paris in August!

The markets
Paris might be the (designer) fashion capital of the world, but it does have some great markets as well. Those markets take on the vibe of the neighbourhood they’re in so every market has its own feel and style which is great. The markets are a great place to fill up your picknick basket to go the best picnic hotspots I just mentioned! They sell some local Parisian dishes that are great if you want to try some new things. Two of the markets are Rue de Buci in Saint Germain and Marché aux Fleurs near Notre-Dame on the Île de la Cité.


Shop til’ you drop
Paris is the fashion capital of the world so every shopaholic: eat your heart out!! I LOVE shopping in Paris, while it’s not the main raison I visit Paris but really: you can not go to Paris and not shop, you just can’t. One of my favourite places are the Champs Elysées: mainly because of the big MAC store and the Sephora which we sadly do not have in the Netherlands, and I love Galeries la Fayette as well. They do have great sales at times. Forever21 and more stores like H&M and Zara can be found on the “Street of Rivoli” which is just behind the Louvre.


Art, history and nature
There’s so much art, history and nature in Paris and I definitely did not expect to find so many parcs in Paris. The parcs are beautiful, it’s so well taken care of and the flowers and vibe in the parcs are amazing. It’s a great place to picknick as well, however: in most of the parcs it’s forbidden to go on the grass. Just make sure you’ll picknick at the right spot! There’s so much art to find in the architecture of Paris but there are many museums for the museum lovers like me! Obviously, the Louvre is amazing but the Picasso museum is lovely as well. And not to forget: please visit Versailles if you’re in Paris! The palace and the gardens are absolutely breath taking but Versailles is a lovely and cute town as well.


Getting lost
I feel like getting lost in a city is the perfect way to find the best hidden spots. However, I’m not a fan of getting lost so I always make sure to have Google Maps as my plan B. I do love strolling around the streets of Paris and if you get lost: there’s always a metro station around the corner so you’ll be just fine. Also, I feel like the parcs are a great navigation point as well because you’ll find one if you walk long enough!


Yes, please. I love the macarons in Paris. Laduree is the perfect spot to buy your macarons but macarons are such a big thing in the city: you’ll find them basically anywhere. But please, eat macarons when you visit Paris, it’s almost the most Parisian thing to do: go shopping, sit down at a cute café, drink your coffee (or whatever you like) and eat macarons!! The macarons are quite expensive, especially at Laduree. However, they do taste amazing and I’m sure there are some spots in Paris that’ll sell them for much cheaper. I haven’t found a cheap one, but I’ll do my best and try to find one in August! I promise.


I was debating if I wanted to post this blogpost now, or wait until my mom and I went to Paris again. I will be taking lots of pictures in Paris and do my best to make a travel guide for you guys! I’d love to find some bookstores and hidden spots. Some of the blogposts will be about the best cafés and restaurants in Paris, the best walks in Paris, some of the best shops, the secret spots and just fun things to do while you’re in Paris.



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  1. Paris is the place to be! I actually went there 2 years ago as a family trip. I’m hoping to go back as a solo trip.

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