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I went to my favourite city this week: Paris. It has almost become a yearly trip for me and my mom, ‘cause we both love Paris so much. I’ve talked about why I love Paris before, so I won’t bore you with more of the same sayings!

It has been the most relaxing and most fun week. We didn’t plan any of our days in advance, and decided on the same day or same hour what we were going to do. We did visit a few things like the Saint Chapelle and went on the Arc de Triomph (which had the best view ever) and mostly walked around the beautiful streets and enjoyed our coffee’s at the local cafés. I did go on a little shopping spree (admitted: not so little shopping spree) because Paris is the best city to go shopping in my opinion. I’d literally go to Paris to have a shopping spree.

Where I’ve talked about Paris before:

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The parcs in the city still amaze me. I never knew that a city so big and crowded could have such beautiful and well taken care off parcs. I absolutely love them and I love the vibe with all the locals relaxing, reading and talking about their day with friends and family. We were a 2 minute walking distance from Jardin du Luxembourg and spent hours at that parc during our stay. We stayed at “Hotel A La Ville Des Artistes” and I highly recommend this hotel! We’ve had the best time. I also love the parc under the Eiffel Tower, mostly at night while watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle. It is a great place to go for a picnic too, but we didn’t really go picnicking because of all the wasps (literally attacking me). We’ve had lunch and got coffee-to-go’s at the local café called “Paul” and they have the best sandwiches EVER!! They have lots of places spread out in Paris, so you will be able to find one pretty much everywhere. We also had ice-cream at the place “Amorino” and I love their concept: you’ll buy an ice cone and you can choose as many flavours as you want and can even ask for a macaron on top of your ice-cream! They make the ice-cream in the shape of a rose and it’s so pretty!

I’ve called this the “Paris Photo Diary” so I’ll stop writing now and show you all of the pictures!! I’ll see you next Saturday loves.



Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg
Old book stores are my fave.
The cutest shop with surfboards!! I had to take a picture.
Notre Dame
Saint Chapelle!

My favourite view EVER of Paris
View from the Arc de Triomph!

Jardin du Luxembourg

Tour Eiffel sparkling away!

Palais Royal

Tour Montparnasse
Ice-cream at Amorino’s


  1. Wow! This suddenly gave me major travel fever. I am obsessed with these photos! Sounds like you had an incredible time 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear!! Travel posts always give me the best travel fever as well. I had an incredible time, thank you!

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