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It’s my first blogpost on RosyMelissa! I am very excited, but at the same time very nervous writing this post. My first post is about Paris, as the title says, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I want to give a little heads-up: English is not my first language so my English isn’t flawless. I am working on it, and I hope to improve my English while writing all of my blogposts.

I think it’s safe to say that Paris is my favourite city I’ve ever visited so far. Paris is my “feel good” city, a place where I just know it’s going to be good. It just has a “safe” vibe, it kinda feels like home even though I only have been there twice. When I read about Paris, hear about Paris or see photos of Paris I want to visit it so bad. If I want to go on a little getaway and when I’m not sure where to go, I will definitely pick Paris.

I fell in love with Paris in 2014. Me, my parents and my sister visited the city for two days. We did the most typical things a tourist can do: see the Eiffel tower, a little boat trip on the Seine, visit Montmartre and shop on the Champs-Élysées. But, I had the most amazing time in these two days. I don’t know what I love about Paris, I don’t have one specific reason. I guess it is the vibe of the city, all the beautiful streets, the little cafés and restaurants, and the diversity of the arrondissements. These two days went way too fast, so my mom and I decided to come back one day.

That day was in July, 2017 and I can honestly say that it was the most relaxing, interesting and most fun city trip. We booked five days in a lovely, little, Parisian hotel with a typical French breakfast. It was nearby the metro, but I do have to say: the specific area (in the 10th arrondissement) was not the greatest to walk around in the evening. It did not feel very safe, but it was okay for those four nights.

IMG_2752 (1)IMG_2753 (1)

We decided to go and shop at Galeries Lafayette, and I bought a beautiful bag that had a 75% discount! It is quite expensive, but the building itself is beautiful and worth a visit! And the sale is great too.

We did have list of things we wanted to see, and one of these things was to visit Château de Versailles. It was crazy busy and it was hot, but it was such a nice experience. If you ever go to Paris, I highly recommend to visit Château de Versailles! And if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, the gardens are as pretty (or even prettier) as the palace itself. You can walk around for hours and still see new things that you didn’t notice before! The little areas in the garden with the water shows are amazing, the music brings you a hundred years back in time. You can even rent a golf cart and drive around the gardens! One thing we didn’t do, and I wish we did, was going to the house of Marie-Antoinette. We only realised it when we were back at the palace, and we were too tired to walk all the way back into the gardens. It was extremely hot as well, which made it even harder to walk around in the sun. Not complaining, because it was the perfect weather to walk around in.

We visited the gardens first, and decided to visit the palace later. The line to enter the palace was two hours long, and we were just boiling of heat when we finally got into the palace. To be honest, it is crazy busy inside. There aren’t many rooms to see, because (I believe) a lot of the furniture was sold during the French Revolution. The rooms are beautiful, very characteristic and it feels like, just for a second, you’re back in time. I am happy that we decided to visit the palace, and it is beautiful, but I enjoyed the gardens more than the palace itself. A little note, we did buy tickets online but you still have to wait in line!

IMG_2745 (1)IMG_2744IMG_2746IMG_2747 (1)IMG_2749 (1)IMG_2750 (1)

Another thing we wanted to visit, was the Louvre. We bought tickets online and were able to skip the line.  It is a beautiful and interesting building, and the museum is SO big. We were lost, couldn’t find the way back and walked around for like 30 minutes before we finally found our way back. The art collection is beautiful, we did see the Mona Lisa, but to be honest: I expected more. Maybe it just isn’t my taste, or the collection wasn’t great, but I wouldn’t visit the Louvre again. However, the wall decoration and the paintings on the ceiling are stunning!

We went to Montmarte, even though we already visited Montmarte during our first trip. It is one of my favourite areas in Paris. The artistic vibe and the view over Paris is amazing! The artists paint the most beautiful paintings. I would have bought a painting if it fit in my suitcase. Next time I definitely want to buy one of the paintings.

IMG_0031IMG_2754 (1)IMG_2755 (1)IMG_2756 (2)

Our very last day was so relaxed. We hadn’t planned anything, we slept in, check-out of our hotel, left our bags in the hotel and decided to just take it easy. We visited le Marais and this is my absolute, favourite area in Paris. It is so cozy and has the cutest streets with amazing cafés and restaurants. We picnicked for a bit in Jardin du Luxembourg and sat around the fountain. There are chairs around the fountain, so you can lay back and enjoy the sun! We walked along the Seine as well and just enjoyed our day.

IMG_2748 (1)

I will definitely visit Paris again. It may be this year, or next year but it will definitely be with my mom. We love doing mother-daughter trips and we do have the best time.

To end this blogpost, I have a little top 3 of places to visit or things to do in Paris. Please feel free to give your recommendations!

  1. Château de Versailles (the gardens!)
  2. Le Marais
  3. Walk along the Seine.

What is your favourite city?

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