8 Surprising Reasons To Visit Paris

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I’m not hiding my love for Paris here on this blog. If you’ve read a few blogposts already, my love for Paris won’t come as a surprise! There are a few reasons to love Paris and these are the reasons why I love Paris and go back to this city every year. Over the last years, I visited Paris five times already and fall in love every time. This is why you should visit Paris!

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Paris is the capital of France. It’s known as the city of light and the city of love. It is definitely a great destination for love birds. However, it’s perfect for solo travellers as well! My mom and I have visited Paris a few times before and it is a nice destination for a mother daughter getaway. A little tip as travel inspiration for the next Mothersday.

8 Convincing Reasons To Visit Paris

Magnificent views

Paris has the best view points in the city. From the Eiffel Tower, to the Arc de Triomph and Montmartre. Different view points to see a different perspective on Paris each time. I would suggest visiting Montmartre during the sunset time or in the early morning to see an amazing view over Paris with the sunrise or sunset. The Arc de Triomph has one of the best views over Paris ‘cause it shows Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower!

Cultural life

I’m a fan of cultural things and Paris has tons of theatres, museums and clubs related to music and dancing. The Louvre is the most famous museum in Paris and it holds an incredible art collection like the Mona Lisa. Musée d’Orsay is another art museum and personally, I would recommend to visit this one instead of just the Louvre!

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Trendy fashion

Maybe it’s just me, but the Parisians have an amazing taste in fashion. I absolutely love the more classy and trendy fashion vibe in Paris. Not everyone walks around in high heels and skirts like in Emily in Paris, thankfully, lots of people have a more casual style too which is great. You’re never overdressed or incredibly underdressed!

Cobblestone streets

Paris is cobblestone heaven. Especially the neighborhoods Montmartre and Le Marais are known for the cobblestone streets. Not the best if you want to wear heels, but it gives the area a lot of character. Most of these cobblestone streets are for pedestrians only but be aware that some cars are allowed to drive on these streets even though everyone walks in the middle of the street.

Movie sets

Paris is an incredible popular location for movie sets! You could do an entire walking tour to see all the famous places where they shot a movie or series. Paris was home for Amélie and was and will be home for Emily in Paris. It’s exciting to see these places in real life!

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Cosy cafes and bakeries

This is one of my favorite things in Paris are the cosy cafes and the bakeries. The bakeries are super easy to find, pretty sure there’s one on every corner of the street and they all have delicious pastries, croissants and so much more. I definitely recommend have a coffee in the morning and enjoy the Parisians in the afternoon in the cafes or on the terraces too!

Walks for days

Paris is a perfect city for walking! I went to Paris in December during a strike which meant all metros were out of service. We needed to walk SO much and honestly, yes it was cold, but I saw Paris like I’ve never seen before. Walks at night along the Seine with a view on the sparkling Eiffel Tower, walks during the day from Montmartre down to the Seine. It’s such an easy city to navigate!

Massive gardens

The gardens like Tuleries and Luxembourg are incredibly big and it’s a nice nature spot in such a big and busy city. It’s quiet and you’ll find a lot of Parisians reading a book, picnicking or having a chilled chat with friends. This is where you’ll go to relax, chill and decide where you want to go next! Visit a bakery before, get a cup of coffee at a café and sit down in one of these amazing parcs.

Another of my favorite activities is seeing the Eiffel Tower at night and watching it sparkle. I know it’s not a true reason to visit Paris, but I highly recommend watching the Eiffel Tower at night. It’s a gorgeous sight!

Have you ever been to Paris before? What did you love most?

perfect reasons why you should visit paris, why I fell in love with Paris and why Paris is the best city trip
perfect reasons why you should visit paris, why I fell in love with Paris and why Paris is the best city trip

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