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Montmartre is a neighbourhood at the top of Paris, located on a hill. This neighbourhood is known for the artists, the cosy streets and the Sacré-Coeur with an amazing view over the city. This is your Paris Montmartre guide to my favorite neighbourhood of Paris!

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It was a true challenge to get to Montmartre when I was in Paris during Christmas. The strike on the public transportation meant that the only option was to take a bus. They were extremely busy. I managed to get a bus to Montmartre but we had to walk back to the centre after we explored Montmartre. Usually, this isn’t the case but I gave you some tips in case there’s another strike going on when you visit. This Paris Montmartre guide is preparing you for every situation!

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Paris Montmartre Guide – How To Get To Montmartre

Whenever the metro system is down – you have to take the bus or walk to Montmartre. I wouldn’t recommend walking to Montmartre because you walk up hill. It’s much easier to walk down from Montmartre so that would be my suggestion. Here’s the transportation part of this Paris Montmartre guide.

If you take the bus, you can take bus 54 to Anvers – Sacre Coeur. It stops very close to the Sacre Coeur. You have to walk up a street with shops and you can almost immediately see the Sacre Coeur. This is the central part of Montmartre which makes this neighbourhood easy to navigate.  

If you take the metro, take metro line 12 and stop at “Abbesses”. This is the metro station in Paris that’s far below ground. It takes you a long time to get above ground if you take the stairs but there’s an elevator as well. The other option to reach Montmartre is by taking metro line 2 and stop at Anvers. This is the same stop as the bus stop.

If you arrive below the Sacre-Coeur, you see that you still have to walk up a lot of stairs. If you have a metro card, you can take the Funiculaire de Montmartre. It’s a very short cable train which brings you to the top of Montmartre within a few minutes. Very easy, fun and it’s very fast so there aren’t any long queues.

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Paris Montmartre Guide – Where To Stay in Montmartre

In the situation where you want to stay in Montmartre, you can still use these previous transportation options to get into the city centre of Paris. Most of them go to Gare l’Est which is a walking distance from Gare du Nord and there are tons of metro lines and busses who will take you anywhere in the city.

I have never stayed in Montmartre itself. My favorite neighbourhood to stay in is le Marais so I honestly do not have any recommendations for you in terms of accommodation. However, there are so many options for hotels on which makes it very easy to find one that suits you best. Here is a map of all the possible accommodations in Montmartre which hopefully makes your choice easier after reading this Paris Montmartre guide.

I can’t leave my own recommendations out of this Paris Montmartre guide, even though I have never stayed in this area. I’ve done some research for you and found some hotels that look awesome to me. Here’s the top 3 of hotels in Montmartre.

Hôtel Particulier Montmartre is located 1.4 km from the Sacre Coeur and looks very luxury and nice. Other guests give this hotel a 8.2/10 rating.

Aparthotel Adagio Paris Montmartre looks amazing and aparthotels are personally my fave. It’s so easy to have the option to cook your own dinner. It saves a lot of money and you still have the freedom to go out to dinner. This aparthotel is a 5-minute walk from Sacre Coeur. Other guests give this hotel a 8.7/10 rating.            

Romantic Artist Room Montmartre Bed & Breakfast looks like a great hotel for couples. The romantic vibe in this hotel resembles Paris and Montmartre perfectly. The Sacre Coeur is located on a 2-minute walking distance from the hotel! Other guests give this hotel a 9.3/10 rating.

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Paris Montmartre Guide – What To Do in Montmartre

To be honest, I think Montmartre is the perfect neighbourhood to walk around. The main square with all the artists is very busy and crowded. It’s an amazing place to walk around and admire the work of the artists as well. I’d advice you to have a stroll around this square and explore Montmartre away from the crowds after you’ve done this square. As I said before, Montmartre is so easy to navigate. Just look for the Sacre-Coeur and you’ll find your way back to the cable train and the metro/bus stations down the hill.

I posted a picture on my Instagram where I stood in an alley right behind the Sacre Coeur. There was literally no one in this alley and it was only a 1 minute walking distance from the main square. You don’t have to walk far to escape the crowds and explore the authentic side of Montmartre.

The Sacre Coeur is such a historic building to visit. It’s open for public and if you have the time – I would visit if I were you. You don’t have to do a guided tour, it’s possibly to explore it yourself and possibly light a candle if you want. Be a little quiet and definitely be respectful when you’re here. There are still services in here and it’s a special place for some people. You can get to the top of the Sacre Coeur if you dare to walk the 300 stairs. The view must be amazing!

Art lovers and musical lovers are going to love this. Montmartre is a neighbourhood that has many artistic houses, like Van Gogh, Renoir and Matisse. It’s called the artistic part of Paris for this reason. You can do a tour and visit Picasso’s houses around Montmartre. One of the pretty sights is Picasso’s 1st Atelier located on 49 Rue Gabrielle. I haven’t done this route but if you love history and art – this might be for you!

If you saw Amélie, you can walk in the footsteps of this movie around Montmartre as well. This is also great for other locations in Paris as well! It gives your walk through Montmartre a little more flair and maybe more recognizable too.

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Paris Montmartre Guide – Where To Eat in Montmartre

Montmartre is definitely not one of the cheapest places to find a restaurant. I have three options for you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Personally, I love to walk around a neighbourhood and just eat wherever it looks nice and cosy. The main square has a few good cafes which are definitely a little more pricy. I haven’t had lunch or dinner in Montmartre while I was there but I found some good recommendations for you guys. Because let’s be honest, there have to be a few restaurant recommendations in this Paris Montmartre guide!

Soul Kitchen – 33 Rue Lamarck
This is a good breakfast and lunch place. It’s supposed to has a homey and cosy vibe for it and if you just know me a little – that’s exactly my vibe.

Au Bon Coin – 49 Rue des Cloys
This one is more locally owned which means it’s less expensive as well. It serves French food at a very affordable price. It’s more of a bistro vibe which makes it more retro and I’m here for it!

Like I said, I really recommend to walk around at eat somewhere that looks nice. Maybe that’s just me but I like to spontaneously select the restaurants when I’m walking around. Especially in Montmartre with the fun back-streets. Walking around gives you so much more of the authentic Montmartre away from the crowds and these are the most fun restaurants to explore as well!

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This Paris Montmartre guide gave you hopefully some inspiration and excitement to visit Montmartre next time when you visit Paris. I can’t wait to get back to Paris and stay in Montmartre to fully discover this place! If you’ve read my blog or follow it for a while – you would possibly know that I have an annual trip to Paris. I just love it so much and it’s so easy to reach Paris with the Thalys. Just a 3-hour comfortable train ride from the Netherlands to the centre of Paris!

What is your favorite place in Paris?



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the ultimate montmartre guide, paris city guide, where to go in montmartre, where to stay in paris and montmartre, what to do in montmartre
the ultimate montmartre guide, paris city guide, where to go in montmartre, where to stay in paris and montmartre, what to do in montmartre


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