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I’m off to Madeira tomorrow morning! I’m so excited to explore the island and have a great time. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I love the nature of the island. Here’s what I’m up to in a nutshell!

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This week is a combination of relaxing and exploring the country. Me and my friend both love hiking and that’s perfect for Madeira. It’s such an adventurous island with so many trails and amazing look-out points! We have some things written down, but we haven’t planned our days. We’re just going to see what we want to do that day!

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So we are staying at the Allegrio Madeira near Funchal city. It’s about a kilometre walk to the city centre which is amazing! We’re also close to a shopping mall which is nice if the weather is a bit cloudy or something like that. We are definitely not going shopping though!

I love it when the hotel is central so you can go everywhere. There’s a beach close to our hotel, even though it’s with rocks so I don’t think it’s very comfortable for tanning. However, I think beaches with rocks are so pretty. We also have a rooftop bar with an incredible view over the ocean and the city (so I have seen).

We are not going to rent a car so it’s all going by bicycle or with a taxi. I’m the only one with a driver’s license so that would be a bit much. I’d love to rent a car if you can split the driving so both of you can enjoy the views! That’s the best way to explore the island as well.

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We do want to have a couple of excursions. Definitely one or two going around the island so we can explore the most of it! One week relatively short to see everything so we just have to make decisions in what we want to see! Maybe we’ll return another time to see the rest of the island.

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I mentioned a few times that I’m not a morning person. I wish I was but I’m not. BUT there is this mountain on the island and you can watch the most amazing sunrise on the mountain. So I guess I have to be a morning person for that specific day. That’s going to be so worth it.

As I did with Barcelona, I’m going to write lots about Madeira as well! There are going to be one or two new blog post about Barcelona in the future. The Madeira content will come in between or after that one!




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