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Vamos a Barcelona! I wrote that in my best Spanish, so I’m sorry if it’s incorrect. But yay, let’s go to Barcelona! As you guys are reading this, I arrived in Barcelona and while writing this on Sunday: I am so excited. I will give you a quick rundown of what I’m up to.

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So I’m here with my mom. As I explained in another blog post (yay if you know this!) we have our yearly mother-daughter trip. It’s so surprise that not only me but also my mom are completely in love with Paris. But, after visiting Paris twice in a row: it’s time for another destination. I have been to Barcelona during the summer of 2016, had the best time with a friend but didn’t do all the things I wanted. We just didn’t have enough time! My mom has never been to Barcelona so it’s going to be a really fun trip.

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I’m leaving for four days, from Wednesday early morning until the afternoon on Saturday. We will arrive (or have arrived, this is hard to write!!) on 8 AM in the morning so we have a full day ahead of us. We’re thinking about having a brunch and a really good cup of coffee before we explore the city. And you guys, I bought my Sony A6000 this weekend and I’m so ready to shoot great blog content for you guys. You don’t even know! I know it’s an older version but it will work perfectly for me.

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What are we planning? We are definitely going to visit the incredible busy and crowded Park Guell. I didn’t manage to book this during my previous trip so we are doing it now. I can’t wait to see all the art and take amazing pictures. Must admit, I really want a picture on the famous spot. And yes, I am prepared. I waited in line on Nusa Penida to get the perfect shot on Kelingking Beach and I am ready to do the same in Park Guell. I might need to convince my mom though.

We have thought about visiting La Sagrada Familia but we are pretty short in time so we decided to skip that one. We’d rather walk around the city, explore some of the backstreets and local restaurants. Even though we both love culture and will visit every museum and church possible. This brings me to our next plan: we are doing a sort-of vintage tour or fabric store. We just love these stores so look around and possibly buy something!

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I know Barcelona is located on the coast of Spain and it’s a beautiful beach: we aren’t planning on relaxing on the beach. Not for pure tanning at least. We might just sit down to relax. We also want to visit the harbour and obviously drink a little too much Sangria.

This is pretty much all we planned. We were initially planning on visiting Girona as well, but we simply don’t have enough time. We only have 3.5 days and there’s so much to see. If we would visit Gerona, it’ll mean we only have 2.5 days in Barcelona. And we do want to relax a little bit as well since we’ve both been through a hectic time.

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I really love to just let some days unplanned. It gives room for stuff you want to see, that you initially didn’t plan on. Or if you want to go back to that one specific place you liked so much. Travelling shouldn’t be all about planning, even though this kind-of not-really control freak would love to plan everything in detail.

In the upcoming weeks, I will give you the best content I can give you. From fun tours to do in the city, amazing spots to visit, good restaurants and overall information about Spain. I am for sure going to do a Barcelona Photo Diary and I’m sure that will be up pretty soon. If you’re ready to follow my little adventure here in Barcelona: follow me on Instagram! I will be posting A LOT about Barcelona. Woohoo! Now it’s time to drink some Sangria. Present day – me being in Barcelona right now. Or is it too early? Is it ever too early for Sangria?! Follow me on Instagram to see all my adventures!



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