The 10 Best Instagram Spots in Paris

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the best places in paris to take pictures, instagrammable spots

If you’re talking about a city with amazing opportunities to shoot the best Instagram pictures: Paris is the place to be. Almost every little street is suitable for taking a picture and every café is great to have a cup of coffee and a little photo sesh’. Here are my favorite Instagram spots in Paris!

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I have never been the type of girl that wanted to take pictures of herself. Honestly, I never thought that I’d be writing a blog post about the best Instagram spots in Paris. Or even any of the other places I visited. Instead, I always photographed others and took pictures of my favorite buildings, places or views. This changed when I started my blog and wanted to work on my Instagram as well. I first discovered all of this in Bali when every single girl made the same pictures (who can you blame?) and it’s pretty much the same in Paris. There are so many classic locations to shoot that will always look good. Fairly, I haven’t found any true hidden spots during my trip in 2018 but I promise: I will when I go back!

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Like I said, there are lots of great locations to shoot at. I’ll talk you through my favorites and why I loved these spots!

paris, eiffel tower, seine, picture, photo, instagram
Eiffel Tower

I feel like this is a spot you just can’t miss when you are in Paris. There’s so much going on around the Eiffel Tower which means there are tons of photo opportunities. From the Seine, Trocadéro or from the parc along the Eiffel tower: it’s going to be a magical picture!

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In a bakery

You have to visit a bakery when you’re in Paris. They are in every street and have the best places for a picture and to enjoy a well-deserved croissant. One of my favorite bakeries/cafés in Paris is “Pauls”. I mentioned this before in my The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Paris, this one is in almost every street in Paris and has the best pastries, sandwiches and coffee to enjoy in the shop or to take to-go while exploring!

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arc de triomph, view over Paris with the eiffel tower and montmartre, travel, city
Arc de Triomph

This might be my favorite place to view Paris. It’s a pain in the ass to get to the top, the many stairs absolutely killed my legs but once you’re up: it’s so pretty. You’ll see the Eiffel Tower from here, the Champs Elysees and you can even see Montmartre if you’re lucky with the weather.

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At a metro sign

I mean if we are talking about a cliché Instagram spot anywhere in the world: this is it. Some places just have the best metro sign to take a picture. Paris is one of these places. I love the signs and it’s so old fashioned! And you don’t have to wait in line to get a picture, there are so many places with a metro sign. I bet you’re going to find one within 5 minutes.

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sacre coeur in montmartre, blue sky on a summer day, travel, instagram spots in paris
Sacré Coeur

This gorgeous old building is located in the creative neighbourhood Montmartre. From the stairs below the Sacré Coeur is almost a panorama view over Paris. It’s amazing how big and small Paris looks from this point. I haven’t been in the Sacré Coeur but it’s supposed to be a magical place. Definitely think you should give this one a try when you’re there!

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Rue Crémieux

This is one of the most colourful streets in Paris and it doesn’t even feel like you’re in Paris. I love to find these little escapes in such a big city. I do want to say that this is a street where normal Parisians live. It’s someone’s home. People live here in peace and to escape the city life just a little bit. I’d suggest to take a picture on the end or beginning of the street and not to walk on the street between the houses. This spot is incredibly popular and the locals aren’t happy with the many tourists posing in front of their house.

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versailles, palais versailles, chateau versailles, historical palais with gardens, best instagram spots in paris

This chateau is unbelievably huge and beautiful. It’s also insanely busy. My favorite part is definitely the gardens around the chateau. Much more quiet and it’s so big you can walk around for hours. I loved my day here and I’m sure there are plenty of amazing places to shoot a photo. Definitely one of my favorite Instagram spots in Paris, even though Versailles is an one hour train ride away from Paris!

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palais royal, picture, photo, paris in france, photography, instagram, travel
Palais Royal

The famous black and white pillars! I loved this spot, especially because it’s in the square of the palais. There’s also a pretty parc behind this square and there are a few designer shops here as well. It can be pretty busy but with a good angle, you’ll snap one of the best Instagram pictures in Paris!

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Notre Dame

We have all heard of the devastating fire in Notre Dame but it does not make this building any less pretty. In my opinion, it’s another story to the amazing story it already had. It’s still worthy of a visit and a picture, especially because the front of the Notre Dame isn’t badly damaged.

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jardin du luxembourg in paris on a cloudy day, flowers and plants in the garden with the palais
Jardin du Luxembourg

Paris has plenty of gardens and that’s one of the reasons why I loved it so much. It’s crazy how quiet these parcs are while they are in the middle of the city. It’s so green and I love to spend my afternoon here having a picnic or reading a book. Jardin du Luxembourg is pretty known for the chateau in the gardens and the little areas with water. It’s HUGE and amazing to walk around in.

These were my favorite Instagram spots in Paris. Traveling isn’t always about making the most Instagrammable picture and it’s important to enjoy the moment with your actual eyes. I love to leave my camera at home and just explore and enjoy the moment but also love to snap away with my camera! It’s all about balance. I hope these Instagram spots in Paris gave you a little inspiration for your next trip to the city of love and the city of light!



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the most instagrammable places in paris
the most instagrammable places in paris, the best instagram spots
the best instagram spots in paris
the most instagrammable places in paris, where to take pictures in paris


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