The 7 Best Instagram Spots in Barcelona

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Instagram might be the hottest thing right now. It’s the place to share every-thing, connect with other creators, friends or family and to get the best inspiration. Most of us want to take photos on amazing locations and it’s a lot of work to find these locations. Not today, because I have the best Instagram spots in Barcelona!

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I’ve been looking at Instagram spots in Barcelona before I went to Barcelona. It’s great to have an idea of the locations you can shoot at. It saves you time and frustration when you can’t find the perfect spot. Most of these spots are pretty busy which means you’ll have to accept the crowds ór get up really early to avoid the crowds. Waking up early isn’t really my thing so I accepted the crowds and I wasn’t able to shoot at some locations due to the crowds. One of my favorite things is walking around in the city and stumbling upon great location to take photos. I’d suggest you do that too. It makes it more unique!

park güell, instagram, picture, view of Barcelona
Park Güell

This might be the most photographed place in Barcelona. The famous bench on the side with a view over Barcelona. It’s pretty busy here but it shouldn’t take long before you can snap a photo. I think I had to wait a few minutes before I could take the photo. It’s best to buy the entrée tickets online so you can choose a less busy time. The entrance of the park is free before sunrise. If you’re a morning person, this is amazing. You can skip the line, get into the park for free and snap amazing pictures with the sunrise as a background!

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Park Montjuïc

Montjuïc surprised me on my last evening in Barcelona. I didn’t see the full park but I have seen amazing pictures of the park. This is an awesome spot to take pictures near gorgeous buildings or fun places in the park. I made my pictures with a view over the ocean and in the cable car because we found out about park Montjuïc too late. We only had 15 minutes to go up and down!

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harbour, boats, water, instagram, picture, harbour in barcelona
The Harbour

This is a spot I stumbled upon while walking. My hotel was close to the harbour so we walked from our hotel to the harbour and found this pretty spot. It’s at the beginning of the harbour and it’s on the path to the shopping mall. I loved this spot and I think it’s one of my favorite ones even though it’s pretty basic. I love the contrast between the water, the sky and the white boats in the background.

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Palau de la Musique

It’s a shame because I didn’t know you needed to buy guided tours before entering this gorgeous place. I didn’t go in but please buy tickets in advance and go into this building. It has the most gorgeous features. The balcony above the podium is a very popular spot to take a picture and I can see why. It’s SO pretty! I’d suggest to buy these tickets online because they sell out pretty fast.

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the kiss of freedom, instagram, picture, barcelona, wall in barcelona
The Kiss of Freedom

The Kiss of Freedom can be found in Gothic Quarter. It’s on a little side road near a cute café. This wall is actually made of tons of tiny pictures. All these pictures portray freedom and it’s made to look like a kiss. This concept is absolutely amazing and it’s such a pretty wall. It’s a lot of fun to look at the pictures and see what freedom means to people! 

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Sagrada Familia

Another one of the very, very busy Instagram spots in Barcelona to take a picture. I’m not lying to you when I say this might be the most frustrating spot to take pictures because everyone wants to get the best shot. You just need patience and you’re going to have to best picture. The famous spot is located on the front of the Sagrada Familia in the park. You have a pretty view between the trees! It’s also possible to take a picture on the crossroad because it’s closed for traffic. If you want a more unique picture!

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sant pau, old hospital in barcelona, instagram, picture, photography, city
Hospital de Sant Pau

Sant Pau was the hospital of Barcelona many years back. They built a new, modern hospital next to it and the old hospital has turned into a museum. The old building is very pretty and impressive! We did this one on our last morning and only had about 1 hour to travel to it and take photos and travel back. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit the museum. This is definitely my favorite of the Instagram spots in Barcelona. I’m a fan of old buildings!

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So these were the 7 best Instagram spots in Barcelona. There are definitely more amazing spots like the Gaudi buildings, roof tops with amazing view and the beach. I’d suggest to just walk around, especially in Gothic Quarter to find the best hidden Instagram spots in Barcelona! There’s so much to see.




  1. I’ve been to Spain many times but never actually been to Barcelona. It looks like such a gorgeous place and these spots look amazing, especially the marina! X

    1. There’s so much to see in Spain, can imagine why you haven’t visited Barcelona yet! It’s such a gorgeous city, definitely worthy of a visit. 🙂

  2. Very useful and so fun! Your photos look great and I am saving this to use in future when I visit! Totally on my bucket list!😀❤

  3. Love these spots, I think I missed a few when I was in Barcelona. It was a long time ago so can’t quite remember. Barcelona was my first holiday destination with friends and no family! Loved it 🙂

    Jenny | Local Leo

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