The 7 Best Instagram Spots in Madeira

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The 7 best instagram spots in Madeira, Portugese island, amazing views and nature, instagram guide, instagrammable places, travel

Y’all know that I went to the gorgeous Portuguese island Madeira. Absolutely loved it, the nature is gorgeous and I have seen some of the best views in my life. Madeira is a great place to take pictures as many of them will have amazing views. Here are the best Instagram spots in Madeira!

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I’m a fan of taking as much photos as I can. Mainly photos of the scenery and the views. I could have never imagined the amazing nature Madeira has. The island has some sort-of forest with horizontal rain (just like in rain forest), amazing flowers, two mountains with amazing views above the clouds, mysterious fog in the forest and the coast is just gorgeous with some natural swimming pools. The best Instagram spots in Madeira are also amazing places to just take photos of the scenery. Do with them whatever you want, but be sure to at least visit them. You won’t regret it!

best instagram spots in madeira, mountains with fog, black sand beach, sea, praia do seixal
Praia do Seixal

Did you know that Madeira doesn’t have a lot of beaches? There are a few black sand beaches and two “white” sand beaches. These white sand beaches were made from Moroccan sand and aren’t a natural beach. Praia do Seixal is an amazing beach on the north coast of Madeira. The scenery is amazing with the black sand, high waves and the mountains in the background. It looks like you just walked out of a postcard. Some say you can surf at this beach and if you want, I dare you to try it.

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pico do arieiro pico ruivo, stairway to heaven, mountains, amazing views, madeira in portugal
Pico do Arieiro Pico Ruivo

This is also called the stairway to heaven. It’s on top of a mountain and you can do a three hour hike to the absolute top of the mountain. Be warned, it’s known to be a hard hike but the views must definitely be worth it. From the centre point of the mountain where you can park your car and get something to eat is a trail that will lead you to the top of the mountain. If you’re not that adventurous, the view from this point is already incredible. Don’t come too close to the edges since it’s a mountain and you never know what those rocks are going to do. Be safe, enjoy the view and take some amazing pictures. With a view like that, it’s not hard to snap a gorgeous pic.

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porto sao lourenco, vulcanic land, amazing views of porto santo, madeira in portugal, mountains and sea
Ponta São Lourenço

Going all the way east, you’ll find a volcanic land with ama-zing views. To be honest, this is one of the best Instagram spots in Madeira, in my opinion. The sky and the sea almost meet and just standing here is mesmerizing. If you’re lucky and the sky is pretty clear, you can see the surrounding islands around you like Porto Santo. It can be pretty chilly up here as with many spots in Madeira and the weather may not always be on your side. It’s cloudy a lot but that doesn’t change the experience. It’s gorgeous, definitely worthy to visit and take pictures. Once again, be careful of the edges. I don’t want to be the motherly tone in this post since I have myself looked up some boundaries during earlier travels, but safety really comes first. There are many spots in this place to take pictures so definitely walk around!

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porto moniz, natural swimming pools, rocks and the sea, best instagram spots in Madeira, Portugal, travel
Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz on the north coast is the place to be for the natural swimming pools. The waves crash upon the rocks just behind the swimming pool and give amazing pictures and an unforgettable experience. To be honest, I didn’t go in because the weather was not on our side and I was kind-off freezing. However, definitely worthy of a visit once again and especially when it’s sunny. The water is crystal clear, you can see the fishes swimming around you and the volcanic rocks around it make it a gorgeous place! You can’t skip the natural swimming pools when you are going to Madeira.

Porto Santo

Porto Santo is another island near Madeira and you can take the boat or plane to this island. I’m pretty sure it’s a water plane of whatever you call it, it will land on the water. I didn’t go here because we didn’t have time. However, I would recommend doing an one or two day trip to Porto Santo. There are a few hotels and it’s one of the most magical places in Europe with gorgeous beaches and natural swimming pools. One that’s definitely on my list if I go back one day.

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Monte palace Madeira, gardens in funchal, madeira in portugal, travel, traveling, best instagram spots in Madeira
Monte Palace Madeira

Going up with the cable car from Funchal you will find these amazing gardens. It’s even possible to take another cable car to visit another garden, but this first one is very nice to visit as well. Be aware that the cable car closes around 5:45 PM and the alternative ways with the wooden sleighs close at 6:00 PM. If you don’t want to take the expensive taxi, you can walk down the village to a bus stop and take the bus to Funchal. Back to the gardens, there are tons and tons of photography possibilities here. I am in love with gardens and I had the best time. Even if you don’t want to pay for the actual gardens here, just walking around is good enough as well!

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ribeira de janela stacks, rocks in the sea, view from high up, best instagram spots in madeira, portugal
Yes, that’s mud on my leg.
Ribeira de Janela Stacks

One of the best knows images of Madeira – the rocks in the sea. Yes, once again, weather wasn’t on our side but it doesn’t change the gorgeous view. When going to Madeira, don’t expect to have amazing weather all the time. The weather changes every hour and it’s so cool to see it changing. I stopped on the side of the road but it’s possible to climb down and take the picture on the rocks beside the ocean!

I have a full highlight of my Madeira trip on my Instagram. With the best views and most amazing food if you’re looking for some inspiration!

These places are one of the best Instagram spots in Madeira. There are tons of more places to visit and I’d recommend to do some research before going. Rent a car and go explore and trust me, you’ll never stop exploring here. Madeira completely surprised me in the best way ever. I can’t wait to go back and explore more places. We saw a few waterfalls while driving, but it’s even possible to come closer to the waterfalls and take pictures. Hopefully this post about the best Instagram spots in Madeira gave you some inspiration if you’re going to visit Madeira. Definitely do if it’s on your list, and if it’s not – please do. In my opinion, it’s one of the best places in Europe.



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The 7 best instagram spots in Madeira, Portugese island, amazing views and nature, instagram guide, instagrammable places, travel
The 7 best instagram spots in Madeira, Portugese island, amazing views and nature, instagram guide, instagrammable places, travel
The 7 best instagram spots in Madeira, Portugese island, amazing views and nature, instagram guide, instagrammable places, travel
The 7 best instagram spots in Madeira, Portugese island, amazing views and nature, instagram guide, instagrammable places, travel

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