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Bali. The paradise island of Indonesia. It looks like it’s one of the hotspots to be in the last few years and probably upcoming years. The nature, the people, the culture, the animals and the beaches make it a destination not to forget. But if you’re going and fly all the way to Bali – even if it’s not that far away compared to other countries (looking at you, Australians), you still want to experience as much as possible. So here is the Bali bucket list.

Who doesn’t love a bucket list? I love them. I always make a list with friends if I go to a new destination, but even destinations I have visited before. There’s always more to see! We add stuff to the document so we know what we both (or all if it’s a bigger group) want to see and try to think ahead of doing excursions or wait until we are at the destination. It’s much easier to plan your days when you’re already at the destination, the weather can be an important factor or maybe you’ve found other things to do!

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As travellers, one of the most privileged things we get to have, is a little insight in the culture and local community. We get to see how they live, what they do and maybe even meet them and get to know them a little bit. Local experiences to understand their culture and the community is so valuable to me. I love meeting the locals, talking to them, drinking their popular drinks and have a look into the local cuisine. Experiencing the history of the place is another valuable thing to me. I always visit a museum when I’m at a destination or read into the history. It’s always been one of my favorite things to learn about and history was and will always be my favorite subject in school. When we know the history of the place and know where they come from – we understand the culture and local community much better.

Enough said about that, you’re here to read about the Bali bucket list. To make it easy and effective for you to pinpoint what you want to see – I have made a simple list. Mark which once’s you want to see or do, or write them down and take them with you when you’re travelling. It’s okay if you don’t get to do them all, but to have it all with you makes it so much easier to decide what you’re going to do that specific day!

I focused on having a more real experience on the island. Kuta, for example, is the place where you’ll arrive and I recommend you to leave as soon as possible. It’s very, very crowded with tourists. Even though the beaches are amazing to learn how to surf and there’s a big shopping mall – there are more places to learn how to surf and if you’re not in Bali to shop, there are other places who are way better in my opinion. Overcrowding is real in Kuta, not to mention the horrible traffic. Here are 30 things to add to your Bali bucket list!

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Coast of Bali & the Nusa Islands

  • Learn how to surf
  • Free baby turtles in the ocean.
  • Check out the abandoned aircraft. Did you there are four abandoned aircrafts in Bali?
  • Go snorkelling on Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan
  • Visit Kelingking Beach to see one of the most iconic views of Bali – but be ready to experience one of the most famous views of Bali, the crowds are huge.
  • Drive around Nusa Lemongan on a scooter and stop wherever you want to admire the view and take pictures, and not to forget: drive over the yellow bridge.
  • Stare at the amazing blue colors of the Blue Lagoon on Nusa Ceningan.

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the ultimate bali bucket list, elephant, trees, nature, indonesia, travel, traveling, things to do in Bali
Central & North Bali

  • Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest (but be careful ‘cause they may look cute – they’ll steal your stuff within seconds)
  • Explore the well-known and gorgeous Tegalalang rice terraces
  • Participate in the purification ritual at the Tirta Empul Temple, this is one of the temples near Ubud and is one of Bali’s holiest water temples to visit. It’s a very special experience.
  • Near or in Ubud – visit Goa Gajah. This is the famous elephant cave which looks exactly like an elephant. The inside is small, but special to see.
  • Find the best small gifts and amazing things in the Ubud Art Market. Definitely a must-see when you’re in Ubud and hard to miss. You will find everything from bracelets to little statues and bags.
  • Go and hunt down the waterfalls – there are a lot but there are all sort-of hidden. Find the most secretive ones and enjoy the waterfall in almost silence. I challenge you to find one. Need inspiration? The Tukad Cepung Waterfall and Tibumana Waterfall are gorgeous.
  • Eat your heart out at one of the many warungs to explore the Balinese cuisine or choose to do a cooking class with the locals. Learn how to make the best traditional Bali food to take the cuisine home with you.
  • Visit one of the prettiest infinity pools while staying in the “Hanging Gardens of Bali”. It overlooks the Ayung River and has a view over the forest.
  • Visit one of the oldest temples in Bali – the Pura Gunung Kawi. Walk down the many, many steps and enjoy every little piece of the temple.
  • Swing on the Bali swing and enjoy the rice fields while swinging over them.
  • Drink from the fountains of youth at the Goa Gajah.
  • Climb Mount Batur and experience one of the most special sunrises and views.
  • Go White water rafting on the Ayung River in Ubud. Rafting is so much fun!
  • Walk the Campuhan ridge walk to catch the sunset.
  • Admire the gorgeous nature, mountains and views of Munduk.

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the ultimate bali bucket list, dream beach, ocean, waves, blue sky, uluwatu, south of bali, travel, wanderlust

  • Watch the pro-surfers in Uluwatu while enjoying your drink.
  • Witness one of the prettiest sunsets you’ll ever see in Uluwatu – visit the Uluwatu Temple to enjoy the sunset or visit “Dream Beach” and enjoy the sunset, surfers and waves while enjoying your meal or drink.
  • Looking for a jacuzzi? What about a natural one? Tegal Wangi Beach has natural jacuzzis and secret caves to explore.
  • Explore the hidden cave under Uluwatu Beach.
  • Visit the Uluwatu Temple and enjoy the Kecak fire dance at night. An amazing experience to top off the temple visit and the magical sunset. Perfect way to end your night!
  • Start the day with yoga and an amazing view.
  • Go cliff jumping if you dare!
  • Enjoy the Sunday Session at Single Fin where surfers hang-out and party all Sunday night.

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These were the 30 activities to add to your Bali bucket list. There’s so much to see, to do and to experience. Enjoy every little moment of it and make some amazing memories!



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the ultimate bali bucket list, indonesia, island, travel, traveling, inspiration, inspire, travelling, travel guide
the ultimate bali bucket list, indonesia, island, travel, traveling, inspiration, inspire, travelling, travel guide
the ultimate bali bucket list, indonesia, island, travel, traveling, inspiration, inspire, travelling, travel guide
the ultimate bali bucket list, indonesia, island, travel, traveling, inspiration, inspire, travelling, travel guide


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