5 Easy and Effective Ways To Protect Our Earth

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April was Earth Month with the highlight of International Earth Day on April 22nd. I posted an Instagram post all about it and thought to myself – it’s nice that everyone is remembering the importance of reducing waste and trying to live more kindly to our earth but in all honesty, everyday should be Earth Day. We won’t make a difference by just doing something different 1 day in the year. I shared 5 easy ways to protect our earth!

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Instead of celebrating Earth Day on just this one day, I wanted to share ways to celebrate Earth Day multiple times during the year. You choose when and how. The only thing that matters is that we are kind to our planet and try our best. The world doesn’t need thousands of people living sustainably perfectly. It needs millions of people doing it imperfectly. Every little effort we make will end up making a positive impact.

5 Small and effective ways to protect our earth

Take the slow route

I love doing this more often and it is 1) good for the planet and 2) good for our health! I am trying to walk to the grocery store instead of taking my car. If I am really not feeling like walking, I take my bike because it’s faster and I can bring more groceries with me. It’s not always ideal, but taking the slow route in my daily life definitely makes a difference.

Swap products for eco-friendly ones

Swap something in your home that’s not necessarily the most sustainable and swap it for something that is sustainable! I swapped out all my lightbulbs into sustainable and light saving ones: it’s not only good for the planet but it also helps to decrease my electricity bill! And as anyone who lives on her own, we try to limit all the costs so we can enjoy life and save money!

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Other ways are to switch the plant based milk, soya is one of the top reasons of deforestation. My home country, the Netherlands, is number 2 in the world of countries that contribute most to deforestations. And the big reason is: we need soya to feed all the cows. If we drink less dairy milk, this entire process will slow down. I don’t eat or drink dairy anymore and switched to plant based a while back.

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Another way to make an eco swap is by changing your plastic grocery bags to cotton or linen ones. They are reusable and make a big difference in the plastic waste. Same goes for food that’s wrapped up in plastic, I always try to go for the canned food or another packaging that has less plastic. It’s not always possible unfortunately, but it’s worth the effort!

Take part in a clean up

This can be done in a group or just by yourself. I was walking in the forest this week and I saw 4 masks, 3 empty bags of chips and multiple plastic bags laying around in the forest. If you’ve ever been to a country that struggles with plastic pollution on beaches, you’re familiar with a beach clean-up. This is a nice way to reduce the plastic waste and makes our beaches so much cleaner and happier.

Try to see if there’s an organized cleaning near you or just go on your own! The little things, such as cleaning up masks and empty bags of chips, make a big difference. If we all try to do this, to clean up when we see it, our nature and planet will thank us big time!

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Reuse or upcycle items instead of throwing it away

This goes for so many products! Separate your plastics and cardboard items from each other and recycle them. I have one bag at home for all my cardboard items and another one for plastic. Once a week, I throw it all away downstairs in the different containers they have made.

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Instead of throwing away clothing, try to sell it or upcycle it. We can make clothing a lot more interesting if we create something different with it. Cut your jeans into shorts and see what you can do with the fabric!

Further your knowledge about sustainability

Sustainability is no longer the boring subject no one wants to talk about. Documentaries like Seaspiracy and A Life on Our Planet (both on Netflix) are two incredible documentaries sharing light on different problems and include solutions. This last one is my personal favorite, as it shows what our current actions will do to the world in the future. Sometimes we have to see it with our own eyes before we feel like we can make a difference. If you feel like this, I highly recommend watching “a life on our planet”.

Other ways to broaden your knowledge is by listening to podcasts, to read books and magazines and see which (small) businesses contribute into sustainability. It’s worth switching to these businesses!

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And even if you decide to do this one day a month, it already makes a difference. We are all finding ways to incorporate sustainable living into our lifestyle and it’s not a “one size fits all” situation. What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. I hope this gave you some insights in small efforts to make a difference and create a positive impact. It doesn’t have to be daily!

“It is in the still silence of nature around us where one will find true bliss.”

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