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One of my biggest struggles as a conscious traveller, is needing to buy lots of plastic bottles on the destination where I cannot drink tap water. Most countries around the world require you to buy bottled water, since the tap water is not safe enough or will make you feel sick. If you’re struggling with this too – then a purifying water bottle will be perfect for you.

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I’ve mentioned on my blog how long it takes for plastic to decompose – over 1.000 years per piece of plastic. It is always worth it to bring a reusable water bottle with you to a destination. It definitely helps to buy a larger bottle of plastic and refill your own water bottle on your trip. Yes, you’re still using plastic bottles but not as much as you would if you kept on using the little plastic ones. Another option is to buy boxed water which contains a lot less plastic compared to the plastic bottles.

I recently got the opportunity to work with an amazing brand that works towards a more sustainable life and travel life. The company called LARQ creates water bottles to purify your water. This product was gifted, but it could not have come at a better time. I was eyeballing their products for a while ‘cause I was on the lookout for a good purifying water bottle. As always, the opinions in my blogpost are my own and I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t truly love!

What’s a water filtering bottle?

A purifying water bottle filters your water making sure it doesn’t contain any bacteria or other harmful germs. The LARQ bottles protect you against bacteria like MRSA and Salmonella for example, two bacteria that can make you really sick! It keeps your water bottle free from germs and eradicate 99.9999% of harmful bacteria. As someone who struggles with bloating and stomach issues, this is so important for me. I can get sick very easily and you never see the bacteria in your (tap) water, making it so hard to eliminate them. A water bottle like LARQ’s fixes this issue for you.

How does it work?

The purifying water bottles from LARQ have a UV-C LED technology that emits UV-C light in the 280mm range, the optimal wavelength of light, triggering a photochemical reaction to eradicate bacteria and viruses and other harmful germs. The UV-C LED technology might sound scary, but this bottle has been tested. The UV-C LED chips are smaller and more energy efficient and non-toxic making it a safe water bottle to use.

The bottle filters itself every two hours. The light turns blue, it flickers for ten seconds and automatically stops filtering after those 10 minutes. You know your water is ultra clean! The water bottles have different options for filtering the water. There’s a normal option, which I use at the moment, and there’s an adventure setting for when you’re making hikes and possible gather more dirty water! It filters your water for longer making sure it’s still eliminating 99.9999% of those germs.

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Why this bottle is different compared to others

The price is definitely on the higher end for a purifying water bottle. Let’s compare the functions of this bottle to other bottles and see if it’s worth the money!

The LARQ bottles purifies water, the same as bottles with a filter and mercury based UV pens. The biggest advantage for the LARQ bottles is that any of the other water bottles with a filter are made out of my plastic or BPA. LARQ does not contain BPA or plastic which makes it the most sustainable options to buy. It has a long lasting battery which the other bottles do not have and it keeps the bottle clean, meaning you do not have to spend any time cleaning your bottle. You don’t have to replace the filter, like you normally need to do in other bottles with filters.   

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In order for your water to filter, you need to charge the cap of your water bottle every 1-2 months. It needs to be charged in order for the UV-C Led chips to work and filter your bottle. The charges comes with the bottle, it’s tiny and it charges really fast.

One important thing to always keep in mind is to only drink clear water. Don’t drink any water that’s brown or any other dirty color. No water filter bottle is going to be able to clean water that isn’t clear and it is definitely never safe to just go ahead and drink that dirty water!

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The mission behind LARQ

One thing that’s extremely important to me when it comes to buying products, is the mission of a business and if they do any additional project related to sustainability. LARQ has a full on section on their website about their story, linking to different articles to get a deeper understanding of the company.

LARQ explains their business as follows: “LARQ began with a simple vision where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to help people access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably.

And eventually grew their business to the following statement: “LARQ leverages innovative technology combined with inspirational design to give people access to clean drinking water while helping end our dependence on plastic water bottles.” It is bringing safe drink water to billions of people in the world!

A huge plus for me is that LARQ actively works towards eliminating plastic. The company is a member of the 1% for the Planet, a network of non-profit organizations and like-minded businesses that are proactively saving the world. Read more about this initiative in this article about “A Million-Bottle Start With Plastic Bank”.

Using the purifying water bottle

The LARQ Bottle 500 ML

I have been testing the water bottle for a couple of weeks now! We have been in the middle of a long heatwave and oh my, it was hot. We’re not used to that kind of weather in the Netherlands, it’s usually gloomy and rainy during the summer. Nevertheless, it was a really good time to fully test this product.

I got the double wall insulated 500 ml water bottle in the color granite white. A very neutral color and I absolutely love it since it doesn’t stand out in a room and looks so clean. The double wall insulated version of the bottle keeps your hot drinks warm for 12 hours and your water cold for 24 hours.

As a coffee and tea lover on-the-go, I need a good bottle to keep my drinks hot. It is horrible to finally be in the car, ready to get your lovely sip of coffee and the coffee turns out to be that gross half warm half cold temperature. Nope. I hate it. And with the colder days coming up, warm drinks are my go-to!

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Testing hot and cold drinks

I tested the warm drinks a couple of times and they were perfectly hot, even too hot at times! I’m always someone to pour my coffee or tea into the bottle before I leave the house and drink them on my way to a meeting or to a location. This means I drink my coffee or tea within two hours of making it.

However, I did set a cup of tea and coffee and left in there while I was working at home. It was still keeping my drink hot after 5 hours! So if you’re someone who really needs to keep her drink hot for a long time, this bottle does that for you.

As I mentioned, we were in a heatwave and one thing I hate, besides having that awkward temperature coffee or tea, is water that got warmed up by the temperature or sun. We have all had this during our travels, for sure. You can’t tell me you haven’t had this. A nice day at the beach and you’re thirsty – ready for a nice sip of water only to realize your water is just warm. Not the best when you want to cool down!

It was a good time to fully test the function of keeping your water cold. I went out, had my bottle in my 40 degrees Celsius car, got it out and took a sip of water after a long car ride and the water was still cold! I also went on a nice forest walk when it was 30 degrees Celsius, walking in the sun with my backpack in the sun as well and the water was still cold as well.

During the heatwave I went on a 20 kilometre bike ride (seriously do not recommend this, it was obviously way too hot) and I was SO happy to find out my water was and stayed cold during my bike ride.

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One thing that threw me off is the metal of the cup. The metal is colder than your actual drink inside so it feels like your water isn’t that cold.

When I noticed this, I decided to test it out. I drank out of the bottle before leaving the house and it was the same cold temperature as I had in the forest and after my car ride. It’s just the metal top that feels colder than your drink!

As a final test, I sat in the garden and had my water bottle in the sun for a good while. Normally, with any water bottle, the water used to get warm because obviously the sun warms the water. My water was still nice and cold with this water bottle.

I’m sure the water does get a bit warmer when it’s in the sun all day in very high temperatures. However, it is definitely staying cold for hours at a time which is good enough for me! I always drink up my water in the bottle within a few hours.

The weight and size of the bottle

LARQ has two different bottles. The “LARQ Bottle” and the “LARQ Bottle Movement”. I have the first one and this one is heavier because it is double wall insulated. The LARQ Bottle Movement is not double wall insulated, meaning your drinks won’t stay as cold or as warm, but it is a lot lighter!

There are different sizes of the water bottle. I went for the smaller one of 500 ml because it will fit better in my smaller purses and backpack. It’s also lighter so not as heavy to carry around. Here’s a comparison!

The LARQ Bottle – double wall insulated

The 500 ml bottle is 24.3 cm tall, has a diameter of 6.8 cm and weighs 0.38 kg.

The 740 ml bottle is 26.4 cm tall, has a diameter of 7.6 cm and weighs 0.50 kg.

The LARQ Bottle Movement – NOT double wall insulated

The 710 ml bottle is 24.9 cm tall, has a diameter of 7.1 cm and weighs 0.30 kg

The 950 ml bottle is 27.9 cm tall, has a diameter of 7.6 cm and weighs 0.35 kg.

The LARQ Bottle Movement is not available in the small 500 ml size. The larger bottles are perfect for people who drink a lot of water and don’t want to worry about refilling it! The weight differs a bit, which is why I decided to go for the smaller one. I usually carry a bigger note book, a planner, a laptop and different chargers with me so I don’t want my bag to be any heavier than it needs to be.

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Do I love it?

Yes, I have loved using this water bottle for the past weeks. It fits in the cup holder in my car, in my bags and it makes me feel a lot safer to drink water from different sides of the country. I always taste a difference in water. When I’m on the countryside, the water is a lot nicer than the water in a bigger city like Rotterdam. I’ve always, always tasted the difference and I don’t taste a difference with this water bottle!

It’s such a nice looking water bottle as well. And yes, I do care about this as silly as it might be. I drink way more water since I’ve had this bottle and it truly was a problem for me before! Even having it next to me, seeing the light lit up makes me realize to drink some water. Another plus as I mentioned is that I don’t have to worry about getting sick. The water is always clean.

Another thing I look forward to is using this bottle while travelling. I always try to refresh my water every day and not leave it in for too long and with this bottle – I don’t have to. You don’t have the waste water by throwing it away if it’s in your bottle for too long since it gets cleaned every 2 hours.

LARQ does have a few good discounts once in a while! You can go LARQ’s website to find the perfect bottle for you.

Would you like to use a filtering water bottle? Let me know in the comments.

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water bottle from larq, a water filter bottle, purifying water bottle, charger for your bottle, travel tips, sustainability
water bottle from larq, a water filter bottle, purifying water bottle, charger for your bottle, travel tips, sustainability


  1. I’ve had my larq bottle for 3 weeks. I am definitely drinking more water now. It’s heavy, but the benefits of having clean safe water outweighs that for me. No pun intended.

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