Why Slow Travelling Is The Perfect Way To Travel

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Slow travelling means staying longer at one destination while travelling. People claim it’s the perfect way to dive into a culture and to work harder if you are a digital nomad or remote worker. I can imagine it’s an unknown term for some of you. In todays blogpost I am explaining the definition of slow travelling, the perks of it and why it’s a perfect way to travel!

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Have you ever heard of the term slow travelling? To my opinion, this term only became more popular in the last year or so but I’m sure it’s been around much longer. It’s exactly what is says it is: slow travelling means to travel slower.

This blogpost is meant as future travel inspiration for when it’s safe to travel again. Please follow the measures taken by your government during COVID-19 and stay safe.

What is slow travelling?

Slow travelling is when you decide to stop running around chasing destination after destination. It’s meant to give you more time at one specific destination. One month in Bali. Two weeks in a city in Portugal or three weeks on a magical island in Greece. I used to run around like crazy to explore a city in just three days. Setting alarms, making an itinerary and rush to see as much as I could everyday in those three days. Even though that might be the definition of a city trip and might be how I do my city trips in the future, it’s not how I want all of my travels to look like.

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the gorgeous canals in venice with a blue sky and colorful houses

Travelling should be relaxing as well. How much do we really see if we rush around, stop for a maximum of 20-30 minutes on a gorgeous spot, ready to move onto the next one? We get an impression of the place but don’t thoroughly see the beauty of the place. With slow travelling you take your time and explore places far away from the traditional all-in experiences.

Ultimately, this is a more sustainable way of travelling as well. I know this is a term some of you really hate, but just think about it like you’re creating and leaving a positive impact on the destination while you enjoy every single detail and second of the trip. It doesn’t sounds bad when I explain it like this, right?

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The perks of slow travelling

Stop your hectic life

Slow travelling gives you the opportunity to taste every dish, to smell everything and listen to the sound of your surroundings. You’ll meet the local community, try out local dishes and see everything that makes the place so special. It’s a way to stop our hectic lives, which we too often bring with us on our travels.

Actually experience the destination

Personally, it’s not my goal to VISIT the destination. It is my goal to EXPERIENCE the destination. Slow travelling gives me the last option. It’s not about just seeing a historic building. To me, I want to visit the building, look around and see every detail. I want to read the information and dive into the actual story of its history. This brings me much more fulfilment than just looking at it.

It saves money

You will save money if you stay longer at one place ‘cause you don’t need to buy new plane tickets or any other form of transportation. Most AirBnB’s or hotels give you a discount if you’re staying longer in their accommodation! An AirBnB is especially nice because it gives you the opportunity to get groceries and cook your own meals.

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digital nomad, get more work done on the destination, macbook laptop, girl with laptop and plant

You’ll get more work done

This is for the ones who are a digital nomad or like to work remotely on a gorgeous location. Slow travelling is perfect for you because you will have more time to get your work done and discover the location. If you would do all these things in just a few days, it will only result into stress!

It’s better for the environment

When we start implementing slow travelling – it means we travel less, stay longer at a destination and it makes you decrease your ecological footprint which is a very positive factor! Combine this with the tips coming up and you’re leaving a positive impact on the destination while enjoying every single moment.

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Tips to start with slow travelling

Organise your own trip

If you plan everything yourself, you have the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want. You can stay how long you want and travel the way you like. I would suggest to organize your own trip to the minimum, only book your flight(s) and the first accommodation. Decide where you are travelling next from this location. Not planning ahead gives you the opportunity to stay longer in one place if you love it there.

Choose cleaner ways of transportation

Slow travelling is the perfect time to choose “cleaner” ways of transportation, meaning choosing a transportation with lower emissions. This can be a train for example. Most destinations have the option for a train or bus ride instead of choosing to take the plane. Transportation IS part of your travel. Take your time to do this and the train/bus gives you the upmost best views of the destination while you’re able to enjoy the ride and perhaps get some work done. It’s also great to rent a bike on a destination and explore it with your bicycle!

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Take your time to cook your own meals with local ingredients

I get it. I love going out for dinner, enjoying the luxury, the sunset and the experience itself. However, as much fun as this is – it’s also great to go to a local fruit and vegetable market or local store and buy your own local ingredients. Ask the locals about a popular recipe while you’re there and make this in your own apartment or house. It saves money, helps you to connect with the locals and it’s a lot of fun too! Write the recipe down and cook it again when you’re home to bring the destination to your own home.

Alternate your activities

I feel like we sometimes do a lot of the same stuff on our travels. We go on a walking tour. We do an excursion and see the most recommend places, which are usually pretty crowded. Let’s do something different next time. Go ahead and sign up for a cooking class, doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make Belgium chocolate in Belgium, macarons in Paris or anything else in any other country. Just this experience in smaller groups feels more authentic and gives you awesome travel experience too! There a lots of other authentic activities too.

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Meet new people

Like I mentioned, talk with the locals. Meet other travellers and take the time to get to know them. Start meaningful conversations and build a connection with them. I absolutely love doing this because I think you’re only getting to know the country/region/city by talking to the locals. Their story matters.

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Slow travelling is so rewarding. You may not see as much as you’re used to, but at the same time – you are seeing so much more. You experience the culture, the locals, see more special places and get to know the history of the destination. It will broaden and expand your travel experience positively, leave you more relaxed and ready to take on the next adventure.

It will take some time to implement this and to get used to it. And it’s okay if you don’t want to do slow travelling during every travel. Some trips are more suitable for it than others and it’s always up to you if you want to start slow travelling or not!

Are you considering starting with slow travelling? Let me know!



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slow travelling, a new way of travelling in the future, responsible travel, sustainable travel, green travel, leave a positive impact on the destination
slow travelling, a new way of travelling in the future, responsible travel, sustainable travel, green travel, leave a positive impact on the destination


  1. Love this and totally agree that we should do more ‘experiencing place’ rather than ‘visiting’. As fun as a quick trip can be, I often find myself exhausted at the end and wishing I had slowed down! I have been to many places that I actually couldn’t tell you much about because I’m so rushed! No more! I now really try to actually explore and take it all in!!

    1. I definitely recognize that feeling. So excited for you to take the time and actually explore the destination! 😀

    1. Slow travelling for a year sounds like an amazing goal! Let’s hope you love it and will continue on doing it. 😀

  2. I totally agree about slow travel. The world would be better if more people could travel in this way.

    I guess the main thing about it is that it is such a privilege to be able to travel in this style. If I am honest, I have not ever been able to do this kind of slow travel since I started working, as I just don’t get enough time off. We can try to incorporate aspects of it, but we rarely get to travel for more than 2 weeks.

    Instead I like to explore locally (and every so often move and get a new job on a different side of the world.) That way I can appreciate slow travel on evenings and weekends, but still have the thrill of the occasional adventure abroad. 🙂

    1. I definitely got your point! It’s incredibly hard to find the time to slow travel when you’re working full-time and only have limited days off work. One of the ways to start slow travelling while working is to limit your travel movements on your destination. It gives you the opportunity to explore sights near one place (for example).

      And once again, totally and totally agree with travelling locally! That’s my new goal for this year actually, I’d love to travel local because I haven’t even seen half of the Netherlands. Sounds awesome! Great to hear your thoughts on this subject. 😀

  3. I totally agree with this! I’ve never been one to go to a place for one or two days! I always make sure to stay in one place for at least 5 days, because it means you can slow down and explore what you want without having to rush! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Couldn’t agree more with you! While we still do a packed city break every now and again (gotta spice it up a bit, right ;)) we tend to travel slower and slower with every new destination we visit. Makes travel so much more enjoyable and memorable, we get to meet locals, actually make friends and explore hidden gems.

  5. Great post! I don’t get much free time usually, so I definitely have a tendency to try to pack in every/all the activities when I do get time off to travel, but I’ve been trying to do more slow traveling to give myself time to relax and experience different places more! :] The goal to experience vs. visit is definitely an important mindset to adopt!

    1. I understand it’s easier to do it that way if you don’t get much free time. So good to read you’re trying, I hope that mindset works for you. 😀

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