15 Times Absolutely Gorgeous Bali Travel Photography

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Bali is the ultimate dream to explore – it has everything: nature, beaches, mountains, volcano’s and even additional islands. It’s no secret because Bali has been so popular during the last years! So many people have visited this island and today I’m sharing the best Bali travel photography on the internet.

Don’t you love travel photography? I makes me so excited to explore a new destination or go back to one I’ve already visited. Some people have the talent to completely capture a place truly in the best way possible. It shows new perspectives on the destinations you’ve already visited, how cool is that?

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I’ve been getting more into travel photography since Barcelona last year. My trip to Bali and Singapore in 2018 gave me the love for photography but I only started working on it myself during my Barcelona trip in 2019. Looking back, I wish I had taken way more pictures when I was in Singapore and Bali. It does give me a good excuse to come back! These pictures I found online and on Pinterest are absolutely incredible as Bali travel photography.

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You don’t need to be the best photographer to feel like a travel photographer. I’m not the best at it yet, but it doesn’t matter. To me, taking pictures is all about creating memories and remembering a gorgeous place. While doing this, we practice and practice makes perfect. If I look at other pictures, I already see how much I have improved over the years.

Nevertheless, I still love my pictures from years ago because of the memories. Those pictures remind me of the process of taking the picture, being excited when I had a good one and gluing them into my travel photo book.

I wrote a blogpost about creating your own travel photo album and sharing two ways to do it – the traditional way and an online way. I still love looking through pictures from years ago.

I just wanted to share this thought to always love photography even if you’re not a professional photographer. It’s not always about the end product. The journey has so, so much value too and to me, that might be more important.

Now, onto the Bali travel photography I collected online. I love scrolling through these pictures and it brings me right back in Bali. That’s the magic of photography too. So sit back, scroll through these pictures and imagine yourself at that place.

I know we cannot travel right now due to the corona virus, this blogpost is solely meant as travel inspiration for the future and to give you distraction if you need it. Please stay safe wherever you are. We’re all in this together and we are going to come out of it stronger than ever. Let’s get loads of travel inspiration to fuel our wanderlust and to be excited to travel again in the future!

15 Times Absolutely Gorgeous Bali Travel Photography

view over nusa penida in bali, indonesia with rocks and ocean in background
waterfall in bali, indonesian island, travel photography
view over the ocean in uluwatu, bali
the walk in ubud, gloomy day, views, bali travel photography
the volcano and mount bature in the background during sunset, travel photography, bali, indonesia
the green nature in ubud, bali travel photography, indonesia, travel inspiration
ocean in bali, indonesia, view over the ocean, bali travel photography, travel inspiration

I love Bali so much. Even though it’s a very popular destination – there are still many places left undiscovered. I wrote a blogpost about 5 special things to do in Bali and escape the crowds if you want to see the untouched side of Bali. Those places give you the opportunity to explore the true Balinese culture.

If you are going to visit Bali in the future – please look at that list. It will make your travel experience so exciting and feel more real. The touristic places hardly display the true reality of the culture and the way of living. Don’t be scared to go off the known roads and explore the unknown roads. It’s only then when we discover hidden gems and collect even more special moments.

Have you been to Bali or is Bali still on your list? I hope this Bali travel photography gave you all the inspiration you needed!



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the ultimate bali travel photogaphy, travel inspiration about bali in indonesia, travel tips

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