5 Special Things To Do in Bali

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Bali is the place of dreamy beaches, crystal blue water, rice fields and incredible temples. There is so much to do on this island, so many places to visit and there is so much to see. These are five special things to do in Bali!

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It’s not secret that Bali is a serious hotspot, people from all over the world are going to Bali for an adventure or just a relaxing holiday. You have the typical hotspots for things to do such as surfing in Changu, visit the rice fields in Ubud and go island hopping on the Nusa islands or the Gili islands. So today, we are talking about other special things to do in Bali.

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Things To Do in Bali | Visit Sidemen

Sidemen looks a lot like Ubud, it’s located in the centre/east side of Bali and it is a special hidden gem in Bali. Ubud is amazing to spend your time but Sidemen is a great place if you want to escape the crowds. It’s not prepared for tourism which is why there isn’t much to do at this spot. However, the views are amazing.

Things to do in Sidemen

If you’re spending a little more time in Sidemen, these are the things to do! You can go rafting over de Telaga Waja River – this gives you an amazing view over the jungle. The surroundings and roads are similar compared to Ubud so it’s the perfect place to explore with a scooter! And of course, you can visit the rice terraces. These are especially gorgeous during sunrise and sunset!

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Things To Do in Bali | Discover waterfalls like the Secret Gardens of Sambangan

In general, the north of Bali is way more undiscovered and more quiet compared to the south and centre of Bali. Sambangan is a town located in the far north of the island. This place is very undiscovered. You’ll find mostly locals and a few tourists who have discover this hidden gem in the north of Bali. I must say, this one is a must-do on this list of things to do in Bali. The jungles here and the waterfalls are amazing, which is what the north of Bali is known for. These jungles and waterfalls are known as the Secret Gardens, so now you know where the name comes from!

Things to do in Sambangan

This place is perfect to find natural pools and incredible waterfalls. They are all located within the Balinese rainforest. You’ll find seven waterfalls in total and you can reach all of these by doing a 3-hour hike. Can you imagine how gorgeous and quiet this is?

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Things To Do in Bali | Visit Penglipuran Village

This is a traditional Balinese town. It’s located 625 metres above sea level, 6 km from Bangli City and it’s around 1 km from Kabu Village. Just so you know where to go! The people in this village still live their daily life by following old technology which is so refreshing comparing to our very, very digital world. I’m guilty too of it, so no judgement here. But it’s nice to see the other side of it. It’s a very quiet and clean village and I hope this goes without saying, but respect the locals and the place. Clean up your trash, be quiet in this town and be respectful towards the locals.

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Things To Do in Bali | Have an afternoon tea and stay in Bambu Indah

Source: Bambu Indah

There are a million places to enjoy an afternoon drink in Bali and most of them consist of these popular beach clubs. Of course lovely, it’s the perfect spot to cool down, meet other people, enjoy your drink and watch the sunset over the ocean. But, if you’re looking for something else – the Bambu Indah villa’s might be perfect for you.

This is located in Ubud and even though I just said that Ubud is crowded, this is a special hidden gem in this gorgeous town. You can have your afternoon tea in this hotel which is build upon a tree. So it’s kind-of like a treehouse! This might be the most perfect afternoon tea with the most perfect view you will ever have.

Location: Jl. Banjar Baung, Desa, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

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Things To Do in Bali | Go glamping at Sandat Glamping Tents

Source: Booking.com

Are you ready to take on a different way of staying in Bali? Instead of the luxury villa’s, the hostels and the hotels. Let’s go camping. And with that I mean glamping. The Sandat Glamping Tents are located near Ubud. The luxury form of camping! This is the best way to become one with nature. Sleep under the stars in your tent, enjoy the simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle while enjoying the green nature around you. This is definitely more luxury, you have your own private pool next to your tent.

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Things To Do in Bali | Discover the local artists at Cata Odata Art House

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If you love art like me, this one is amazing to visit. This is a funky art studio in Ubud where they display art from local Balinese artists. It’s very colourful and it’s perfect to discover the way they make art in Bali! I love this one because visiting an art studio might not cross your mind when you’re exploring all day and every day. You have to like art of course, but if you do – consider this one when you are in Ubud!

Location: Banjar Penestanan Kaja No.77, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

These five activities or places will give you a different of Bali. One that’s based on pure nature and authentic experiences. It’s important to include these in your trip because let’s face it, the hotspots aren’t authentic to Bali anymore. They are very much changed into the way tourists think to keep them attracted. If you go to these local places, it will give you a much better view of the actual Balinese lifestyle.

What’s an activity in Bali that you’d love to do or would recommend to others?



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where to stay in bali, where to go in bali, things to do in bali, bali activities, bali tips, island guide
where to stay in bali, where to go in bali, things to do in bali, bali activities, bali tips, island guide


  1. I love that I haven’t heard or read about these things in other blog posts or IG yet – they all sound so amazing for getting to know Indonesian culture better. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So happy about this! Bali is gorgeous and there’s luckily enough to do to get the real Balinese experience. 😀

  2. Bali looks gorgeous but I’m worried I’ll hate the crowds. Thanks for sharing so many less typical things to do while there – definitely saving them for later! Sidemen looks so pretty!

    1. I get you! The crowds can be crazy at the very, very popular spots. Luckily, most of them will spread out over the island and just show up at the hotspots or any of the very popular areas (like Kuta). You will definitely love these five things without the crowds though 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comment!

  3. Bali looks as gorgeous as I imagine it to be. I’d love to visit the Cata Odata Art House – I always try to seek out local art wherever I travel.

    1. That’s such a cool thing to do! I’ve been getting more into it as well and would love to explore more of the creativity around the world too. 😀

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! I’ve been working on my blog design for so long, so sweet to read this. There’s really SO much to explore on Bali to escape the crowds. The perfect way to explore the local life indeed 😀

  4. The north of Bali looks so beautiful, those waterfalls are amazing! Would love to visit, the photos are great!!

    1. I’ve heard so many great stories about the north side of the island! The waterfalls truly are incredible 😀

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