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Sorry that today’s blogpost is a little late!! Todays post is about the second part of the Bali journey, and instead of dividing the days by date, I decided to divide them into the different areas. I’ll be talking about Uluwatu, Ubud and the Nusa islands! Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The surfers paradise was an absolute dream. I must say that this might be my favourite part of the Bali journey. The vibe is so relaxed, it is an beautiful area and it’s pretty quiet compared to the Kuta area, although: every area is quieter than the Kuta area. As I mentioned in the first part, we didn’t do much in Uluwatu because we wanted to relax. We did go to Dreamland beach and yes, it was an absolute dream. Friends went to the Uluwatu Temple and told us that it wasn’t really worthy of a visit, mostly because you can’t visit the temple as a tourist. The sunset is supposed to be beautiful, but we enjoyed the sunset at Dreamland Beach and it was perfect. I think the best way to get around Uluwatu is by scooter/motorbike. We didn’t, because I was too hesitant to rent one (afraid to fall) but the taxi is very expensive and the distances are pretty big and there are quite some hills so walking is not very easy.

I ended up only having one full day in Ubud due to some circumstances, pretty sad about that but I managed to get everything done in that one day. The first stop of that day was the so called “Elephant Cave” or else the “Goa Gajah” temple. It was one of the best temples I’ve seen, the elephants cave is so special to see and totally different from others temples I visited. The garden around is beautiful and it has some interesting features in it, like a tree with one of the biggest roots of a tree I have ever seen. Sadly, my picture got lost somehow but I’m sure there’s a photo on the internet.

The second stop was the Ubud market. This is something you “have” to visit when you’re in Ubud. There’s so much to buy and to see and although every shop sells pretty much the same thing, there’s kinda different as well. I got all the souvenirs for my parents and my sister at the Ubud market. Don’t forget to bargain as well, but this is a tip for the entire island of Bali. You HAVE to bargain, the prices can drop like 50% (or more).

The third stop were the Tegelalang rice terraces. I already visited the UNESCO rice fields in Jatiluwih, but these rice fields were beautiful in a whole different way. It seemed bigger, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t but looked that way because of the “mountains” and the weather was beautiful so it was a different experience. I needed to take a cliché picture on a “I Love Bali” swing (sorry I really had to) so I did.

The fourth stop were the Tegenungan waterfalls, and to be honest: skip this one. It wasn’t as pretty as I hoped, you can’t really swim in the water near the waterfall and the water looks very dirty. It is a pretty view though, but there are way more beautiful waterfalls around the Munduk area.

The beautiful picture of the Ubud market was made by a friend named Julie. All the credits of that picture go to her!

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Nusa islands
One tip about the transfer from the island of Bali to the Nusa islands is: Scoot. This is a company that pics you up at your current accommodation on the Bali islands, you’ll collect the tickets (which you bought online) at their office, they bring you to the boat, the boat (obviously) brings you to Nusa Lembongan and at the beach of arrival you’ll get your transfer to your accommodation at Nusa Lembongan if you are staying on this island. The way back is the exact same so there no worrying in the transfer on the islands to/from the boat. It’s amazing!! It costed about 38 euros total.

I must say that the Nusa islands were one of my favs as well. I feel like I’m a bit cheating because I earlier said that Uluwatu was my favourite part. Oh well, Bali in general is just amazing. I had two full days at the Nusa islands and I did and saw everything I wanted to see. We went and rented a scooter, I let go of my fear because the islands are very quiet with traffic: it’s basically only pick up trucks and scooters.

We drove around Nusa Lembongan and went to Dream Beach, Devils Tear and other beautiful places of the island. Later that day, we went to Nusa Ceningan and drove around the island and went to the cliff point and the blue lagoon. I must say: it’s a challenge to drive the scooter on the more hill side of the island because the road is awful. It’s very steep, and there are a lot of rocks on the ground and there are some sharp turns. In short: you’ll fall extremely easily so be careful. Both of the islands were beautiful!

We went to the Nusa Penida island the next day with some friends. The boat to that island can be arranged at the yellow bridge! We visited Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong and Chrystal Bay. To be honest, Crystal Bay isn’t special and not worth a visit in my opinion. It’s just a normal beach: the sand is not as white as the sand at Kelingking beach, the water is quite dark and it’s very busy. I’ve heard that it’s a good spot to watch the sunset though.  The other three however: these are the pearls of Nusa Penida. I enjoyed Kelingkin Beach the most, but the other two were amazing as well. The views are stunning.

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You can rent a scooter at Nusa Penida, but the roads are extremely bad. The main road is fine, it’s one of the best you’ll find at the islands but the little roads that go to the sightseeing spots are bad. I decided to do a tour with a car and a guide, but I’ve seen tourists on scooters and if you’re a competent and confident scooter driver: go for it because it’ll be way cheaper. Be careful though.

I hope you have enjoyed these two parts of the Singapore and the Bali journey. I’ve had an amazing time on Bali, and I highly recommend the island to anyone who’s thinking about going. I’ll see you next Sunday!

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