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If you’ve read my “about” page, you’d know that I am a Management Tourism student. If not, you know now! Part of the degree are the annually study trips. We went to Spain last year for 8 days, this year: we’re going somewhere totally different. As the title says: Bali and a few days in Singapore!

We are in Singapore for about three days (including travel days, so 2 full days) and in Bali for 17 days. We obviously have an assignment to do while we’re in Bali, but that’ll only take about 40 hours so we have plenty of free time! In this blogpost I’ll be sharing my bucket list and travel plan for Bali. I do have some plans for Singapore, but we won’t have a lot of free time while we’re there. We do have a 9 hour lay-over in Singapore airport at our way back so we might do a city tour in those hours.

Our journey starts in Singapore, so I’ll start with Singapore. As I said before, we won’t have a lot of free-time, so the bucket list for Singapore is quite short. We don’t have a lot of plans, yet. Something we do want to visit are the “Gardens by the bay”. It looks beautiful at night, so we will definitely visit the gardens in our free evening! This is basically the only thing we REALLY want to visit. We do have a tour with our school through China Town and some other places in Singapore. And just to see the view: we want to visit a rooftop terrace. The view (at day and night) is absolutely stunning.

Our bucket list for Bali is a lot longer. We have a lot of plans and I am SO excited to share them with you. The first two days in Bali are booked by our school. We’ll have an island tour and visit some of the tourism businesses in the different areas. Due to our assignment, the journey starts in Kuta. We don’t have free-time while we’re there, so I’ll just skip to the 27th of April! This when our “real” journey starts.

The pictures shown in this post are from the linked accommodations!

April 27th – April 30th
The first (almost) four days of the “real” journey starts in Uluwatu. Me and my friend will drive from Kuta to Uluwatu in the morning. Our hotel is “Padang Padang Inn” and it looks amazing. The view of the cliffs and the ocean look stunning and the hotel looks pretty good as well. It has a spa, so I’m definitely looking forward to getting a massage!! We decided to go to Uluwatu because of the chill vibe, the surf community and it just looks so nice. We definitely don’t want to rent a scooter (honestly think I’m gonna die) but we do want to rent bikes (we Dutchies just love our bikes)! Uluwatu doesn’t have much traffic, so I think we’ll be safe on our bike. We don’t have a lot of plans here, but we do want to see a traditional Bali dance in Uluwatu! And basically just relax at the beach, maybe try to surf but I think every Australian dude or surfer in general is going to hysterically laugh at us.

Uluwatu 5Uluwatu 3Uluwatu 4Uluwatu

April 30th – May 3rd
The next 3.5/4 days will be in Ubud! In Ubud we get together with seven other girls and we rented a villa (Villa Inspirit) where all nine of us are staying. I am really looking forward to this, because it’s just going to be one massive sleepover. Going out in Ubud with nine people is quite hard so we did agree on going our own way if we want to. Me and my friend want to climb a volcano, but it is quite expensive so we’re not sure yet. We obviously want to visit the rice fields, visit Ubud, visit a temple and much more!

Ubud 2Ubud 3Ubud

May 3rd – May 6th
We will be spending the next days in Nusa Lembongan! It is closer to Bali than the Gili islands, and it looks absolutely beautiful. We’ll be staying in “The Nicho’s Bungalows & Villas“. These last days are just for relaxing and enjoying our last days in Bali! We do want to rent a bike and discover the island(s) and do a day-trip to Nusa Penida. The yellow bridge connects Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan so we’ll go and discover Nusa Ceningan as well. We want to visit the Blue Lagoon, go snorkelling and maybe zipline! 

Nusa 2Nusa 3Nusa 4Nusa

May 6th – May 7th
Our last night, so sad!! We decided to take the easy road and book a hotel at the airport because we have to be at the airport at 8 am the next morning. We booked a room in the Novotel Hotel, with a nice pool and a wellness centre as well. We can walk to the ocean and enjoy our last day at the beach. Our flight is at 11 am and we’ll have a nine hour lay-over in Singapore. We might go and explore Singapore with a city tour provided (sort of) by the airport!

We haven’t planned much activities yet but we did book all of our accommodations in Bali. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for activities in Bali! I will leave in about 2.5 weeks and I am SO excited. Kinda nervous as well, because I have never flown that far (12 hours is LONG). I am taking my camera, not the most expensive I own but a smaller camera, and take lots of pictures. The journey is quite long, so I think I will split the blogpost in two parts and describe Singapore – Kuta – Uluwatu in the first post and Ubud – Nusa Lembongan in the second blogpost!

Happy Easter!

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