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The 17th of April was finally the long-awaited day of the start of my journey to Singapore and Bali. I’ve written this specific day in my planner at the end of November 2017, and I was so excited when the day was finally here! To be honest, I was very nervous because I’ve only done short flights in my life. The flight to Singapore was around 13 hours, and that’s VERY long. I have decided to skip a few of the first days in Bali because these days consisted of working on the assignment.

Singapore, Singapore: 17th of April - 20th of April

17th of April – 18th of April
It was the travel day to Singapore. My lovely sister brought me to the airport in the morning and I flew to Singapore around 11 AM. As mentioned earlier, I was very nervous but the flight wasn’t as bad as I imagined it. I flew with Singapore Airlines, economy class, and it was a very chilled flight. Hardly any turbulence, the service was amazing, the food however tastes exactly how you’d imagine (not good), and the available movies were great! I watched “The Greatest Showman”, “Pitch Perfect 1”, “Home Again” and the half of “Pitch Perfect 2”. I did manage to sleep for about three hours, but my neck pillow was the worst thing ever.

We arrived in Singapore at 05:55 in the morning and had to wait until 2 PM to check in our hotel. Honestly, I felt gross and so bad after the twelve hour flight. Me and basically everyone else decided to explore Singapore and I changed my airplane proof clothes in an alley for a more summery outfit because it was SO HOT in Singapore. This day we went out and explored some of the beautiful parcs, got stung by I-don’t-even-know-how-many mosquitos, sweated like I’ve never had before, but fell in love with Singapore immediately. It’s an amazing looking city, the skyline is incredible and the city is very clean. I immediately noticed how clean and taken care of Singapore is, the roads are very well decorated with trees and flowers and it looks welcoming. It is a very safe feeling city as well, I had no problem walking at night and never felt unsafe.

We went to “Gardens by the bay” at night. This is the big park with all the high sort-of trees, and there is a light show at night. There are two light shows: one at 7:45 PM and one at 8:45 PM. Both light shows are the same with music and lights that light up the trees. It’s beautiful and very special to see.

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19th of April
This day was a full packed day with school. We went to the JW Marriott Hotel and got a tour through the hotel and we had a presentation afterwards. We had a city tour in the afternoon and visited some of the local neighbourhoods and China Town. This ended around 5 PM in the afternoon and we had the rest of the day to ourselves. Me and my friends decided to go the “Marina Bay” after dinner. The entrée is around $20/$25 but the view is absolutely worth this money. Especially at night: the skyline is beautifully lit and if you’re lucky and on time: you can see the light show at the “Gardens by the bay” from above! There is another light show at the other side (the city side) of Marina Bay around 9 PM. It’s a light show in the water with lights, music and some fountains.

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Bali, Indonesia: 19th of April - 27th of April

20th of April
We travelled to Bali on this day and we arrived around noon in our hotel. I spent this day by the pool of our hotel, and went out and explored the hotel and the local neighbourhood a bit. We were located in Seminyak and had lots of shops and restaurants/bars around us which was very nice. It was a 10 minute walk to the beach, and I had my dinner at the beach that night. Afterwards we decided to sit on the beach with some drinks. It was a early morning that morning, so I went to bed quite early. 

21th of April
My college had planned an island tour this day and we left the hotel around 8:30 AM in the morning. I was in the bus that explored the west-side of the island. We went to two temples and the UNESCO rice fields in Jatiluwih. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side at the rice fields and we had rain and thunder while we were walking through the rice fields. It did not change the experience though, it’s still as pretty as it is when the sun is shining. I had lunch in a restaurant that overlooked the rice fields and the view was absolutely stunning with the greenery of the rice fields and the mountains as a background. It was very special to visit those two temples, because, for me, it was the first time ever visiting a temple. They were both so different but very pretty and special to see.
We drove that day more than we explored outside of the bus, so I did see a lot of the island from the bus window, but spent not that much time outside of the bus.

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22th of April – 26th of April
From this time we went to our private villa to work on the assignment. This is also the few days that really aren’t interesting to write about.

26th of April
This day was so much fun because me and two friends went ahead and got some surf lessons!! I was very nervous, and almost decided not to go surfing. Not sure why, but new things scare me so bad and just the thought of not being good at surfing and everyone watching me made me extremely anxious. However, with some convincing from those two friends, I did decide to take the surf lessons and I am so happy I did. The anxiety was gone after the first fall and I had so much fun. It took a while (around 30 minutes) before I was solidly standing on the board and surfing out the wave! The hour flew by, and I’m now sure that I want to continue surfing. Maybe not in the Netherlands, but if I’m ever in a place where the surf is good: I’ll definitely take another surf lesson.


And I’m not sure if it was on this specific day, but we were on the beach around 5 PM and we were so lucky to see the baby turtles being released in the sea. I’ve never seen something so cute and sad at the same time. I know they’re supposed to go alone in the sea, but they were so tiny and alone so it made me a little tiny bit emotional.

27th of April
Our assignment was done and we (me and my travel buddy) travelled from Kuta to Uluwatu in the south of Bali. We decided to enjoy these three nights and three days and just relax by the beach and pool. So obviously we didn’t do much activities or explored a ton. Uluwatu is the surf dream of Bali and I had so much fun watching those surfers nailing all those waves (and wishing that some day I’ll be able to take on those waves!). We had an amazing hotel with a lovely bar and restaurant, and we enjoyed our dinner at the hotel with a beautiful sunset as a view.

So this was the first week and a half of the Singapore and Bali journey! The other week and a half will be up next week and that’s about the upcoming days in Uluwatu, the days in Ubud and the days at the Nusa islands. This next part is so much fun because it was just our holiday after the 27th of April! I hope you enjoyed reading about my first week and a half in Singapore and Bali. As mentioned in a previous blogpost, this was a study trip so this first week and a half was more centred around the assignment and other mandatory activities.


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