I am always looking ahead and planning my next adventure. I usually get inspired by Pinterest, Instagram travellers or other travel bloggers. Pinterest is the perfect place to find inspiring travel guides and destinations. My tourism study gives me lots of inspiration as well! For instance, I never really thought about traveling in Asia but since my study trip to Singapore and Bali I’ve been thinking about other places to visit in Asia! I’ve narrowed my bucket list down a little bit, and I have made a list with some places that have been on top of my list for years now!

1. Backpacking and surfing in Australia

This has been a dream of mine since I was about fifteen years old. I’m not sure how this dream developed, but ever since my 15th I feel like there’s something there for me. It might sound very crazy coming from someone who has never visited Australia before, but I feel like I’m supposed to go and that I’ll fit in just right in the lifestyle.

I want to go backpacking in Australia and I want to start in the east coast of Australia. I know a girl that travelled in Australia for six weeks along the east-coast and she had the absolute best time. The stops in Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney make me so excited. Since I have had a surf lesson in Bali, I can’t stop thinking about surfing in Australia which is every (wannabe) surfers dream.


2. Road trip in Cuba

Cuba has been on my list for two years and I just love how the country developed over the years. The vintage cars and the colourful streets and houses of Havana completely convinced me to visit Cuba one day! I had a friend that visited Cuba earlier this year, and I haven’t had a chance to see her pictures, but her stories were amazing and made me even more excited.


3. Watch the northern lights in Iceland

My friend and I have this dream for about 1,5 years now and after watching travel vlogs to Iceland and reading travel vlogs about Iceland I’m even more excited to go. The northern lights aren’t the only reason I want to visit Iceland. The nature looks amazing, I want to visit a blue lagoon and just drive around with my camera strapped to me to make the most amazing pictures ever. But, I really want to improve my photography skills to capture the northern lights as best as possible.


4. Wine tour in France

I absolutely love France. Me and my family have been to France many times during our (me and my sister) summer break and I never really appreciated the beauty of the country. You probably know that I love Paris, but France has so many more amazing places to visit. I really want to visit Bordeaux and go on the best wine tours in the region and visit the vineyards. I’d also love to learn how to make wine and perhaps make a little something something myself. In addition, kinda cheating here, I REALLY want to visit the Provence during the spring to witness the beautiful lavender fields.


5. Go on a wild safari in South Africa

The last thing on my list is a wild safari in South Africa. Pinterest pictures of safaris and all the stories I’ve heard got this pretty high on my list. I love wild animals and I really wish to see the big five in their natural habitat without any restrictions in their surroundings. I’m not planning this trip until I’ve (once again) mastered the photography skills: I want to be able to make the best photos of the animals and capture it for the rest of my life.



Rosy Melissa

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