A Lovely Winters’ Day On The Beach

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These last few weeks of February have almost felt like amazing spring days. The weather has been so nice: sunny and a nice temperature of 15 degrees average. It’s been so wanted after the cold winter months. And to enjoy the nice weather to the fullest: I went to the beach!

This last month has been crazy. I started my internship and suddenly got into a very weird rhythm of being away from home for about 12 hours a day and being absolutely exhausted after the long day of work. It’s been a struggle to keep up with my blog and to plan my blog posts efficiently. However, I’m ready to be back while going into my fourth week of the internship! My rhythm is improving and I finally found the time to write this blog post! I think every “writer” or what-ever you want to call it, knows that you need to be in the right mindset before writing. Even though I had some time to go to the beach and all, actually writing was a bit harder.

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First, I want to give you a little heads-up. There are going to be a few changes on the blog in the upcoming day(s) and week. The content will stay the same, as I recently explained in a blog post. The lay-out is going to be different because I will be switching to a new theme! I’m so excited to have this theme match my content better.

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To winddown from the hectic weeks and to adjust, I absolutely loved going to the beach on this lovely springy day. As I said in other blog posts and in my Instagram posts: the beach is my happy place. So when it was such a nice Sunday morning, we decided to go to the beach! Not to go sunbathing, but just for a long walk and to enjoy the view and the surroundings.

I don’t have much more to say other than that I really loved this day. My dog loved every single moment on the beach and she is the cutest thing on sand. She just starts digging like a crazy dog and she gets so excited. As you’ll see in the photos: she is a white Swiss Shepard so it is a bit tricky to take her to the beach. But, fun fact: this breed actually has a self-cleaning fur. She’s never dirty!

I have made a few photos to capture this day and here they are! I wish you all a lovely day, whenever you’re reading this, and there is a lot more fun content coming your way.



Beach, girl on the beach
Ocean, beach, sand, blue sky
Silhouette, white dog, girl, ocean, beach
I thought about editing this pic, but I actually like the silhouette!
Beach, ocean, sand, footprints, blue sky
Beach, white Swiss Shepard, dog, sand, ocean
I had a full-on photoshoot with her and I’m in love with this one because she looks só happy!

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