The Best 20 Destinations To Visit in 2020

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The world is so big and there are literally millions of places to visit on this earth. Big places. Small places. Hidden gems. There’s so much to discover. I chose 20 destinations to visit in 2020.

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I wish I had the time, money and whatever else I needed to visit all these twenty destinations. They are all special in their own way. One thing I’ve learned during the last years is that you shouldn’t let yourself be led by the stereotypes. Do more research about different destinations and have an open mind going into it. A destination is never just one thing. There’s so much more to it and it can truly completely surprise you and make you fall in love with the place. Let’s get into the 20 destinations to visit in 2020!

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20 Destinations To Visit In 2020!

dunes and desert in chile, blue sky with clouds in the background, nature in chile, travel inspiration


The first one of the 20 destinations to visit in 2020. The best time to visit Chile depends on which region you’re travelling to. Generally, October to March is the warmest time to visit Chile. However, Santiago, Atacama Desert and the Central Valleys are perfect to visit all year-round! Some places to visit are Torres del Paine National Park, the red landscape of San Pedro de Atacama and the Wine Valleys.


The rain season in Dominica runs from June-November and the hurricanes are most likely to hit in September and October. So the best time to visit Dominica is between halfway through December until mid-April. However, if you don’t mind the rain – the time between June and October is very quiet so perfect to explore. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park and Boiling Lake look amazing to visit.


This country is absolutely gorgeous and safe to travel to. The Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Ramon Crater and the salty shore of The Dead Sea are a few of the places you can visit in Israel.  

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view over the dead sea in israel, lake with mountains in background, purple tones, 20 destinations to visit in 2020

The Dead Sea in the Middle East

I mentioned this above, but The Dead Sea looks like an amazing place to visit. I’d advise you to swim in The Dead Sea in an area that’s safe and possibly protected by lifeguards as well. The most popular beach is Kalia Beach which is also the most tourist friendly beach.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The fifth one of the 20 destinations to visit in 2020. This one has been on my list for so long and I still haven’t visited it. Winter is a very cosy time to visit Copenhagen, however – it’s gorgeous in summer time as well. This city can be visited during all seasons!


To be honest, this one never really crossed my mind but it definitely does now! Argentina is a safe country to visit and Buenos Aires is a very divers city. The country has amazing waterfalls like the Iguazú Falls. There’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site here as well – the Perito Moreno Glacier!

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waterfalls in argentina, Iguazu Falls in Argentina, 20 destinations to visit in 2020, travel inspirations


Botswana obviously has a lot of national parks where you can admire animals in the wild – don’t forget your camera! Depending on where you’re headed into the country, I’m sure you’ll find a national park to visit. The Kalahari Desert is one for your list (and mine!) as well.


Australia hasn’t had it easy these last few months and I hope they’ll receive the rain to dim the fires. Nonetheless, Australia is an amazing destination to visit and there is SO MUCH to do, I can’t even tell you. Australia has been on my list since I’ve bee 15. Not kidding! 

British Virgin Islands

Sun. Beach. Crystal blue water. Palm trees. Do I need to say more? It’s a popular destination during the winter holidays so the best time to travel to the British Virgin Islands is between September and November. A must-have on this list of 20 destinations to visit in 2020.

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lake with mountains in background in slovenia, 20 destinations to visit in 2020, travel inspiration, blue sky with mountains, country in eastern europe


The tenth one of the 20 destinations to visit in 2020! Slovenia is located in Eastern Europe and has an amazing nature to explore. I drove through Slovenia once and was already amazed by its beauty. Whenever you go – Lake Bled, Savica Waterfall and Loger Valley are high up the list of places you should visit. Slovenia is a good all-year-round destinations, depending on what you like!

Galway, Ireland

I decided to throw in an Irish city. I always have to think of Ed Sheeran’s number when I read about Galway. This historic city is great if you love museums and nature as well. It’s such a good combination of culture and history combined with just a lovely city-trip.


Never been here either, but this one is on my list as well. This island is located in Caribbean ocean, south of Cuba. Negril is known of the amazing beaches, while Montego Bay is great to start your trip and Port Antonio is a perfect place to relax. The best time to visit Jamaica is between November until mid-December. The plane tickets are the cheapest during this time! Other times to keep in mind are the two rain seasons from May and October – November. The hurricane season runs from June – November. Write this one down on your list of 20 destinations to visit in 2020.

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I’ve been to Italy a couple of times and it never fails to amaze me. There’s just so much to see. From amazing cities like Florence and Venice, to Cinque Terre and Lake Como. I’d advise you to just drive around and explore the small villages next to your route. Italy has so many hidden gems. This European country has to be one of the 20 destinations to visit in 2020.


Normally, I’d go away from the big cities as much as I can. Big chance your journey starts in Sao Paulo, which is the biggest city of Brazil and amazingly has portions of the Atlantic rainforest. Other places to visit are Parati, Salvador, Foz de Iguacu and of course Rio de Janeiro. It belongs on this list of 20 destinations to visit in 2020!


The 15th one of the 20 destinations to visit in 2020! Jordan is so high on my list. I’d love to visit a country in the Middle East and I’ve heard incredible stories about Jordan. The places on my list for Jordan are Petra, Amman, Wadi Rum and the Mujib Nature Reserve.

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Another one high on my list and I especially want to visit Japan during the cherry blossom season. I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures! Popular cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are usually the places to go for your first trip. However, if you’re like me and you love the nature side of a country, Mount Fuji, Nikko, Naoshima island and Okayama seem very nice to visit as well!


Kenya is perfect for safari’s and visiting the national parcs. However, it’s also a good destination for scuba diving, snorkelling and relaxing on the beach. This is the perfect combination if you’re in for an adventure but love to relax and explore the ocean too. One thing that attracts me is Lake Nakuru where you can enjoy the flocks of flamingo’s, spot hundreds of different bird species and rhino’s and hippo’s!

Sri Lanka

I feel like you really can’t go wrong in Sri Lanka. The best months to visit Sri Lanka are January – April which is when the monsoon isn’t too bad. However, the months May, August and December are also a good moment to visit Sri Lanka. The train rides are incredible here. The places on my list are Nuwara Eliya, Polonnaruwa and Adams Peak. It’s one of my personal favorites on this list of 20 destinations to visit in 2020.

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picture of the philippines with boats in the ocean near a village, islands of the philippines, palawan, islands located in asia, blue water and green mountains


Oh man, this one has been on my list for a couple of years too. As you can see, I have a lot on my list as I can imagine many of you have as well. I can give you a list of islands and places to visit such as Palawan, Cebu, Vigan and Coron. Simply because they look gorgeous on pictures and I’ve heard great stories about them! This is the last one on this list of 20 destinations to visit in 2020.

Islands of Sao Tome and Principe

This is the last one on the list of 20 destinations to visit in 2020. These islands are located in Africa somewhere in the Atlantic and Gulf of Guinea. It’s known as a safe place for travellers. However, as I said before – you have to be careful at every destination. The popular places to visit are Obo National Park , Rolas Island, Trindade.

I already had the travel bug but this blog post made it even bigger. My list just got a whole lot longer! I love new years to get inspiration on new destinations to visit instead of the regular places. I’m sure these 20 destinations to visit in 2020 are going to be on my list for a lot longer than just this year!

Which destination on this list of 20 destinations to visit in 2020 makes you excited to visit?



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20 destinations to visit in 2020, travel inspiration, tips, ready to travel, where to go in 2020, travel
20 destinations to visit in 2020, travel inspiration, tips, ready to travel, where to go in 2020, travel
20 destinations to visit in 2020, travel inspiration, tips, ready to travel, where to go in 2020, travel
20 destinations to visit in 2020, travel inspiration, tips, ready to travel, where to go in 2020, travel


  1. The Dead Sea and Jordan are on my bucket list too, along with Oman. I would LOVE to visit the Middle East, it’s stunningly beautiful and so rich in history. I’d also love to experience a safari at least once so I guess Kenya too. Great post for travel inspo, thank you!

    1. Oman sounds incredible to me as well! The Middle East is indeed full of history and there’s so much to see and admire. Glad you liked this post 😀

  2. Some of these are on my bucket list too! And I went to several of these last year including Jordan, Kenya, and Slovenia, all amazing countries. There’s just too many places in the world and never enough time.

    1. Those are some amazing places to have visited! I agree, there’s just so much to explore. Even within all these countries – there is so much more to discover. Wish we could see it all! 🙂

    1. I’m so happy you liked this list! So amazing you’ve already visited Japan, I can’t wait to go as well 🙂 I hope you get to visit one or a few of these destinations during 2020!

  3. I have been wanting to go to Israel for awhile! I have Argentina planed this year. Japan is an awesome country and I would highly recommend it, especially when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.

    1. Lowkey jealous you’ve been to Japan already. So exciting you’re going to Argentina this year, would love to know how it was! 😀

  4. This article was perfect timing for me – I am trying to decide where to vacation next and you’ve given me some great ideas and things to think about. thanks for sharing- great variety of options!

    1. So happy this blog came at the right time for you. I’m curious to see where you’re headed this year! 😀

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