Why I Love Travel Photography

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Travelling without making pictures is pretty unimaginable. At least, it is for me and for a lot of people around me. We all carry around a phone and nowadays, the cameras on our phone are so good to function as our camera during travelling. There are many reasons to take pictures while travelling – the so-called travel photography.

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It’s hard to imagine for me – but I haven’t always loved photography. Every summer, me and my family used to go on a 2 or 3 week holiday and I hardly ever took a picture. Instagram wasn’t a thing back then and we just started using Facebook at the time so there wasn’t really a need for me to take pictures. To be fair, Instagram isn’t the reason for me to take pictures but it also didn’t occur to me that pictures are one of the best ways to save memories.

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Remembering memories

We always make memories, if we decide to collect them in our minds or through the camera (or both) – they are memories. It doesn’t change anything. But when life goes on, we get older, we experience more, we are going through more difficult things in our daily life and make more and more memories, we tend to forget small things. Small things that might have been big at the time. Meeting that special local in the rice fields of Bali and the conversation you two had. Even though, their English wasn’t good: you made the conversation work. Tasting that special rum in Madeira with a good friend – such a simple experience but amazingly one of the best during my trip. Getting lost and finding the best spot in a hidden place.

Pictures are the reason why I remember it. I may not take a picture of the local out of privacy, but make a picture of the scenery and rice fields and it will take me straight back. A picture of a rum factory isn’t the most photogenic either – but I couldn’t care less. The picture of the best spot in a secret place will remember that every lost route will lead to something amazing. Memories – we always make them but I ove to save them through pictures.

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The process of making a picture

Travel photography has a little “meh”-ish thing to it. I feel like, most of us including myself, thrive for perfection. That’s good, because it means we always deliver the best work possible. But photography is letting go as well. Sometimes, the imperfection on the photo can make it the perfect photo. Sometimes, that person standing beneath you in the centre of your picture, can make the picture ten times more interesting.

Creativity doesn’t have limits and shouldn’t be connected to perfectionism. We can be a perfectionist when we are selecting the pictures, sure. But at the time – grab your camera and start shooting as much as possible. Have fun, make blurry pictures and eventually make the perfect one that captures the story and moment perfectly. Because in the end, it’s the story behind a picture that is the most wonderful thing to make!

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Being creative

I mentioned it briefly, but photography is when my creativity thrives the most alongside writing. Those two combined make me the happiest I can be. Give me a camera, and I’ll be happy and start looking for good spots to take pictures. It makes me think of more ways to do something. How I can create a story behind a picture before taking the picture. And then the process of writing the story when I actually have the picture. Travel photography is a photography niche, but every photographer wants to create a special moment or a story. There’s no difference in it – whether you are into travel photography or fashion photography.

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It makes me so happy

I don’t think I can be more happy when I’m travelling with my camera and snapping allllll that good stuff around me. Not all of the pictures are good enough to post online but definitely good enough to keep at home and laugh about it. Looking at it and remembering what went wrong when I took it. I’ve started to make a big physical photobook around five years ago. Nothing digital here for me. I develop my pictures into real, physical pictures which sounds weird to write, and have photo glue to glue them into my photobook. It has something special to me to grab that book and see my adventures in France, Croatia, Spain, Indonesia, Singapore and so many more destinations. I get excited even thinking about developing my Madeira pictures!

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Travel photography made me fall in love with photography in general. Starting with my phone that had poor quality, developing myself into buying my first simple camera, researching and finally buying a SLR camera and eventually buying a mirrorless camera that’s amazing and perfect to travel around with. Sure, my current phone takes pictures with incredible quality but I don’t think I could ever live without owning and using a real, real camera. Surely, one with wi-fi because my god, that’s the best thing – if we are talking about digitization and all that stuff. I’m excited to buy an old camera and work with that and see what’ll happen. Without having a screen to focus on!

I’d love to know if you guys are into photography and if yes, why? What makes you take new pictures every now and then?



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travel photography, reasons why travel photography changes the way we travel, why i love, travel, wanderlust, photography, memories
travel photography, reasons why travel photography changes the way we travel, why i love, travel, wanderlust, photography, memories
travel photography, reasons why travel photography changes the way we travel, why i love, travel, wanderlust, photography, memories
travel photography, reasons why travel photography changes the way we travel, why i love, travel, wanderlust, photography, memories


  1. True, we all carry phones and take photos everywhere and everything we like to see. I like to make memories and keep them for later to remember moments from different counties and cities.

    1. Yes, it’s so easy to snap a photo on the go! Do you keep the pictures somewhere else outside of your phone, like a digital photo book for example? 🙂

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