5 Proven Ways For A Successful Staycation

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Travel can happen everywhere. Some people love going on a yacht around Greece, take the plane to the other side of the world to go on an Indiana Jones vacation or find the ultimate relaxation place to wind down. Other people love staying home and others “have” to stay home. This is how you will have a successful staycation!

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A staycation has many benefits. You are avoiding the travel stress and anxiety, the long waits and flights, train rides or car rides, the expensive tickets, expensive accommodation and it helps to build your home economy. With all the money you’re saving, you can support the local businesses. Read more about how to support local businesses.

It is a good alternative to travelling if you want to wind down but not spend all the money on travelling. A staycation gives you the opportunity to go out and explore the world around you. Your own home country and even home region has so much to offer. You just have to look for it!

5 Ways For A Successful Staycation

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Take short trips

Staycations don’t have to be at home completely. Day trips are amazing for discovering your own home country! Find places around you on a few hour driving distance so you can explore something new and return home at the end of the day. The perfect way to find hidden gems.

Plan like you’d normally do

See a staycation as an actual vacation! Do your research as you’d normally would when you’re travelling abroad. Find good restaurants, fun places to visit and new spots to discover to get that ultimate travel feeling close to home.

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Take time to relax

One of the risks of a staycation is that you’ll work anyway. For me, as someone who has a remote job and two businesses, it’s easier to “quickly check something” related to work. While when you’re abroad, switching your work mind off is much easier. Try to do this at home as well by disconnecting everything related to work so you’re actually having a vacation.

Visit a spa

For many females, visiting a spa is the ultimate form of relaxation. Go to a sauna, get a massage or swim in heated swimming pools. Other ways to for more self-care during a staycation is by getting your nails done, get a facial or a haircut you’ve been wanting to get for so long!

Go out to eat

I love finding cute restaurants when I’m travelling. Some days I decide to cook at the accommodations but most days I’ll go out to eat or take something to go. If you love doing this when you’re travelling, do this during your staycation too! I guarantee you will find amazing new restaurants. If you love cooking at home, dive into your recipe books and cook something you’ve never cooked before!

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After a staycation, it’s kinda the same as when we come home from travelling. We need to clean our house, wash our clothes and do some groceries shopping because our fridge is empty. We need to get back into our daily rhythm whether you’re a business owner, working a corporate job or working remotely. It takes a few days to get used to doing stuff again! Try to save two days after your staycation for tasks like these.

Do you feel a little unsure about exploring your hometown? Don’t! It’s SO much fun to get out here and explore new places. It’s easy to always stick to the same restaurant, shops and cities or villages. This is the time to discover other amazing places. Read my blogpost about how to discover your hometown to find the ultimate tips.

Have you ever done a staycation?

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