A Vision On The Future of Travel

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We all have had our questions around travelling after quarantine and how/what it will look like in the future! When will we travel overseas, what will it look like and how will the industry manage itself? The future of travelling is unsure but exciting and there are lots of opportunities to still keep travelling.

I know many of my viewers share my passion about travelling so I can totally understand this is on your mind right now. Especially if you’re still in one of the countries in lockdown or simply can’t travel. I am located in Europe which means I am one of the lucky ones who gets to travel around Europe if I want to. If you’re from the United States, for example, you’re not allowed into Europe yet and will most likely stick to domestic travel. We’re all in different situations!

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It’s no secret many tourism companies are struggling at the moment. We can try to help them as much as we can, by booking a new holiday and using our voucher if we have one. However, I totally understand if you’re not ready to book a new trip just yet. If we go back to travelling, my prediction is that we are going to travel less but travel in a better way.

What will our travels look like?

I’m passioned about conscious travel so I hope with my entire heart that we will all travel differently and more consciously in the future. Whenever we resume travelling, it’s likely some airlines are still grounded or they are bankrupted. We might have to look into other ways of travelling.

Travel in Europe

Most of the travels in Europe are currently done by car. Personally, this is my favorite way of travelling. I love a good road trip! It gives you the most freedom and one of the important reasons right now – you can drive back if things don’t go well at your destination. Obviously we are able to travel in Europe but it is still tricky. Countries are shutting down again or get a code orange which means we cannot travel to that country.

city in spain during sunset with view on the harbour in barcelona, vision on the future of travel

However, having said that, the flights in Europe are increasing as well. All the airlines have taken measures that correspond with the rules around COVID to help you have a safe trip. You can definitely travel by plane if you want to. The downside is that you obviously need to buy your airplane ticket beforehand and might get in problem if your destination shuts down, since most insurance policies won’t cover anything right now!

Travel insurances and health checks

Most (travel) insurances have changed their policy during the COVID crisis and won’t cover any costs made by travelling during this period of time. Essentially, you’re not completely protected by your insurance if you do travel right now. I’m not sure how this will change in the future, but as long as COVID is still around us – travelling will be mostly at our own risks.

This also means your country may not repatriate you from a country if it suddenly goes into lockdown. They have done this at the beginning and during the crisis in the past since lots of travellers got stuck abroad. Since travelling is mostly at our own risk, we need to think of ways to get home if we need to without getting help from the government. It will depend on your country, but I know the Netherlands decided to not repatriate you right now if you’re going on holiday and get stuck.

However, this is different if you book a package deal. Part of the package deal is that they will repatriate you if you get stuck. Please double check this at your travel organization or the overseeing organization in your country that provides all the information and rules around travelling.

Health checks are becoming a new thing right now. Most countries, like Greece, want tourists to fill in a form before arriving at the airport. You need to fill in if you have any symptoms, if you’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID and similar questions that almost guarantee you’re not infected with COVID. If you do not fill in this form, you won’t get into the country and you will be send back home. That’s not what you want obviously so just check if your destination has this requirement.

Other conversations right now are discussing if tourists need to get tested for COVID before they arrive on the destination or right when they arrive on the destination. There’s no guideline in this yet and I predict it is going to differ per destination. So once again, just check before you leave if you have all the information you need and if you are willing to do a (free) COVID test at the airport.

The COVID rules

No one really knows how the future of travelling is going to look like, we can only guess and predict. Travelling is here to stay, that’s for sure. It got hit hard but it will definitely bounce back. It will take time and as long as the virus is still around us, we need to accept the rules on the destination.

Most, if not all, of the countries around the world have rules in socially distancing. The most common one is to keep a distance from others of at least 1 meter of 1.5 meters, in your personal friend and family group and to strangers. We need to wear masks in public transportation or in stores and other buildings. This definitely differs per destination. For example, here in the Netherlands we need to wear our masks in public transportation but not in the stores. Just a few kilometres below me right now is Belgium where you need to wear a mask almost everywhere.

This is a little confusing and I can totally understand tourists are a little unsure of what they need to do and what the measures are. The government websites of the destinations have it all written down for you. Simply Google “what are the COVID rules in [destination]” and you’ll find it. Make sure to find the most recent update. Do this beforehand to completely follow the rules and stay safe yourself and help others stay safe too.

What kind of trips do we take in the future?

Where do we go and what kind of trips do we take if we do decide to travel? Luckily for us, the options are still endless!


I completely understand the urge to explore the entire world. To get out of your own country and travel abroad. Trust me, that was me in the past too. However, I began to appreciate my own country last year. Staycations are perfect right now if you want to get out of the house but still within the borders.  I wrote a blogpost with lots of tips on how to discover your hometown in a fun way to make it feel like an actual vacation!

Road trips

A road trip is such a perfect way of travelling. The reasons why I love it so much is because my trip already starts when I start driving. It’s totally different when I travel by airplane, because I’m always a little bit stressed on the airport and my vacation starts when I’m on the destination. The road trip is much more relaxing, the views are perfect and you can take a detour and explore so much more.

a road trip in europe, a road trip through the forest in a jeep

Luxury trips

The luxury trips are a good way of travelling and still feel safe at your accommodation. The resorts offer lots of services meaning you don’t even have to leave the resort if you don’t want to! A private villa is another perfect accommodation to socially distance but still enjoy the vacation vibes. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a private villa? I know I do!

Travel with purpose

As a conscious traveller, I truly hope we will all travel differently and travel with purpose. To completely enjoy our surroundings, appreciate our freedom to travel, to respect the locals and the culture when we visit a different country and not take life for granted. If we learnt one thing in these past months, it’s that nothing is certain and we are not guaranteed of a tomorrow. Enjoy every single moment when you travel and read these tips to travel more meaningful.

I hope we will all start to enjoy life more and appreciate travelling. If you do travel, stay safe and most importantly – enjoy! This vision on the future of travel gave you some insight into what’s going on, hopefully. What’s the first trip you’re going to take when you start travelling?

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a vision on the future of travel, how will we travel in the future, travel tips, travel inspiration
a vision on the future of travel, how will we travel in the future, travel tips, travel inspiration


  1. You’re incredibly lucky to travel around with with your car. I have to say I’m completely envious! I’m in Canada, in Ontario, and it takes ages to get anywhere and nothing really exotic to me like some of the European cities! Still, it’s been a good exercise in exploring what’s local and supporting local business. I do agree that I think social distancing will be the way of the future, but I’m ok with that ;)!

    1. I am lucky to be able to travel! I haven’t yet though, but I might in the future if things stay under control. I hope you can go back to Europe pretty soon ❤️ Supporting the local businesses is awesome though! So happy you’re exploring your local surroundings, hopefully you’ve found some pretty sights you haven’t seen before.

  2. Thanks for compiling this detailed post. I often wonder what the future of travel will look like. I am hoping that it is all able to go back to at least a sustainable way of transiting soon. Your post was a bit uplifting and made me feel optimistic.

    1. You’re welcome, thank you for reading! I’m so happy it made you feel optimistic, we need to stay optimistic during these times. ❤️

  3. Definitely exploring the idea of Staycations right now although I never saw much meaning in it previously. Used to think that it was a waste of money especially when there were so many other places to go to – but I guess it’s also what we choose to give purpose to and make meaning out of…a reframing of mindset is definitely underway 😅

    1. I think this time gave lots of people new inspiration of exploring locally! It’s definitely worth it and can be as much fun as travelling abroad. Well done ❤️

  4. Its times like these that I WISH we were living in Europe. The entire scope of travel has turned upside down. Its nice to see that neighboring countries are taking steps to help everyone feel safe to travel. Fingers crossed we can all safely resume travel and explore again soon!

    1. It’s crazy how fast it changed in the last couple of months. Everyone is definitely doing their best to help the tourists feel safe while keeping their own community safe as well. I’m crossing my fingers too! 😀

  5. I also like to travel by car and do a good road-trip. As you said, this year (and maybe for a couple more), I am grateful to be able to travel by car in my own country or its neighbourg (from Belgium, you can go in so many already). I feel safer than in a plane, and indeed, if things get worse where you stay or in your home country, you are able to quickly and easily return. Nice read, thank you for the article.

  6. Road trips will be our go-to thing for the foreseeable future. I also think to your point it gives us an opportunity to explore what’s around us. So often we are planning to explore other places, and right now we have the chance to explore off-the-beaten-path places in our own backyards! I’m hopeful for the future of travel!!

  7. This is a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately! I am lucky to be in Europe right now as well, so traveling is a bit easier for us here. Though things are constantly changing and there is no guarantee we’ll be able to follow through with our plans – but I definitely feel that any chance we get to travel makes us appreciate it so much more.

    1. Definitely easier for us here but it’s so tricky as well. We have had to last-minute cancel our plans because parts of France turned into code orange for us. Next time we can travel fully, we’re going to be soooo grateful!

  8. I agree with so much of this. Hopefully at the end of this people will travel a bit more responsibly…but I can also imagine it going the other way once we have a vaccine, some people will just be sooo desperate to travel again!

    We are sticking to local holidays and road trips for now. I don’t really feel safe travelling abroad when I am still having to work from home!

    1. I really hope we’re going to enjoy travelling as much as we can while still travelling responsibly! Local holidays and road trips are so cool too, so have fun! 😀

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