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For some reason, I’m always most worried about what I should bring in my carry-on. It’s so easy to buy something at your destination, but it’s incredibly annoying when you discover that you forgot something when you’re on the actual flight. Honestly, I wouldn’t survive without my headphones on a flight and I actually forgot them once. Worst. Flight. EVER.

Travel Documents

Let’s start with the most important ones: your travel documents. I always write these on the top of my list: my passport, the ticket (optional, I usually have these online) and eventually the boarding pass. I recently bought an incredible handy thingy where I can store all the important documents including some smaller extra handy spaces for your earphones and pens! I bought this in the Netherlands as a Dutch lifestyle YouTuber designed these for her stationary line. I’m sure they have this in other countries as well.


I like to take books with me, but I have an e-reader so obviously all of my books are on my e-reader! For the longer flights or longer lay-overs I like to just take some games with me like cards to play with friends! I do like to take a magazine with me, it’s much easier to read in a crowded space.


Next on my list are my electronics. I always keep my electronics in my hand luggage, and not in my suitcase. Just in case my suitcase gets lost or damaged. My phone is honestly one of the most important items in my life and I can’t live without it, my camera is always strapped to me during adventures and I love to have my e-reader with me. So, my phone, camera and e-reader are always next on my list along with the chargers. If you like to bring a laptop with you, I would obviously write it down and take it with you as well! I’ve never taken my laptop with me, but I might do it in the future to work on my blog and stuff.

Foto 3.JPG

I’m mentioning this for the third time now: HEADPHONES!! I can’t be the only one that absolutely can’t stand the sound of crying children, annoying passengers that just won’t stop talking and the sound of the plane. I need to have my headphones with me, either to block out the noise or to listen to music.


Some of us need to take medicine, and I highly recommend taking some extra strips with you in your hand luggage. I had quite a few, just to make sure I could get through the days if my suitcase got lost. It might take up some space in your handbag, but it’s just in case your suitcase gets lost and you end up without your medicine! Don’t forget to bring your medical passport as well. Just in case, I like to bring medicine in case of travel sickness.


Especially on long flights, I love to take some skincare with me to prevent my skin from getting super dry. A travel sized hand cream, small container with a super moisturizing face lotion or cream and a lip balsam. My eyes can get quite dry as well, so I like to take something with me for my eyes as well. I like to take gum, a small toothbrush and some toothpaste with me to freshen up at the airport. If I have a longer day ahead, I like to bring simple and natural make-up with me as well to cover my extreme, and I mean extreme, dark circles and the absolute dead look on my face after a long flight. Honestly, it just sucks all the energy out of me. Some deodorant and a small travel sized perfume both help to smell good and feel a lot more refreshed as well! I always make sure to have a hand sanitizer with me too.

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Sleep Essentials

I have a few essentials if I want to sleep during a flight. I like to have a travel pillow that I’ll strap on my handbag or backpack, a sleeping mask to dim the light, some earplugs to block out the noise and a scarf. I get self-conscious about sleeping in public, so I like to just wrap a scarf around me or lay over me so no one will see my face. Something else I like to take with me is melatonin. I don’t take it on every flight, but it’s nice to have a little help if you can’t sleep!


There are always food choices at the airport, but I like to bring my own food like snacks or bigger meals with me! Airplane food isn’t the best, and on the shorter flights it’ll save money because the food and drinks on the short flights are usually not included. It’s super easy to take a water bottle with you as well.

I always take these carry-on items with me as well, and it might be a lot (okay, admitted, I take a lot) but I just want to be prepared (excuses). Do you have any travel essentials that I haven’t listed?



Little blog side note: as you may have noticed (and if you don’t follow me on social media), I didn’t post a blogpost on Wednesday. I have decided to post one blogpost per week, because I simply don’t have the time to write and produce two good blogposts per week. I’d rather put more work into making one good blogpost and shooting my own images!


  1. My skin gets so dry on long haul flights too but for some reason it has never occoured to me to take a good moisturiser with me! I will in the future and will potentially find something for my dry eyes too. Also, I look haggard after flying too so know you’re not the only one haha

    Jenny |

    1. Good to know I’m not the only one!! I haven’t found the secret to looking good after a long haul flight haha

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