The Truth Behind Starting A Travel Blog

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Travel blogging is the one thing I love doing most. I’ve been working on this travel blog since March 2018 and have been loving it so much. Today I’m sharing the things I wish I knew before starting a travel blog and what you should keep in mind before starting one too!

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I wrote a blogpost about why I started my blog and it touches on the topics of my writings block as a teen and my love for writing. To be honest, I never ever once regretted my decision to start a blog. I want to give a small disclaimer before heading into the blogpost. I’m currently working hard om my blog to use it as a secondary income and hopefully in the future as my primary income. This might mean I have added things you have never thought of if you have a blog as a hobby.

As a side note here as well, my blog comes from a pure passion of writing. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to start a blog or something related just to earn money. I personally think it’s so important to have a good intrinsic motivation to keep yourself motivated and happy while working on this project.

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Travel Blog!

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It’s so much more than just writing

Silly and naïve me thought it was all about just writing a blogpost and hit publish. There is so much more than just writing a blogpost. I never knew what an ALT text meant regarding an image or how keywords worked. Same goes with internal and external linking! All of this is related to SEO and it helps ranking your blogpost on the search engines.

You have a true learning curve

You learn so much after starting a travel blog about yourself and how you like to write, everything related to SEO, the pictures that work best in your blogposts and how you efficiently work on writing blogposts. Beside this, I never once thought about the amount of technical stuff going on around my blog. To be completely honest, I’m still not great at it but that’s when you contact your host and get the professionals working on the issues. However, I have learned some stuff about HTML and CSS which is nice!

I work from home a lot if I’m working on my blog. Read my blogpost including 7 tips for working from home productively!

It is possible to earn money with blogging

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Honestly, I had no clue what affiliates were before starting my blog. To be completely honest again, I learned a lot about affiliates during my study which helps increase this learning curve. However, there are a lot of affiliate tutorials on YouTube and articles on Google for you to read and get more information about it. Let me know if you want me to write a blogpost and explain how everything related to affiliates work!

I am part of affiliate programs like Awin and separate affiliate programs like and KLM. The main idea behind this is: if I link to an affiliate product on my website and one of you guys buy it: it earns me a small commission without any extra costs to you. You will always pay the same amount of money and never have to pay more if you buy from an affiliate link!

These are my favorite productivity tools for working from home on my blog. They will help you organize all your thoughts and stuff without feeling overwhelmed!

It takes a lot of work to promote your blog

I love promoting my blog on different social media platforms and Pinterest. Especially Pinterest is an awesome way to get more clicks to your blog. This is what a lot of bloggers use to grow their blog traffic. Same goes with Instagram, even though it’s harder to get clicks out of Instagram. Both of the platforms need you to be as consistent as possible, preferably daily which is a lot of work. I create about 3-5 new pins everyday to promote on Pinterest. It’s really trial and error with Pinterest but it is totally worth it!

You meet so many other bloggers!

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I love the supportive blogging community and how we share tips with each other. Surround yourself with these bloggers and share your experiences and tips to lift each other up. There are bloggers who like to keep the secret to themselves, which is totally fine of course. I like to share tips and experiences with other people though and grow my own learning curve and help others. This is a great way to get new inspiration and perspective on your blog as well. Feedback can really improve your blog!

One way to get to know new bloggers or business people who give tips on starting a travel blog is by listening to business podcasts. They give you so much more insight about the business side of a travel blog. Read my blogpost about 5 inspiring business podcasts for productivity.

These are the five things I wish I knew before starting a travel blog. I wouldn’t have my life any other way and want to keep my blog forever. I just love it so much and it still makes me happy, passioned and excited to work on it. To me, it is totally worth the work and that makes it exciting and interesting as well. Just keep these things in mind if you’re thinking about starting a travel blog for the long term in the future and want to use the things I mentioned in this blogpost! Starting a travel blog is such a fun personal project as well. It’s all yours. You can write whatever you want.

Have you already started a travel blog or are you thinking of starting a travel blog? Let me know what you’d like to read next in my new travel blogging series!



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what you should know before starting a blog, the truth behind starting a blog, blogging tips


  1. I seriously didn’t expect this amount of work that goes into a blog before I started. The technical side often frustrates me and I sometimes even forget to promote my blog, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m glad that we started this journey together and are still in this together now! It’s so nice to discuss blog-related things, drool over new themes and share our Pinterest frustrations lol. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come!

    1. I didn’t expect it either. So happy we’re still in this together. 😀 I’m proud of you too!

  2. Yes these are totally true! Especially promoting your blog everyday on Pinterest but so worth it!

    1. I’m so dreading Pinterest sometimes because it’s so much work. It is REALLY worth it indeed! 😄

  3. I had my domain name for years and just renewed it every year without doing anything with it. My blog had a “Coming Soon” sign on it for years before I finally decided to begin working on it in 2018. However, I was only able to write about three articles for it before I became so busy I didn’t have any time to work on it anymore. Being told to “stay at home” during this lockdown has given me the opportunity to work on it. How is your travel topic working for you during these times? I’m asking only because travel has, in most cases, been halted temporarily worldwide.

    1. I completely understand it’s hard to keep up with your blog – I’ve been there too! Good to hear you’re able to work more on it now, hope it feels good. I kinda made the shift to topics like these (blogging tips) and lifestyle/productivity – but allround travel inspiration like my blogpost “Fairytale Villages To Visit” are still working really well. The more specific guides like my Paris guides aren’t doing great. I do recommend to write about travel – this content will kick off if the situation goes back to normal in the future! Even though we can’t travel right now, writing it now gives the search engines the time to rank you on Google as well. I do make sure to have a disclaimer in the blogposts about travel (the ones I wrote just before and during this time) because we simply can’t travel right now. I hope this answer helps! 😊

  4. So true about promoting every day on Pinterest. It takes a lot of work, but it is worth it at the end. Marketing is truly something you have to do every day.

    1. It really is! It’s best to create a weekly plan so you’re always right on top of the marketing you have to do. 🙂

  5. I definitely think it’s important to have intrinsic motivation to start a blog too–it’s way more work than it’s worth otherwise! Mine started off as my online journal and eventually turned into a food/healthy living lifestyle blog–I added in travel pretty recently but love writing about it. It’s like reliving the adventures over again!! I love the blogging community I’ve befriended too!

    1. Yes, definitely! It’s going to be so hard if you do not have an intrinsic motivation. So cool you’ve started to write about other topics too. Yay for reliving adventures! 🤩

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