Eco-friendly Gift Ideas For (Sustainable) Travellers

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Travel can leave a big carbon footprint which is why I try to inspire and motivate travellers to travel more consciously and sustainably. I can imagine it’s hard to decide between a regular travel gift and a sustainable gift. These are the best eco-friendly gift ideas for sustainable travellers. The products in this holiday gift guide make a huge difference in minimizing the carbon footprint.

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We as travellers love to explore the world, find new places and meet new cultures. The ultimate joy of watching a gorgeous sunset, looking at a mesmerizing view and swimming in a clean ocean. If we want to keep this possible in the future, we need to find alternative sustainable products to take on vacation.

These are my favorite eco-friendly gift ideas for sustainable travellers!

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Reusable and collapsible straw

Regular straws are an extreme issue for the environment. I am sure we have all seen the images of turtles with straws in their nose. A good sustainable alternative are reusable straws. The Finalstraws are reusable and collapsible. They fit in your purse and will last you a lifetime. The case is the size of a car key!

colorful final straw for sustainable travellers, reusable straw

Reusable water bottle

a purifying water bottle, self cleaning water bottle

I mentioned this product before and that’s because I absolutely love the product and the mission behind the brand. The LARQ Bottle is a self-sanitizing water bottle that purifies the water every hour so it’s always CLEAN. No germs in your water. It’s the worlds first self-cleaning water bottle and it makes sure you always have clean water.

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Solid shampoo and conditioner bars

These last for longer than two months, are easy to bring along while travelling and it helps minimizing the use of plastic. Did you know that about 9 million tons of plastic gets thrown into the ocean each year? Plastic lives on for 1.000 years which means it takes 1.000 years for plastic to decompose. Shampoo and conditioner bars are plastic free and will help reduce the pollution that plastic creates.

a shampoo bar, conditioner bar, eco friendly shower products

Eco-friendly yoga mat

a sustainable yoga mat, pink yoga mat, christmas gifts

I know travellers who take their yoga mat on the go, but use them a lot at home as well. Definitely a great gift idea for your eco-friendly travel friend or family member. These eco-friendly yoga mats are made from natural tree rubber, are PVC-free, biodegradable and they plant a tree for every single product sold.

Deodorant bars

This solid deodorant bar is another way of minimizing the use of plastic. It replaces the regular deodorant packaging which is full of plastic. Deodorant bars have natural ingredients and works as a roll on deodorant without the extra packaging.

a deodorant bar to live more sustainably

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Bamboo cutlery

a bamboo cutlery set, sustainable kitchen items, eco-friendly

This bamboo cutlery set is easy to take in a bag so the traveller doesn’t need to use plastic cutlery. It is lightweight, vegan and all natural which makes it a good travel buddy for the sustainable traveller.

Bamboo toothbrush

Have you ever calculated how many toothbrushes you use in a year? Every toothbrush has, you guessed it, a lot of plastic in it. A bamboo toothbrush is much better and this bamboo toothbrush set has multiple in it so the one getting this present is good to go for a while!

a bamboo tooth brush set, sustainable tooth brush, eco-friendly gift ideas

Reef friendly sunscreen

a reef friendly sunscreen, sustainable sunscreen, what is sustainable sunscreen

I’m sure we all know how important sunscreen is to protect our skin. Whatever you do, always use sunscreen. Normal sunscreen isn’t good for the environment and is especially bad for the reefs. The two ingredients octinoxate and oxybenzone are the worst ones. The reef friendly sunscreen protects your skin and won’t damage the reef!

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Sustainable leggings

I love wearing leggings when I travel. It’s comfy, it’s sort-of stylish and keeps you warm. Honestly, it is the basic travel outfit, right? The girlfriend leggings are made from recycled water bottles, they are 21% spandex and 79% RPET. The fit is very flattering, they’re high rise and have nice seam details.

sustainable sportswear, sustainable leggings to wear while travelling

Checked luggage

an eco-friendly suitcase from samsonita, sustainable packed luggage

An essential when it comes down to travelling: the checked luggage. Our best friend as travellers. The checked luggage might not be the first thing you think of when you think about eco-friendly gifts. However, more and more brands are working towards creating a positive impact and created eco-friendly product lines. Samsonite has a few of those suitcases made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles!

Travel bag

A good travel bag is a necessity for travellers. It holds all the important belongings on a long trip or functions as a weekend trip! The United by Blue weekend bag has a padded 13” laptop sleeve, a water repellent finish and for every product sold, United by Blue will remove one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways. It’s such an amazing company.

a travel bag, weekend bag, a sustainable bag from united by blue

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Reusable cotton and bamboo pads

cotton and bamboo washable make up pads

These wash pads are hypoallergenic and are perfect for the people with sensitive skins, like me! These cotton and bamboo pads are sustainable, because trees are cut down for cotton as well. If you’re reusing your make up pads, less trees need to be cut down.


Every traveller needs a good pair of headphones to block out the engine noise or to block out the sounds of the crying child a few rows ahead. We’ve all been there. This gift will be SO appreciated! The House of Marley headphones are made from recycled plastics, bamboo and metal and it’s a good sustainable purchase.

sustainable headphones for a gift, travel headphone, bamboo headphone

I hope this has helped you into finding the perfect eco-friendly gift! Many brands are working hard in becoming more sustainable, so it’s always worth to check their website for sustainable products. Which gift would you love to give to someone?


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