7 Proven Ways To Avoid Travel Sickness During Travelling

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Some people have no issues with travel sickness but if you do, it can seriously affect your trip. No one wants to feel sick in the car, the train or on the plane and be miserable the entire journey. I’m not someone who gets sick on the plane, but definitely feel sick in the car. I have 6 ways to avoid travel sickness during travelling all round, whether that’s in the car or on the plane!

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Surely we’ve all felt our stomach go crazy when we have bad turbulence on the plane. Especially the ones when you literally feel the plane falling hundreds of metres. I’m not afraid of flying and honestly this is part of the game. However, those moments are horrible for your stomach. Even the most experience travellers will feel travel sickness when that happens! In all cases, don’t be ashamed if you do get sick while travelling. Lots of people have it and you’re the one suffering!

7 Ways To Avoid Travel Sickness During Travelling

All of these ways are easy to implement if you’re travelling the world on a train, on a plane or in a car. Motion sickness kinda works the same in all cases! It is triggered by all movements, even during virtual reality experiences. The imbalance between what you feel and what you see causes your body to feel sick and it usually comes out of nowhere.

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1. Take medicine for motion sickness

This is what I take whenever I have a long haul flight or when I go on a boat! Sea sickness is another real pain for me. The medicines available are different in each country so I would suggest asking your friends or family if they have any good experiences with medicine for travel sickness.

Personally, I like to use the Suprimal on long haul flights and whenever I go on a boat. It does make a bit sleepy so always be careful with the side effects on medicine!  

2. Try to relax

I always feel more sick whenever I get anxious about feeling sick. Especially when I start to fill nauseous, it’s super uncomfortable so you start to feel anxious and feel even more sick. It’s a vicious circle and it is hard to break out of it. If you’re afraid of flying, I can totally understand it if you feel anxious! Deep breathing sessions or meditating helps slow your heartrate and make you feel less anxious. Apps like Fitbit (the watch has a breathing exercise) and Headspace will help you do this.

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3. Don’t start a reading session

One key note whenever you want to avoid travel sickness is to keep an eye on the horizon. Looking down at your book or e-reader creates more movement and imbalance for your body making you even more sick. Focus on the horizon or at a certain stable point ahead so your body won’t be in such an imbalance! I always try to look ahead on the road and follow the road whenever I feel car sickness, it definitely helps.

4. Pick out your plane seat carefully

There are certain seats on the plane that are great for people who feel travel sickness. The turbulence is less heavy in those places. The seats closer to the front of the airplane feel the most stable during the flight. Seats next to the plane wings are more stable as well. The seats at the back are the least stable and give you more movement and heavier turbulence.

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5. Don’t eat too much before travelling

Avoid any heavy foods before you’re going on the plane, in the car or on a boat. Your stomach will feel much heavier and you’re going to be sick a lot quicker. Spicy and salty foods aren’t the best to eat either so I would stay with lightly digestible foods. Greasy foods will upset your stomach and salty foods increase dehydration.

6. Drink enough water

Dehydration can make you feel sick as well. Especially if you eat one of the foods I mentioned before. Don’t drink too much water at once because that will make your stomach feel heavy as well. Another tip from me, I know it’s not water, but Cola is always great if you feel sick. I absolutely hate Cola to be honest, but a sip or two whenever I feel nauseous makes my stomach feel better.

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7. Get enough air

You might have noticed that getting fresh air relieves the feeling of travel sickness. It makes you less dizzy and less nauseous. Sit near a window when you’re

on a boat and open the window the get that air. Open the window of your car and open the air ventilation on a plane. I know it’s hard to get the feeling of fresh air on an airplane but those air ventilations are the only option we have.

Travel sickness is a little bit out of our control. Some bodies just don’t cope well with the motion and imbalance. I know it’s different for me every day. Some days I don’t feel sick in the car and other days I do. Some days I’m great on a boat and other days I am not. I always prepare my trips following these tips and it helps.

What’s your best tip to avoid travel sickness?

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how to avoid travel sickness, sickness on a plane, sickness in the car, prevent motion sickness, travel tips


  1. Great tips! I get random health issues, and I do get very anxious about it before I travel, which gets me into that vicious circle you are talking about!

  2. These are great tips! Fortunately, I don’t suffer from travel sickness very often. Funnily enough, the only time I do get travel sickness is when I’m hungry! For some reason, riding in a car on an empty stomach just doesn’t work for me!

  3. Reading is the one that always gets me. It’s so weird that I can read on a train or plane, but not in a car. I didn’t know about some of the other tips though so this is really helpful

  4. Since I was a kid I have been feeling nauseous during long car trips but if I sit in the middle of the car, I’m fine! As well as not reading in the car and if I felt sick then my dad would stop driving for some fresh air which helped a lot. So I recognize a lot of your tips and they do work! 🙂

    xoxo Simone | https://beautymone.com

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