How To Build Your Dream Life: 6 Actionable Tips

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If this crazy, rollercoaster year taught us something, it’s that nothing is granted. We’re not guaranteed of a normal tomorrow. Or even a tomorrow at all. Life is short, unsure and takes us through incredible challenges. It’s a wonderful journey but with the many struggles, expectations and hard times – it’s a true challenge. Let’s start to live your dream life and get into a location independent lifestyle, where you can do whatever you want!

A “dream life” is very subjective. No one wants the exact same thing and that’s perfectly fine. We would all be so boring if we wanted the same thing! I’m sharing my own steps to create my very own dream life and even though I’m not there yet, I have been making progress and I’d love to share my personal tips with you.

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The truth is – there will always be challenges. Days where you would love to empty a bottle of wine because you’re lost in which direction to take your business and life, been there and done that. And days where you’re so motivated and end up working until the middle of night (been there, done that too). Hours when you feel excited and in control over everything and the next hour feels like you haven’t got a clue what the hell you’re doing. I have found out it’s all normal and natural. A lot of entrepreneurs feel the same way. It’s comforting knowing you’re not alone!

6 Tips On How To Build Your Dream Life

Now that you know about the struggles coming your way, it’s time to share my 10 tips to build your dream life. Like I said, I am not there yet myself. In a way, I don’t think you’ll ever fully be there. As time goes on, you might have new dreams and new goals. That’s what makes it all exciting, there will always be something to work towards.

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Get a job on a laptop

The chances are that you don’t have enough income to just go out and travel the world. The best way to fix this, is by having a job that always works on a laptop. It will be a lifesaver when you want to work remotely, because you can do your job from anywhere in the world. A more in personal job will make this a lot harder! Companies are more open for working remotely since the pandemic started in 2020 and I highly recommend finding a company that supports working remotely.

I’m a parttime blogger and I earn my money through advertisement, affiliates and brand deals. Another way I’m making money is by freelance writing through websites and from my own business network! I have a parttime remote job which is exactly what I needed. It gives me the financial independence and I will still be able to travel and work.

Another option that more and more people are taking up is teaching English online. The best thing about teaching is how flexible the work is, you can can teach as much or as little as you want and as the name suggests, it’s totally online!

Start a business

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It might sound scary to start a business, but it really isn’t all thát scary. A business will, if it gets more successful, give you the best freedom to work location independent and to possibly work on your dream life. It doesn’t have to be a multi-million business idea (would be nice tho) but even starting a blog, a YouTube channel or by growing your Instagram. Social media is a great way to earn money and especially if you are good at writing, photography or videography.

It gives you a platform to showcase all your work, to tell your stories and to link through other platforms such as a blog or YouTube channel. SO many brands are active on Instagram, it’s the perfect portfolio. It might help you land brand deals or to work as a successful freelancer!

Almost every single business needs to be active on social media. It’s a powerful tool! So even if you don’t have a business idea related to these platforms, definitely use it to your advantage to promote your work or use it to raise awareness to certain issues your business will help to solve.

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Work hard and never give up

Life will give you set backs and it will be hard to motivate yourself to keep going. To be honest, that’s going to happen a lot. It is always easier to give up than to find the motivation and the courage to grab yourself off the floor and to keep on going. To find a different strategy or to target your audience in a different way. The people who never give up are the people who will succeed. I truly believe this. Never giving up will reward you in the most amazing ways.

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Create actionable goals

For everyone who would like to start a business or has a business, it’s important to have actionable goals and to make them very realistic as well. You want them to motivate you to work hard, but it shouldn’t be unreachable. All of the goals ‘should’ be actionable in the sense of being clear, have a timeline and a specific end goal.

I highly recommend creating macro goals and micro goals. The macro goal will be, for example, “have a 10K revenue in Q2” and the micro goals will be the smaller goals to support the macro goal. An example of a micro goal for this macro goal can be “pitch to 15 brands total in April, May and June”. They should all be actionable goals that will provide the 10K revenue. It makes it more clear and less overwhelming.

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Dream big

If you’ve read some of my blogposts before or if you follow me on Instagram – me being a big dreamer doesn’t come as a surprise to you. I’m such a dreamer. I love having big goals and huge dreams to keep me motivated and inspired. There’s nothing you can’t do. If you put your mind to it, create a plan and fully go for it – I believe you’ll have a good chance of succeeding.

Some of the best companies and business ideas come from dreaming big. To not let it stop you because it feels so far away. Don’t let anyone tell you to dream smaller and to let go of dreams when it gets challenging. It’s a gift to dream big and to have such a good imagination and inspiration about the future! You are the only one living your life.

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Don’t be scared and hold back

I know I know, easier said than done. I get scared easily too. I’m not the best at taking the leap and to just see what happens. I love having control and to know what’s to come but that’s not always the way to go. You sometimes have to jump to see the gorgeous other side of the situation. To just let time be and to see where it takes you. The biggest and happiest surprises happen when you don’t plan them and when you won’t see them coming!

If you like to have more security, I would recommend to make a good plan with the actionable goals I mentioned before. Plan what you’re going to do to make the difference you’re looking for! Financial insecurity is one of the biggest reasons for people to not go after their dreams. But make sure to not let this take over because don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to work on making a life.

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