21 Exciting Must-Visit Destinations in 2021

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We’re ready to conquer the world in 2021. I know all of our travel plans got messed up in 2020. It is time to start planning again, we’re ready to plan again and it’s going to be really excited to start choosing our next destination. Our wanderlust hearts beat a little faster with these moments closing by. You’re going to love these must-visit destinations in 2021.

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We all sat at home this year. Remembering our old travels. Looking through our old photobooks. I looked at my Singapore and Bali photobook so many times. Just thinking how the world took a sudden 180. If I knew what was ahead, I would have enjoyed and appreciated it so much more. I’ve watched countless of travel films and travel documentaries. Read A LOT of travel blogs and lived through other peoples blogs. I re-watched my favorite YouTube travellers Flying the Nest. Anything to keep my wanderlust spark alive.

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The first vaccines are, as I’m writing this at the end of December, rolling out and giving some light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you’re pro vaccine or not, fact is that the end is in sight. It might take a few months but truth be told – we will travel again in 2021. We might need to be a little bit more patient, but we will be back on the plane, in the train, eating out in cute restaurants and exploring new destinations.

In the next few months, decide where you want to go and start saving the money! I’ve written a blogpost on how to start a travel savings account and another one about things to stop buying to save money for travel so you’re filling that savings account in no time.

21 Authentic & Exciting Must-Visit Destinations in 2021


I’m longing for the Mediterranean for 2021 and the islands of Greece are right there. Forget the popular islands like Mykonos of Santorini and go for the less known islands like Naxos and Paros. More authentic and just as pretty.


The raw countryside has something magical. Scenic road trips along the cliff sides, the charming city Dublin, castles, Irish pubs and afternoon tea make it a trip to never forget. Ireland has to be on your bucket list for 2021.

ireland travel, travel in ireland, nature in ireland, mountains and fog

South Africa

Epic safaris, mesmerizing beaches, crystal clear water and the vibrant city of Cape Town. The wine region and penguin encounters make it a once in a lifetime experience. You won’t forget the amazing sunsets here.

south africa nature, view over landscape, scenic views


The Provence in France is a region with vine yards, lavender fields and historic and authentic villages to taste the local cuisine and dive into the local culture. Enjoy the country side or take a trip to the oceanside for an epic road trip along the ocean. I promise you that the views will be amazing. If you love a romantic city, Paris is always a good idea. Maybe not that authentic, but these authentic things to do in Paris make your trip much more special.

a view over the ocean and cliff in etretat in france, france travel, europe travel


This might not be on your list but hear me out. Ghana is launching a project called Beyond the Return in 2021. It is the follow up of the successful event “Year of Return” in 2019. Beyond the Return is a 10-year project which will have the theme of “a decade of African Renaissance – 2020-2030” and it will be built on 7 pillars.

travel in ghana, bridge in nature, ghana travel


This raw landscape is an adventurers and photographers dream. Iceland is known for the scenic drives, epic waterfalls, glaciers and the blue lagoon. Whenever you travel here, the chances of seeing other tourists is very small. If you want to feel like you’re the only one on the world – Iceland is where you need to go!


Tulum and other tropical places in Mexico are known for their tourism. The cenotes and the archaeological sites are by far one of the most impressive things to visit in Mexico. It is such a rich history that’s worth looking into!

mexico travel, colorful houses in mexico, mexico photography


It is becoming safer and safer to visit Colombia which makes it a perfect destination to visit in 2021 as the tourism isn’t booming yet. This makes for a great opportunity to discover the country in all quietness and find the hidden gems!


Honestly a destination that you need to visit at least once in your life. Do a road trip along Lake Garda, discover the mountains, the coastline or the small villages like Cinque Terre and Positano. There is so much to explore!

italy travel, countryside in italy, tuscany region in italy


Explore the incredible mosques, go on the most amazing hikes, sleep a night in the desert (talk about a special place!) and swim in the oasis wadi’s to complete your incredible special trip. Oman is a destination to see in 2021.

oman travel, view over the bay and rocks in oman


This destination is definitely for the adventurers who love to discover countries where not a lot of people have travelled yet. This African country is a true travel mystery and has incredible landscapes. Don’t let the high prices, the strict visas and the rough history scare you because Angola could grow into one of Africa’s most dazzling highlights.  

travel in angola, african destinations, travel the world

South Korea

The highlights in South Korea are truly countless. Visit the captivating capital city Seoul, do a street food tour, visit Busan, admire the cherry blossoms in the spring and explore the breath taking landscapes and views that this country has to offer.

south korea travel, scenic view over national park in south korea

New Zealand

If you want to travel to the other side of the world – New Zealand is your destination. Decide between the north and south island or, if you have the time, explore both of them. You’ll find the rawest nature here, from mountains to volcanos and incredible beaches. The nature lover will absolutely love it here.

view over the ocean and beach in new zealand, new zealand travel


This place is known for the crystal clear water, the true tropical and island vibes, island hopping and pastel colored houses. It is one of the world top diving destinations, offers plenty of museums and art galleries to fit everyone’s interests. Bermuda is a tiny island which makes it perfect to rent a bicycle and explore every inch!

bermuda travel, beach in bermuda, crystal clear water, tropical island


Indonesia offers the most amazing island and mainland to discover in 2021. Jakarta, Bali and Lombok are just a tiny selection of the incredible places to visit in Indonesia. Read my blogpost including 5 exotic islands to visit in Indonesia and create the perfect island hopping trip!

The Netherlands

My home country is known for the capital Amsterdam but there is so much more to explore in the Netherlands. Our small islands at the top called “de Wadden” are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, our tulip fields are a sight to not miss and our authentic and historical and modern city tell you every single bit of our history. Read my exciting blogpost about where to find wild flamingos in the Netherlands.

the netherlands travel, windmills in the netherlands during sunset

Costa Rica

Go into the jungle, spot wild animals, visit the rough and raw beaches, volcanos, wire bridges and hot springs. This is just a small selection of the many sight and activities to do when you’re in Costa Rica. It is a destination for the surf lovers and the yoga lovers. For the nature lovers and beach lovers. You need to have Costa Rica on your list.

costa rica travel, a mountain and volcano in costa rica during fog, nature view


Slovenia is one of Europe’s unknown countries. A country that’s not explored a lot. That’s a shame because Slovenia is one of the prettiest countries in Europe. It’s small, but offers an incredible amount of natural beauty, gorgeous cities like Ljubljana and the romantic Lake Bled for the couples.

view over lake and city in slovenia, slovenia travel, nature in slovenia


Explore historic cities like Pula and Dubrovnik, national parks like the Plitvice waterfalls, the island of Pag and get lost into the history and culture of Croatia. One trip isn’t going to cut it, but a road trip gets you pretty far.

croatia travel, travel in europa, city in croatia next to the ocean


Another country with epic natural beauty, amazing wildlife, kind people and a rich history. Ethiopia is a place where you can be 3000m above sea level or visit the lowest place of the entire African continent. It’s diversity makes it a country to visit at least once in your life.

travel in ethiopia, nature, view over nature and mountains in enthiopia


This is a true Mediterranean pearl. It’s a tiny country in the Balkan, on the opposite of Italy and next to Croatia and Bosnia. You’ll find breath taking beaches, raw mountains, historic villages, Lake Skadar and so much more. Definitely a must-visit country in Eastern Europe.

Do you love dreamy and fairytale like destinations? Read my blogpost with 15 fairy-tale villages around the world or dive into the 25 worldwide cities to visit next if you want to find more amazing destinations to explore. The world is ready for you!

Which one of these countries are you adding to your travel list for 2021? I’m definitely adding Montenegro and Iceland to my list. I’ve been planning to explore more of Europe for as long as I still live here, so I’m excited to visit every single country here!

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