10 Powerful Reasons To Travel The World

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The word wanderlust. The urge to travel the world. Everyone knows the meaning of this word. My own travel experiences taught me there’s nothing more exhilarating than exploring a new culture and destination. It showed me that life is so much more than life at home. It has shown me parts of the world that unexpectedly changed my life. These are the most inspiring reasons to travel the world!

I haven’t always felt like this in my life. A long time ago, travelling and leaving my familiar place would scare me. I was much rather at home in my safe place than out there in the world. However, this scary thought doesn’t have to hold you back. Travelling does not have to be scary. For me, it’s the thing that makes me feel most alive and the happiest version of myself.

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We only have one life to live. The world is out there, waiting to be explored and to teach you the most irreplaceable life lessons. There’s always the unknown in the future, whether you are at home or exploring the world. We are not guaranteed of a tomorrow. Life can be over in a second and we have to take control and live the life we want. Live life how you want. Feel most alive wherever you go.

10 Powerful reasons to travel the world

This blogpost is for you if you think travelling and diving into the unknown is scary or if you need reasons to travel the world and go out there and explore. I promise you. Once you do, it’s one of the best things in the world.

It creates a new perspective

When we’re home, it is so easy to get caught up in life and to stay in our own little bubble. I explained in my blogpost about why I love travelling how it taught me that my problems are not always as big as I think. Compared to what other people go through. It creates a fresh perspective.

Expand your horizon

Go outside of that little bubble and expand your horizon. There are millions of people to meet, cultures to meet and to learn million different ways of living. Give into the world of a million possibilities. There’s no “impossible” out there. The true gift of exploring new cultures teaches you why people live a certain way and how they cherish their loved ones and traditions.

You’ll make friends from all over the world

Travelling unifies people. It creates a bond because you share a passion together. Two travellers meeting each other askes for hours long conversations, laughs, funny stories and once again – life lessons. The fun of hearing other people’s stories – funny ones, silly ones and inspiring ones, will enhance your life in ways you can’t even imagine. It forms a connection.

You will see the most incredible things

Life is about making memories. I will hereby promise you 100% – travel is going to give you the best memories. You will see the most incredible things. Stunning waterfalls, mesmerizing views and the most incredible experiences. Create those memories and capture them on video or photo. You can never take too many photos or videos. I do recommend looking at this view for a few minutes before capturing it. Make sure you see it with your own eyes. Not through your camera lens!

Taste the world

The world has some amazing food out there. Every country has its own specialty and it is so much fun to try new food wherever you go. It’s all part of exploring the destination. Leave the pizza, pasta and other western food behind. Dive into the local cuisine. It’s much cheaper and tastes so good! If you fancy it, you can cook some of these recipes at home with these around the world recipes.

Feel alive

There’s no better way to feel alive than doing something that’s out of your comfort zone. To leave a familiar place behind and go on an adventurous trip. Hike that mountain and feel the fresh air on your face. Take in the incredible views. Let go of all the worries or expectations. And once you’re done with this trip, take all of this at home and try to feel the same at home. In the end, your own home country is a travel destination for others.

Learn to live in the moment

I always used to look ahead of time. Worry about the future. Thinking of the past. But never living in the moment. I was always ahead of time or in the past and that’s such a shame. We only have one moment to take control over and that’s now. Personally, travelling taught me to live in the moment. All those experiences I just mentioned. They will tell and learn you how to let go of the future and the past. There’s only now. You are completely in charge of every decision you make. You are there. You’re looking at the views and meeting the new people.

Dive into the languages

Another fun thing about travelling is learning the new language. I always try to learn at least a few words. I’m going to butcher it, for sure, but at least I am trying. When you learn to say hello, good bye, thank you, you’re welcome, and all those things: you show the locals that you have made an effort in looking into their culture and country. It’s such a humble feeling. As another plus, it’s so easy if you know a few words!

It grows your confidence

Travel teaches us the most valuable life lessons. From the experiences we’ve had, to the locals we met and the stories we heard. We grow as a person and not only create a more in-depth personality but we start to understand ourselves a lot better. Whenever you travel, there’s one person you can always rely on: that’s you. You’re the one taking control over your trip and life. You know you can always trust yourself and build on yourself. You will realise that you don’t need anyone else.

When you face challenges on the road and you get through them, it’s the upmost best and powerful feeling. You will adapt fast to new surroundings. Even if it feels scary in the beginning. You learn how to speak up for yourself. You will learn how capable you are of doing the things you love and going your own way. I fell in love with photography during my trip to Bali and I’m now working on becoming a professional photographer. It helped me combine my passion for writing with the passion for videography and photography to create the best stories. I wouldn’t have had this without my travel experiences.

If you needed any reason to travel – these are the reasons. You’ll learn incredible things while travelling. From experiences abroad, to the new best friends you’ll meet, your new favorite food and the boost in self-confidence. It might be daunting, challenging or somewhat scary at times but it is the greatest gift on earth to be able to travel and see the other side of the world with your own eyes.  

Save it to inspire later!

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