10 Exciting Spring Destinations To Visit

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Destinations experience the most tourists during the summer time. The other seasons during the year are less popular but equally as gorgeous as the summer time! The springtime is a perfect time to explore new destination. Flowers bloom, trees grow their leaves and the weather starts to get nicer and you will escape the crowds of tourists. I made a list of 10 exciting spring destinations for travel inspiration!

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Springtime is such a special season to travel. It’s like the world is coming back to life. Baby animals, flowers blooming and trees growing their leaves. It makes me incredibly happy to welcome the warmer days after the cold winter.

10 Exciting Spring Destinations To Visit in 2021

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I’m hoping we all can enjoy the spring abroad or enjoy our own country. Let’s not forget that our own country holds hidden gems as well. Definitely worthy to explore of travelling feels unwise or scary during the spring. We don’t have to go abroad to find gorgeous places. But if you are willing and able to, these are amazing destinations to visit in the spring. Either this year or the upcoming years.

Paris, France

Best time to visit Paris: March – May

Paris is an all-round destination but it definitely stands out in the spring. This magical city gets even more magical. It gets more romantic. More alive. Enjoy the parcs with dozens of flowers around you. Enjoy a good walk through the city while drinking your coffee because the spring can feel a bit chilly.

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New Zealand

Best time to visit New Zealand: March – May

The season on this side of the world are opposite of the seasons in, let’s say, Europe. Spring for us, is harvest time in New Zealand. Does this count as cheating? Harvest time in New Zealand gives you a nice temperature, beautiful landscapes and the best wine. This time of the year is thé time to enjoy the winery in New Zealand. Get amazed by the epic road trips, the views and the landscape.

Stockholm, Sweden

The best time to visit Stockholm: March – May

This pretty Swedish city has pleasant temperatures to explore the gorgeous old town. Stockholm has being called the Venice of the North for a while and that’s for good reason. The bridges, the canals and colorful houses make it a dream to explore Stockholm. Complete your trip with some true Swedish food and end the day in one of the many cool cafes to meet new people.  


springtime in tokyo, cherry blossoms in japan, spring in japan

Best time to visit Japan: March – May

The country to visit if you love cherry blossoms. Springtime is thé season of the cherry blossoms and you need to visit Japan during spring at least once. It is magical. To stand under cherry blossoms feels like you’re in your own fantasy world. It feels calming and made me really happy. Japan does the cherry blossoms justice with incredible architecture surrounding the cherry blossoms.

Bali, Indonesia

Best time to visit Bali: March

If you’re looking for the perfect time to visit Bali – March is your month. This is the beginning of the dry season of Bali. It’s relatively quiet with tourists. The Balinese new year called Galungan begins on March 12 and they celebrate the new year for an entire week. These festivities are a must to experience. Besides these festivities – don’t forget to enjoy the quiet and gorgeous beaches, to explore and get lost in the rice fields, climb the volcano, swim underneath a waterfall and experience the epic views on Nusa Penida.

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Marrakech, Morocco

a view over the colored houses in marrakech, travel in marrakech

Best time to visit Marrakech: February – April

The sights, the amazing cuisine and the incredible culture make Marrakech a popular destination. Morocco gives you places like the blue village Chefchaouen and the desert with incredible sunsets and sunrises. The picturesque towns, the small alley ways, the markets: it’s a magical place to be. The springtime is a good time to visit Marrakech ‘cause the summertime comes with very high temperatures.

London, the United Kingdom

Best time to visit London: March – May

The springtime brings Magnolia blossoms and cherry blossoms. If you love to see them, you need to head to West London. Plan out a wonderful walk through this part of London to see the magnolia trees in March and the cherry blossoms in April. Other areas to explore during the springtime are Earls Court, Kensington and West London where you’ll find the pastel colored houses. Greenwhich Park is another great place to spend part of your day.

The Netherlands

Best time to visit the Netherlands: March – May

My own home country is known for the tulip fields. For me, someone who has lived here for 24 years, the tulip feels still make me feel special. It’s one of the most gorgeous times to visit the Netherlands. Dozens of fields bloom amazing colorful tulips from March until May. If you ever visit the Netherlands, you need to go in spring. Our weather gets warmer, we have misty mornings, tulip fields and our landscape looks gorgeous.

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Santorini, Greece

Best time to visit Santorini: April – June

Santorini is a breath taking island. The bleach white houses, the famous sunsets, the blue domed churches and the pretty views make it an island to add to your travel list. Springtime is the time when the warmer weather comes back and the time to escape the crowds. Visit highlights like black sand beaches, wineries and the prehistoric ruins while enjoying the incredible food and meeting the lovely locals. Santorini has a lot to offer!

Valencia, Spain

Best time to visit Valencia: April – May

The Spanish city has a Mediterranean climate giving you mild and even warm temperatures in the springtime. Not only does this city have the best of both worlds – the modern side and the historic side. Springtime is a great time to visit Valencia because of the many festivities. The Holy week in mid-April, Fiesta de San Vicente Ferrer in April and Festive of Our Lady of the Forsaken in May. These festivities give you processions, gorgeous costumes and fireworks. This is the time to experience the Spanish culture in Valencia.

The springtime is always exciting to me. I’m ready to explore these destinations when the time is right. In my head, I’m already strolling through the streets of Valencia, swimming in the crystal blue ocean in Bali and exploring the markets in Marrakech.

Where do you see yourself travelling in the springtime?

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