Travel from Home: 12 Ways To Fulfil Your Travel Desire

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It has been a while since you’ve travelled like we used to. I’m sure you miss it as much as all the travellers who love and crave to travel the world. The fun of packing your bags, booking the ticket and the rush of the airports and train stations. The enjoyment of arriving in a new destination and exploring every single street and corner. This is how we can fulfil our travel cravings, let’s travel from home!

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Travel from Home: 12 Ways To Fulfil Your Travel Desire

how to travel from home is easy with these 12 ways to satisfy your travel cravings from home

Watch a travel movie or documentary

The time you spend at home is perfect to gain more knowledge about other parts of the world. Travel movies are good ones if you’re looking for a chilled evening with the additional travel inspiration. Travel documentaries are perfect to broaden your knowledge about sustainability, cultures, locals and to get a good dose of travel inspiration at the same time!

My all time favorite travel movie is Eat, Pray, Love and the travel documentary “A life on our planet” with David Attenborough is a must-see! Are you looking for more inspiration? Read my blogpost about travel films and documentaries to watch on Netflix to update your to-watch-list!

Cook around the world recipes at home

The best way to bring your favorite destination to your home is by cooking a local recipe. The local cuisine is one of the best things about travelling. It’s a special way to explore the culture more and to find your new favorite meal! If you’re a fan of cooking, this is a good way to travel from home. The smell and taste will directly transport you back to that place!

Google your favorite one and you’ll find loads of recipes! I wrote a blogpost with around the world recipes and it’s a good one to read if you need some inspiration!

Re-decorate your home

Why not create the up most best travel vibe into your own home? If you add items that remind you of your previous travels, it will add so much more to your home! Vintage shops have some great authentic pieces and there are a few online shops who sell local pieces as well. Travel prints on the wall are an amazing opportunity to display your favorite destinations in your home.

Personally, I have created a Bali vibe in my own home. The travel prints on the wall create the finishing touch!

Create a photo album

A photo album is a collection of countless memories. A photo says more than a thousand words. If you’re always taking photos while travelling, definitely consider creating a photo album and re-live all those travel memories. It’s such a good way to keep your photos somewhere safe and it’s so cool to look through the albums and see all the destinations you’ve visited before.

So how do you create a photo album or travel scrap book? I wrote a blogpost about how to create a photo album including 2 different ways to design them!

Listen to a travel podcast

It’s so calming to listen to a podcast on a walk, bike ride, in the car or while travelling by train and plane. There are a lot of podcasts out there and the travel podcasts are a good way to satisfy your travel cravings! Many podcasts are travel related too and share travel tips and travel stories.

I’m listening to the Zero to Travel podcast and the podcast from Flying the Nest! Other podcasts out there are Condé Nast Traveller Podcast where they share escape routes, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, Travel. Explore. Celebrate Life, and The Travel Diaries.

Discover new travel YouTube channels

Another great way to fulfil those travel cravings is by looking at travel diaries and travel vlogs on YouTube. This is thé place to travel with fellow travellers from home. If they do it well, it will feel like you’re right there with them! You can even explore the destination you’ve never been to or destinations you would visit very far in the future.

My all time favorite travel YouTube channel is Flying the Nest. They now have such a cute family with a little girl, but their vlogs from before the pandemic are just incredible. Amazing shots and such great story telling!

Read a Travel Book

the ultimate travel books to read for travel inspiration, english travel books, dutch travel books

Travel books are 1) great for getting more travel ideas and 2) to get more travel inspiration. Even the books with a lot of travel tips give so much travel excitement and travel inspiration. I have a lot of travel books all on different topics. My favorite one is Have a Happy Weekends and it shows all the city trips per season for every single weekend of the year! Such a great one if you work fulltime.

Lonely Planet has a huge variety of travel books and they’re all so much fun. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for more travel books! I highly recommend the Sustainable Escapes book because it shows you 180 unique and sustainable destinations in the world.

Plan a future trip

There’s something special to planning a future trip, even if you’re not booking yet. The rush of picking the destination. Are you going for a tropical place? An adventurous destination? Or are you longing for a nice city trip? After you’ve made that decision, you need to decide the exact country, the right city, the right island or the right region. Choosing the perfect hotel, the amount of days, planning your itinerary: even if you’re not booking yet – this is all very exciting.

Not sure how to plan your trip? Find out how to plan your dream trip and how to plan your itinerary to prepare yourself for the future trips!

Learn a new skill for travel

learn a new skill at home to use while travelling like photography

Who doesn’t love to learn a new skill? There’s so much to learn that’s related to travelling! Do a cooking class, learn a new language or do a photography/videography course so you can take the most gorgeous photos on your next trip. It’s so nice to learn a new skill and expand your knowledge. Especially if you can combine it with the passion for travelling.

Duolingo is thé app to learn a new language! It’s super easy and so much fun. And as many language courses are really expensive because of personal classes – Duolingo is free!

Travel themed subscription service

This is perfect to get your favorite destination inside your home. A travel themed subscription service is a nice way to receive beauty items, local products and food. My favorite ones are subscription boxes – there are MANY boxes out there focused on beach life, the adventurer and so much more.

The best website to find subscription boxes is Cratejoy! This website has non-travel related subscription boxes as well. Such a treat.

Go camping in your backyard

Spring is here, temperatures are rising and the sun is showing her face more often. If you have a backyard or a bigger balcony, go camping! As kids, many of us have camped in our backyard so why can’t we do it now that we are older? Get your adventure spirit, set up a tent, lights, download some Netflix movies and cozy up! The real perk here is that you have your own bathroom in just a few walking steps. No toilet roll on the go. Another fun thing to do is having a picnic in the backyard when the sun’s out! This is great for a smaller balcony as well.

I highly recommend to give Pinterest a visit to find inspiration about camping in your backyard. As always, Pinterest has DIYs and the best ideas about almost every single topic.

Do a guided virtual tour

If you’re really in need of a true travel experience – book a guided virtual tour! Many tourist offices have introduced this way of guiding when all the boarders were closed. Explore the city and destinations of your dreams from your own couch at home. It even inspires you to visit the destination in the future and you’ll know exactly where to go!

What’s your next at home travel activity going to be?

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