The 10 Cheapest Countries in Europe To Visit!

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Europe has dozens of countries to visit. These are the 10 perfect and cheapest countries in Europe to visit if you are looking for a budget trip to Europe. You’re going to be surprised which countries actually made it to this list!

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the cheapest countries in europe to visit, budget travel in europe, wester europe, eastern europe

As someone who lives in Europe, I sometimes forget how incredibly big Europe is and how many countries you can visit in this continent. In general, Eastern Europe has the cheapest countries in Europe but Western Europe has a few too.

This blogpost is meant as future travel inspiration for when it’s safe to travel again. Please follow the measures taken by your government during COVID-19 and stay safe.

The 10 Cheapest Countries in Europe To Visit!


Montenegro is one of the prettiest places in the world to visit. Montenegro is located on the Adriatic Coast and the place Kotor has amazing picturesque views of the turquoise bay of the Adriatic Coast and it has a view on the medieval architecture of Montenegro! Besides Kotor, the cities Budva and Podgorica are also amazing cities to visit.

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Portugal is a bit more expensive compared to the countries in Eastern Europe, but it is definitely one of the most cheapest countries in Western Europe to visit. The Portugese island Madeira is also a perfect destination if you’re looking for a budget holiday. The Algarve is perfect to soak up the gorgeous coast line, or if you love surfing. Places like Sintra are close to the capital Lisbon too.


a view over the landscape in lithuania

The cool thing about Lithuania is the diversity of the country. It has incredible cities such as the capitol Vilnius and Palanga. This country also has an amazing country side including some gorgeous castles and if you’re like me – you love castles A LOT.

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I feel like Greece is very divers when it comes to budget. The more popular islands like Santorini or Mykonos are more expensive than the less popular islands like Rhodes or Athene on the main island. The important things if you want to have a budget holiday are to avoid the all inclusive hotels and book your flights and hotel separately. It’s also much cheaper if you go with a less-gorgeous view, so don’t choose the ocean view for example!


Turkey is such a nice country to visit and there’s so much to visit from Istanbul to Cappadocia. You can make this as inexpensive or as expensive as you want. This one is definitely perfect for this list of cheapest countries in Europe, especially the city Istanbul has cheap options for your dinner, nightlife and cultural excursions!

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gorgeous ocean in croatia, budget travel in europe, cheapest countries in europe to visit

Croatia is such a nice country on this list of cheapest countries in Europe: it’s located on the Adriatic Coast which gives the water an amazing turquoise color, it has gorgeous beaches and water sport life. Not to mention the incredible cities like Dubrovnik and Split ánd the rural side including the Plitvice Lakes. There’s so much to see here and it’s a perfect destination for a road trip.

Czech Republic

the czech republic in europe, budget travel in europe

The Czech Republic is a place full with history, castles and amazing architecture to admire. Prague is really one of the most inexpensive cities in Europe so that one is perfect to visit but the places outside of Prague are even more inexpensive!

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Hungary is such a popular destination for European travellers because it’s gorgeous, the cities are amazing and it is very cheap. The history and the architecture in this country is incredible as well. Definitely don’t miss this one if you want to visit the cheapest countries in Europe because this one has to be on your list! Budapest is a very nice city to explore but definitely look outside of Budapest too. This country is gorgeous so it would be a shame to just limit your trip to Budapest.


city n ukraine, budget travel in ukraine

The picture above is Lviv in Ukraine and perhaps this picture already made you think about visiting Ukraine on your next trip. Ukraine might not be the first European country you think of. Please completely plan out your route in Ukraine before going, because there are a few places not safe for travelling. Others places are fine, but make sure to avoid the unsafe places. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty and budget proof European country to visit.

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Last but not least: Romania! The capitol city Bucharest is perfect for your trip and the outside villages like Bran are nice to visit too. This country also has a lot of castles to see and I definitely recommend doing a road trip through this country if you have the opportunity to do so.

These are the 10 cheapest countries in Europe to visit in the future. Absolutely perfect if you want a budget trip – as we all love to save some money while travelling! I love the diversity in these countries and the ones in Eastern Europe are close together. You can do these during a road trip but it’s also a great plan to take the train or any other form of public transportation.

Which one of the cheapest countries in Europe is your favorite? I would absolutely love to visit Romania and do a road trip in Croatia!



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the cheapest countries in europe to visit, budget travel in europe, wester europe, eastern europe


    1. So glad you loved The Balkans! What’s the one thing to do if you visit The Balkans?

  1. This is such an inspiring post! I looooove Prague, and Romania is at the top of my travel bucket list. Your photos are absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to visit all these wonderful countries 😍

  2. Thanks for many more additions to my ever growing list! Being from the States, I forget how some countries are so close together and one could really see many of the Eastern European countries in one trip.

    1. Haha girl I’m with you on the ever growing list. I can totally imagine why you would forget that tho! Europe is perfect if you want to travel by train or do a road trip. 🙂

  3. i love this list, I honestly thought some of these countries were expensive but turns out I can travel for pretty cheap there!

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