25 Incredible Cities To Visit At Least Once In Your Life

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Today I’m sharing the 25 cities you need to see at least once in your life! These 25 cities to visit are located in Europe, in France, in Spain, in Portugal, in Belgium, in Germany, in Italy, in the USA, in Asia, in Oceania and everywhere else on the world. Get your wanderlust ready ‘cause your bucket list will grow so much during this blogpost!

I shared a blogpost with travel books to read and I wrote about a travel book related to weekend trips. A city trip is absolutely perfect to do during a weekend – it’s the easiest way to travel if you are working a full-time job or if you’re still studying! The book I mentioned is the “Happy Weekend” and you can buy it here on Amazon!

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25 Cities To Visit At Least Once In Your Life

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the perfect combination between city life and beach life. Get the cable care up to Mount Montjuïc to enjoy the parc, amazing views and music while having a picknick. Relax on the beach after you’ve had a wander around Gothic Quarter!

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is such a vibe since the last few years and I’m so down for it. It’s an amazing place to enjoy surfing, enjoy a more chilled lifestyle, go on hikes and explore the downtown area.

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Paris, France

I would seriously consider moving here after I’m done with university (hopefully in two months!). This is my favorite city ‘cause it’s so diverse, the architecture is gorgeous and it is a perfect city to wander around. The metro system is great so it is easy to get around. I love having a picknick next to the Seine and enjoy the late evening summer sun at night watching the Eiffel tower until it begins to sparkle.

Salzburg, Austria

Austria on itself is already a destination to have on your bucket list. I actually almost moved here when I was a child! Salzburg is a bigger city in Austria full with incredible architecture and streets to wander around.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

They used to call Buenos Aires, Paris of the south! It has fancy restaurants, cool bars and fun cafés. It’s a fascinating city with unique character and a bunch of things to do. This is definitely of the cities to have on your bucket list.

Florence, Italy

Florence really feels like one of the cities to visit if you want to spend time in a gorgeous city with nature around it. The region Tuscany is beautiful! Florence has many historic aspects to see, art to admire and amazing food to try.

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Dubai, UAE

Well hello to this amazing city! This one is definitely a must-visit. It has to be on your list of cities to visit. The skyscrapers, the islands looking like a palm tree, the beaches and the city life is perfect for a long visit. You won’t get bored easily here. It is a perfect destination if you want to escape the winter and enjoy the sun.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is not only a backpackers dream but it is one of the stops to make if you are visiting Australia, no matter what type of traveller you are. Even if it is just for a small visit. Bondi Beach is amazing (surely I’m not the only one who was addicted to Bondi Rescue) and the opera house is something to visit as well.

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New York City, USA

I cannot make a list of cities to visit without having New York City on it. This might be one of the top cities to visit on my personal list, along with Sydney. It is a magical place if you’ve never been here before and only watched Gossip Girl. I need to visit NYC one day and I am already excited to enjoy the views, walk around Central Park without getting lost and enjoy the busy streets.

Berlin, Germany

berlin in germany, capital city, view over river and city, travel inspiration

Germany really has amazing cities to visit and Berlin is definitely one of those. It is the capital of Germany with incredible buildings to visit along with enjoying the nice city vibes. Perfect to have a coffee in a café surrounded by those buildings.

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Shanghai, China

shanghai city in china, view over city during sunset

Shanghai has it all, basically. It’s a great city to go shopping, be amazed of the skyscrapers, wander through the Chinese gardens, go on a bike ride through the France Concession and enjoy every single moment in Shanghai!

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is so different compared to the other cities to visit on this list. It’s older, it’s full with culture and history and there are amazing temples to visit. Cambodia in general is already a great destination to have on your list.

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Bruges, Belgium

bruges in belgium, city in europe, europe travel, houses next to the river

As a Dutchie, Bruges is so close and easy to visit but I have never been here! If you go here, you have the try Belgium waffles and Belgium fries. But above all, enjoy the pretty streets and amazing houses. I heard from others that Bruges has an amazing vibe.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is one of the most popular cities to visit in Vietnam. They say Hanoi is an archeologic masterpiece. The old town has the famous rail way going through the market, unfortunately – you’re not allowed to visit this part as a tourist without a guide. The markets, shopping streets and the French style from years ago are great to visit and see.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is a very colorful metropole, known for amazing beaches, the statue of Cristo Redentor, the festive carnival season and incredible views. There is so much to see here in neighborhoods like Lapa and the beaches Copacabana and Ipanema.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Enjoy the Moroccan markets, search for treasures to take home and visit the desert to get the ultimate Marrakesh experience. The streets are colorful and every corner needs to be photographed!

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Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is a fairly new destination to visit and hasn’t yet been discovered by lots of tourists which is nice. So if you love cities that aren’t so busy as other popular ones, this is where you need to go. The city is very pretty and definitely worthy of a visit!

Prague, Czech Republic

prague in the czech republic, view during sunset over the city, 25 cities to visit worldwide

Prague is one the most popular cities to visit in Eastern Europe. It’s known to be one of the prettiest cities in the world. The old vibes in this town are interesting to explore and there’s so much history to this place as well.

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St. Petersburg, Russia

saint petersburg in russia, colorful building

Russia always has those magnificent buildings with amazing architecture and colors. It’s no different in Saint Petersburg! Definitely visit this city if it isn’t winter, unless you really love the cold. Such an unique destination to visit on your next trip.

Beijing, China

beijing city in china, skyscrapers and skyline view

Back to China! Beijing is the capital of China and is also known as Peking. It’s close to the Chinese Wall and I highly recommended visiting the Chinese Wall very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon. You don’t want to go here during the day because it’s so busy. Besides the Great Wall, there are markets, Chinese gardens and so much more things to discover in the city Beijing.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

If you thought I forgot about Scandinavia, you’re wrong! Scandinavia has to be on this list because these cities to visit are gorgeous. So many of them have a colorful look and so does Copenhagen in Denmark!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the city known for the little trams riding through the city and who hasn’t made a picture with them? I feel like that’s almost the number one thing to do if you’re in Lisbon haha! Definitely enjoy the cable car here with amazing views and Portugal has incredible food to try out as well.

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London, UK

London is such a well-known city and I feel like I don’t need to mention a lot about it. Try to visit the different neighborhoods to get a vibe of the city outside of the centre. Vintage shopping is a must-do here!

Rome, Italy

Beautiful Rome is a pearl in terms of historic buildings and story lines. The sunset over the Colosseum, the Italian ice cream in the city and the small streets to wander around make it a perfect city to have on your list of cities to visit.

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Istanbul, Turkey

istanbul in turkey, located in asia en europe, travel inspiration, 25 cities to visit

Last but certainly not least – Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul is located in Europe AND Asia which is so cool. It gives you the ultimate experience to experience two different cultures in one city. The art on the buildings, the history of places like the Byzantine Empire and the cosy streets are just a few highlights of this pretty city! It’s an absolute pearl on this list of cities to visit.

These are all magnificent cities to visit once in your life. Whether that’s at the end of this year, next year, in 5 years or in 10 years. Write them down on your list and see when you can visit this. The book I mentioned before is perfect to use as a guide as well since it tells you exactly when to visit a destination! You can buy the book  “Happy Weekend” on Amazon or in your local bookstores. Those bookstores can really use your help as well.

Like I said at the beginning of this blogpost – travelling is totally restricted right now so you won’t be able to book any trip soon. However, I do hope this gave you travel inspiration for the future and hopefully got your mind of things if you’re feeling anxious. You’re not alone in all of this and I’d be happy to chat with you on social media!

What are your favorite cities to visit from this list? I’d love to know! Mine are definitely Sydney, Siem Reap and Copenhagen.



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the 25 incredible cities to visit worldwide from france, to italy, spain, united states, europe, asia, africa, oceania and south america
the 25 incredible cities to visit worldwide from france, to italy, spain, united states, europe, asia, africa, oceania and south america


  1. Oh, I miss New York City so much! I can’t wait to go back. Also loved Instanbul, Berlin and Barcelona a lot. The cities on my travel bucket list are Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Rome and Lisbon!

    1. I hope you can go back to NYC soon girl ❤️ Totally see why those cities are on your bucket list!

    1. So cool you’re from Sydney, I’d sooo love to go there one day! And happy it brought you back to your Europe travel days. ❤️

  2. These photos are giving me serious wanderlust. I just want to go back to Italy now and explore more of Spain.

    1. I totally get you! Let’s cross our fingers and hope we are able to go back some time soon. 😍

  3. I love how varied this list is. I think my favourite cities are the ones that mix the ancient with the new to retain their own culture and character.

    I have to admit, I am not much of a city person (I visit them on my way out to the countryside for hikes!) but I have been to quite a few of these and I love all your choices.

    1. Ah you’re right, a mix between ancient with the new sounds perfectly! So happy you liked my choices and I totally get that cities aren’t your favorite thing if you love the countryside for hikes. 😀

  4. Two of my favorite countries and cities are on this list, and Ive lived in both! Completely agree with you with this whole list. Looks like I have a lot of exploring left to do!

  5. So many of these places I’ve visited and so many are on my list! So many amazing places around the world!

    1. I have not, but family members have! They say it’s a perfect destination to visit during winter 🙂

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