4 Gorgeous Islands in Greece To Visit Right Now!

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Greece is a magical place to visit. The islands in Greece are perfect to visit if you love tropical islands, crystal blue water, cute villages and amazing food to try. I’m planning a trip to Greece this summer! These are the 4 islands in Greece to visit now!

Greece is a well-known place for a vacation and it’s perfect for island hopping as well. The ferry’s between the island are ideal for island hopping. Stay on an island for a few days and hop onto another island after this. The sunsets on the ferry is supposed to be amazing and it’s a pretty budget way of travelling as well. Most of these are only a few euros per one way trip.

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Islands in Greece: Zakynthos

This is an island that’s known for the shipwreck on the beach. Beside this, the island is also known for the sea turtles in the ocean and the gorgeous views! It’s a fairly small island perfect to rent a car and explore. The national parc is a must visit as well.

If you want to enjoy the water life more than just snorkelling, you can do a tour into the caves of Zakynthos as well. Don’t forget to visit Olympia too! This is an old town full with history from the ancient times. The day trip to Kefalonia is incredible to enjoy the island just a little bit more.  

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Islands in Greece: Santorini

Now I’m sure everyone knows Santorini. This gorgeous island is known for the amazing views, the location on the cliff and the white/blue houses perfect for pictures. This is also a very popular island which means you will find a lot of tourists. Nevertheless, if you come here outside of the peak season – it’s still worth to visit this island. Even if you come in the peak season and you don’t mind the crowds – definitely stay a few nights in Santorini.

If you do want to escape the crowds, a boat trip is perfect! Enjoy the nice water, the sun and the view over Santorini from the water.

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Islands in Greece: Paros

Paros is a perfect island to visit from Athens. Book a flight to Athens, grab a taxi to the harbour and buy your ferry ticket to Paros! It’s easy, fun and not that expensive either. It’s more expensive to fly to other islands around Paros and take the ferry from there. So if you want to save money: fly to Athens and take the ferry!

Paros is perfect to walk around and enjoy the street, houses and food. It’s way less crowded which makes it a good destination to wind down. This is also a good place to go on a sailing trip but I would think it’s just perfect to spend time on the island.

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Islands in Greece: Naxos

Naxos is a perfect addition to your Athens – Paros trip! You can take the ferry to Naxos and this island feels pretty similar to Paros. Less crowded, gorgeous water and so much to explore on the island too!

The old town is nice to explore, such as the historic places on the island. Kastro, Portara, Kouros of Apollonas and the many beaches on this island as well. It’s perfect to have a combination of history and the island life all together.

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The islands in Greece are absolutely incredible and every island has their own special thing. These 4 islands in Greece are the ones on my list and the ones where I’m planning a trip to but Rhodes and Crete are also amazing to visit.

I would definitely recommend to either rent a car, a scooter or possible a RTV to explore the islands. That’s so much easier than grabbing a taxi every time and most of the islands are a little less walkable. The centre is always good to walk around but if you want to visit the mountains or the rural side of the island – it is so much more fun to have control over where you go and how long you will stay there to explore the area!

Which Greece island is your favorite?



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  1. I love that you have Paros on here! My parents met there and I got to go there when I was four! Also love Zakynthos – my friend was telling me about it the other day!

    1. That’s soooo cute! I love those stories. That place holds special memories for you all 🙂

  2. Love this! I have always heard Santorini is great but haven’t heard much about the other 3… Untill now! You really sell all four islands to be brilliant a must visit!

    1. That’s so nice to read! I’m so happy I’ve made you enthusiastic about the other 3 islands as well. 😀 Thank you so much!

  3. All of these islands looks really amazing and I like that you are not talking just about the ones that are well known. I would like to try something else then Santorini

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