5 Exotic Indonesian Islands To Visit

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Let’s talk about all the pretty islands Indonesia has. The ones you can use when you go island hopping. When you don’t want to spend all your days on one specific island. Or maybe you do want to completely discover an entire islands. It’s all possible on these 5 Indonesian islands to visit next!

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It’s no secret that I love islands. I’ve written about them before and they are always so much fun to discover. Especially when you have the chance to go island hopping and discover multiple islands at once. It’s always fairly easy to do this – just book a flight and you go. Perhaps you might like to take the boat and enjoy the slow travelling a little more! I don’t know how many islands Indonesia has, but there are more than 17.000 islands. That’s crazy!

Indonesian islands to visit | The Raja Ampat Islands

These 600 (!) islands are located in the Papua area of Indonesia. If you ever wondered how many Indonesian islands there are, you can already start counting from 600. The most popular knows are Waigeo, Misoo, Bantanta and Salawati. It’s the perfect destination for snorkelling, scuba diving and bird watching since these islands are known for the biodiversity. The locals are very open to tourists and you can live with the locals and learn some of the special skills they have.

Read more about the best spots in Bali to take pictures in the blog “The 6 Most Instagrammable Places in Bali”.

Find your accommodation on Raja Ampat.

Indonesian islands to visit | The Gili islands

These three islands called the Gili islands are located off the coast of Lombok. The most popular one is Gili Trawagan, more known as Gili T. It’s easy to travel from Bali with the boat and from Lombok as well. The largest island is Gili T. and even though it’s the biggest one – you can still explore the island by bike which takes you around 3-4 hours. I mentioned this before, but it’s so cool to explore by bike. You obviously go a lot slower than with a scooter or car and you’re able to appreciate the surroundings before. There’s enough time to look around and not miss a single detail from the places around you!

Are you looking for an European trip where you can go island hopping? Read more about “5 Amazing South European Islands To Visit” and trust me – these islands are just as gorgeous!

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Indonesian islands to visit | Flores

Flores is part of the Lesser Sunda islands and is known of the unbelievable scenic beauty. There’s so much to do on this island if you love nature. Going on hikes, enjoy the lakes and the views. In addition, Flores island is the perfect spot to take the boat to Komodo Island. If you stay on Flores island for a little longer, the natural crater lakes on Mount Kelimutu are a must-see. This land has an orange color due to the volcanic gas and makes the scenery even more gorgeous! I’d say to stay a day or two on this island before moving on to the Komodo Island.

Plastic pollution is a huge issue on most of these islands. Read my blog 11 Easy Tips To Reduce Plastic While Travelling to minimize your own use of plastic.

Here you’ll find the best hotels for your stay on Flores.

Indonesian islands to visit | Lombok

I just mentioned the islands off the coast of Lombok, but you really can’t miss Lombok. It’s the more quiet island compared to Bali but has the same or even more gorgeous spots. There is seriously so much to do here. Climb volcanos, mountains, explore the beaches and the different forests, historic cities and of course – temples. To be honest, the activities on this island are similar to the activities on Bali but this island is less crowded. So if you love to escape from the crowds, Lombok is still a good island to visit. It’s growing in popularity and people usually combine Bali and Lombok together.


These islands are perfect to get active and try some surfing. No worries, I’m a fellow surfing newbie too and completely made a fool of myself on Bali. At least I enjoyed the crowds watching from the beach. Read my blog “How To NOT Look Funny During Your First Surfing Lesson” to prevent yourself from making the same mistakes that I made. My last tip especially is a “life saver”. When I stopped doing this, I immediately got so much better.

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Indonesian islands to visit | Bali

Going straight from Lombok to Bali. Obviously, can’t miss this one in this list of Indonesian islands to visit. I’m sure you have all seen the pictures from Bali. Don’t be scared about the crowds on Bali. Sure, it is busy at popular places but you simply don’t have to visit all these popular spots. In my blog posts “5 Special Things To Do in Bali” I highlighted authentic places that show the beauty of Bali and escape the crowds. It’s still possible to discover the raw places on this land!

Do you have a trip planned to Bali? It’s most likely a complete different culture compared to your own. Read this blog post about “Important Bali Etiquettes To Follow During Your Trip” and be prepared. This one highlights important cultural traditions and make sure you will not accidentally shame their culture!

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It’s nice if you make a map to display all the Indonesian islands to visit on your next trip. You’ll have the perfect overview to plan your trip!

There are so many islands of Indonesia to explore. You’ll need weeks and even months to discover most of them. That’s what makes it so much fun. If you’re in for an adventure and discover raw places – there’s so much to see on the different Indonesian islands.

Which island on this list of Indonesian islands to visit is high on your own list?



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  1. I’ve been to Bali and Gili Air in December and totally fell in love with everything. I was a bit afraid that Bali will be let down but it was so wonderful, despite the occasional crowds. Others are on my list to visit next time, since I am definitely not done with Indonesia.

    1. I definitely agree! It’s always possible to be dissapointed about a destination when it’s being hyped up so much. So happy that wasn’t the case with you (or me btw) and you still had an amazing time 😀

    1. Yay, happy you pinned this one for the future! I definitely haven’t visited all of them either, but would love to in the future. 😀

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