5 Last Minute Romantic Trips and Weekend Get-Aways

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Valentine’s Day might be the most romantic day of the year. For all you love birds under us, it’s an extra excuse to enjoy each other’s company just a little bit more. Surprise each other with gifts and chocolate. However, what about romantic trips and a get-away for Valentine’s Day? A little romantic last minute trip to book right now!

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For some clarification – there’s one destination missing on this list and that’s because it is so, so obvious to visit this city during Valentine’s Day. It’s Paris – the city of love. But I guessed you all already know this and are looking for other romantic trips that don’t include Paris!

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the islands mykonos, greece and paros in greece are perfect for romantic trips and get-aways, boat on the ocean with blue sky

Hell yes to the romantic trips to Greece. Whether you decide to go to Paros, Santorini or Mykonos – this is a great destination for a last minute trip for Valentine’s Day. The lovely weather, the Greece lifestyle and villages and the beaches. Watching the sunset and sunrise over the ocean while enjoying a drink might be one of the most romantic things to do!

Book your trip to Santorini!

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the cities porto, lisbon and sante cruz are amazing to visit on romantic trips, castle in lisbon near the sea

Portugal may not be the first destination that pops up in your head when you think about romantic trips but don’t be mistaken. Lisbon, Porto and Santa Cruz are gorgeous and can be romantic as well. Especially Lisbon and Porto with the small streets, the tram in Lisbon and the location beside the ocean. Romantic trips to Portugal are upcoming and I can definitely see why!

Book your trip to Lisbon or Porto!

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The Balkans

croatia in the balkens is full of history and amazing architecture to visit on romantic trips and romantic get-aways, visit dubrovnik and split or ljublana and budapest

I decided to take the entire Balkans for these romantic trips because there are so many amazing cities and places to visit for Valentine’s Day. Look at Budapest, Ljubljana and Croatia. This is another not-so-standard place to visit on your romantic trip and that makes it even more fun. The historical architecture of Budapest is so romantic, the strolls next to the sea in Croatia are amazing during sunset and the nature and amazing buildings in Ljubljana make you discover a whole new world.

Book your trip to Budapest, Croatia or Ljubljana!

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morocco is a romantic destinations, visit marrakesh/marrakech and enjoy the city and small streets with markets

The desert, the markets in Marrakech and the amazing food in Morocco make this a perfect destination for any upcoming romantic trips. The hotels are so romantic with the squares in the middle of the hotel. The guided walking tours through Marrakech can also be done on your own if you download a specific route to walk!

Book your trip to Marrakech!

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italy is a great place to visit on romantic trips, especially the cities verona, rome, cinque terre and venice

Now onto the queen or king of the romantic trips – Italy. I’m pretty sure all cities in Italy are an amazing place for your last minute Valentine’s Day get-away. Venice is a very romantic city to visit but it is going to be very busy. Other cities and places like Verona, Milan, Cinque Terre and Rome are great to visit as well. Enjoy the strolls around these cities, the views, the amazing food (let’s be honest –  mostly the pizza’s, pasta’s and ice cream) and the architectures of these cities are a perfect fit for romantic trips.

Book your trip to Milan, Verona or Rome!

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You really can’t go wrong with any of these destinations. They are all so romantic. What’s more fun then going somewhere with just the two of you and enjoy your time together. Away from the daily life, away from your phone (maybe?) and live in the moment. It’s a little early – but happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there. And for the single ones like me, we can enjoy this day with lots of chocolate and Netflix as well! I’m going to watch a very extreme cliché romantic movie and I’m not ashamed to say that I absolutely love those movies.



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the best last minute romantic trips and romantic weekend get-aways for valentines day, greece, italy, portugal, morocco and the balkens
the best last minute romantic trips and romantic weekend get-aways for valentines day, greece, italy, portugal, morocco and the balkens

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