This Bali Travel Experience Completely Changed My Life!

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I stepped out of the airplane and immediately fell in love. This island has been on the top of my travel bucket list for so long and I’m finally here. My Bali travel experience completely changed my life and this travel experience shaped my business.

Let’s have a fun chat about travel experiences. I want to share mine in this blogpost, the one travel experience changing my life forever. A personal blogpost, hopefully triggering your wanderlust and excitement to go out and explore in the future.

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I feel like we all have or will have a life-changing travel experience. Something we see or a situation making us think about our life, our perspective on different factors or just about how we travel. Travel is another perfect way of getting to know ourselves much better. Especially if you’re solo travelling or feel like you’re on your own in some situations! Read more about Bali in my Bali archives.

My Bali Travel Experience

the elephant temple in ubud, bali experiences in indonesia

I’m sure I shared a bit about this travel experience before. It is the moment when I really fell in love with travel. I decided to let go of my comfort zone during this trip. And I started thinking about my own way of travelling and how I can be a better traveller. I realized how well I can travel on my own and create personal memorable experiences without anyone else. I wrote a blogpost about the Bali diaries and it highlights a few memorable moments from my trip!

I stepped out of the airplane in Bali airport and immediately felt overwhelmed by alllll the taxi drivers waiting for you at the exit of the airport. It was my first time in Asia and I needed to get used to it, I needed to get used to the heat. It was an unforgettable moment. I flew from Singapore to Bali and saw the gorgeous island emerging out of the ocean. It was finally time – arriving on Bali! I stepped into a bus on my way to the first hotel in between Kuta and Changgu. 

The first sunrise in Bali was absolutely magical. I had dinner on the beach during sunset and honestly, the sunsets in Bali are the best ones I have seen! It made me appreciate sunsets so much more. Ever since, I love driving to the beach and admire the sunset.

I also realized how much I dislike places with mass tourism. The first week of the trip was in Kuta, for my research since it was a study trip, and I hated it. The beaches were pretty and Kuta Beach is definitely a good beach to start with your first surfing lessons. It’s just way to western for my liking, the complete shopping mall with western stores are just a no-go for me. That’s not what I’m looking for when I travel to another country. I have a Zara and a H&M in my own city at home too.

It was an absolute relieve to move out of Kuta and travel to Uluwatu. Honestly, this is my favorite spot on Bali. The beaches are perfect, the sunsets are incredible and the views are awesome. It’s definitely less crowded and it has a more island vibe to it with local restaurants and stores. I felt way more at home in Uluwatu and wish to travel back in the future.

Ubud was the moment where I realized I need to travel differently. It opened my eyes. I loved talking to the taxi drivers and get to know their life a little bit, see how they live and just completely dive into their lifestyle. I hated to see how other tourists were just neglecting the locals in the rice fields and be really selfish. This is the moment where I decided to broaden my knowledge about responsible travel and to travel differently. This 3-day Ubud guide is perfect for your next trip to Ubud.

I started my blog two months before travelling to Bali and I honestly love to have this experience. It lead me to having my specific travel niche. It changed me life in a new travel perspective, I value my own country so much more and it definitely shaped my business in such a positive way! Bali is the first trip I think about almost daily.

Now let’s start a conversation in the comments! What’s your most valuable travel experience?



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life-changing travel experiences, personal story, bali travel experience
life-changing travel experiences, personal story, bali travel experience


  1. Sounds like Bali was magical for you. I found Ubud to an attitude changer for me as well, also quite a bit about understanding others. We were not on Bali long enough, and I will return one day to explore, although probably will skip Kuta.

    1. It was SO magical. I would definitely recommend you to skip Kuta if you go back one day. There are much better places to explore!

  2. I always find it slightly bizarre when people travel to a new place, just to visit the same shops and eat the same food that they can at home. I mean, it’s fair enough if that is what makes some folks happy…but it has never been my style.

    Still, it is always harder to make genuine connections with locals if you are passing through. I guess you have to live somewhere for a while to really get to learn about the culture and be involved in a new community.

    1. Absolutely agree! Everyone is entitled to do what they like while travelling of course, but it’s such a missed opportunity to do those things. It is difficult to really connect with a local, but take the time to speak to the ones you cross on the street. Every conversation brings you one step closer! Slow travelling is perfect to make a genuine connection: stay longer at one specific destination!

  3. The water in Bali looks like a dream! We agree that when you envision an island retreat sometimes the hustle and bustle can be off putting. Thank you for the heads up so we are not overwhelmed when we do get over to Bali to explore 🙂

    1. It’s the most clear water I have ever seen. The hustle and bustle is definitely something to keep in mind but it’s fine as long as you’re prepared. 🙂

  4. Bali is near the top of my travel bucket list! I’m glad you were able to have such a great experience there (+ yayyy for less crowds)!

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