10 Amazing Dream Destinations in Europe

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We sometimes forget to admire the beauty around us when we’re so focussed on travelling and exploring the world. I’m from Europe and I sometimes forget that Europe has many beautiful destinations. Most of the time I’m looking at dream destinations outside of Europe, like the Maldives or Australia. I have collected ten dream destinations in Europe to visit in 2020 and I can’t wait to go out there and explore them.

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1. Trolltunga and the fjords, Norway

trolltunga and fjords in norway to visit on your next trip in europe, destinations in europe to visit next, view, norway, mountains

The first pn this list of destinations in Europe to visit came to my mind when I saw a movie from Norway. Ever since I saw the movie “the Wave”, I can’t stop thinking about visiting Norway. The fjords look incredible and one of the most famous touristic and photographed places is in Norway: Trolltunga. The cliff is about 700 metres above the “Ringedalsvatnet”. The hike up to Trolltunga is between 23 and 27 kilometres long with a climb of 900 metres.

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2. Cinque Terre, Italy.

dream destinations in europe to visit next, cinque terre in italy, houses on mountain and blue sky

Everyone knows this place and has seen the beautiful pictures of the colourful villages. It’s one of the most visited places in Italy, and I can’t blame the tourists. It looks amazing. Cinque Terre has five villages.

Riomaggiore is the most south village of Cinque Terre and it has a small harbour. The many stairs will lead you to an amazing view, and it’s even possible to climb even higher to get to the most amazing view where you can take awesome pictures. I can’t wait to visit this place with my camera!

Monterosse al Mare is the most north village of Cinque Terre. The village wasn’t build as high on the mountain as the others, so it’s even possible to visit the beach of the village.

Corniglia was built higher up the mountain and you can either choose to climb the cliff if you’re in for an adventure and a work out of you can take the train. The sea view is supposed to be amazing.

Vernazza is the most colourful village of Cinque Terre. This was once the richest village of all villages in Cinque Terre and it shows in the architecture.

Manarola is the smallest and oldest village of Cinque Terre. The surroundings are full of vineyards so it’s the best place to drink a class of wine and enjoy the best views of the surroundings! The sunset looks amazing as well.

Something to keep in mind when you’re going to visit Cinque Terre. The government recently (in 2018-2019) decided to only let 1 million tourists enter the Cinque Terre villages per year. This means that you have the chance of not being let in this region. The best way to avoid this is by contacting a travel agency in Cinque Terre or buy your tickets beforehand. They made this decision because the extreme streams of tourists caused overcrowding and had a negative impact on the local community and infrastructure. Not to worry, you can still visit this place but this is something to keep in mind.

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3. Cappadocia, Turkey.

hot air balloons in cappadocia in turkey, view over landscape and blue sky with mountains

I love all the pictures taken at Cappadocia: they’re so beautiful and sometimes I can’t even believe they’re real! All the hot air balloons in the air, with the best view and especially at sunset time. You choose to walk around the area or get a hot air balloon tour. Most of them last for one hour, and it’s possible to get a pre-sunrise balloon tour as well. I can’t even imagine how beautiful that’s going to be! It’s definitely a place to have on our list of European destinations to visit next.

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4. Provence, France

sunset over the lavender fields in the provence region in france, destinations to visit in europe

The Provence is a region in the south-east of France. The region lies between the Mediterranean, the Rhone Valley and Italy. It’s the perfect place to take a trip to Italy as well! The famous lavender fields with a view of the mountains are amazing. Marseille, Nice, Toulon and Aix-en-Provence are a few of the big cities in the region. Provence is known for the production of rosé wines. Definitely book a wine tour if you are visiting this region and if you are a wine lover. This is one of the best destinations in Europe to visit on y our next trip.

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5. Iceland

amazing landscape in iceland, waterfalls with mountains and lakes, destinations to visit in europe

I’ve decided to choose a specific area per country, but I couldn’t choose an area in Iceland because everything is beautiful. Iceland has a few fjords as well and it’s best of you rent a car explore this island. Furthermore, the northern lights and the blue lagoon look amazing. The geysers are a very popular stop in Iceland: the mother of all geysers is The Great Geysir. It’s shoots water up to 70 metres in the air.

We all love to see the northern lights once in our lifetime but it is rare to see it. Don’t get your expectations too high because there is a big chance that you won’t see the northern lights. Nevertheless, Iceland is definitely one of the top destinations in Europe to visit. There’s so much more to see beside the northern lights.

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6. Matterhorn, Switzerland

Matterhorn Switzerland.jpg

This is more of a day-trip kinda visit but worthy of a visit in my opinion. It may not be one of the exact destinations in Europe but we do love a day-trip sometimes! The Matterhorn is a mountain in the Valais Alps, on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The top of the mountain has a height of 4.478 metres and the mountain has become a symbol of Switzerland. The most popular photographed side is the northeast side, from Zermatt in Switzerland.

The mountain has a pyramid shape and it’s a real eyecatcher. Only very, very experienced climbers can attempt to climb the mountain as it’s very steep and dangerous.

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7. Zakynthos, Greece

island life on zakynthos in greece, view over the ocean with a white boat in the background below caves

Many of my friends and family have visited Greece, and it’s still on my to-visit list. Greece is a popular holiday destination because of the many islands and the cute villages on the island. The famous beach of Zakynthos with the shipwreck is one of the most photographed places of Greece. The island is great for enjoying the beautiful nature, the crystal clear sea, the old villages, “blue caves”, and the incredible sea turtles! I have to admit, Zakynthos is very high on my list of destinations in Europe to visit in 2020.

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8. Cornwall, England

the coast of england, cornwall views, dream destinations to visit next in europe

I’ve come across this place via Google after searching the best destinations in Europe. Cornwall has a maritime climate with relative mild winters. As a result, subtropical plants and palms are established here. You can explore Cornwall by train or choose to do a fun road trip! Cornwall has a variety of animals as well, such as seals. The “Tresco island” is situated less than 30 miles of the coast and it doesn’t even look real. The pictures looks absolutely beautiful!

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9. Causeway Coastal Route, Ireland

the roadtrip in ireland along games of thrones places, dream destinations to visit in europe next, road trip

People call this the road trip of your life, so it must be good, right? The route is located between romantic castles and fabulous legends. The breath taking road along the coastline, green hills, the villages that NEED to be photographed, and world famous filming locations such as Games of Thrones! The road is about 310 kilometres and travels along the coast and through the rural of Northern Ireland.

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10. Plitvice lakes, Croatia

the amazing plitvice lakes in croatia to visit, incredible blue water with green nature, dream destinations to visit in europe

The Plitvice lakes in Croatia are part of a national parc. Honestly, your visit to Croatia isn’t complete until you’ve visited these lakes! It looks like a fairy-tale, with mesmerizing waterfalls and emerald green lakes. Your camera is essential when you visit the lakes. The parc has two entrances and a large parking space. At the beginning of the parc, they are a few routes that you can follow: you don’t have to follow these if you don’t want to. You can collect and combine your own route and use the train or one of the boat trips!

My travel wish-list has just become longer after writing this blogpost. I’ve been to the Provence when a was a little girl, but I haven’t visited any of the other places and they are all dream destinations in Europe to visit next! I know I’ll be planning a trip to one of these European destinations soon!



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dream destinations in europe to visit next, places to visit in 2020, where to go, islands to visit, countries to visit, european destinations
dream destinations in europe to visit next, places to visit in 2020, where to go, islands to visit, countries to visit, european destinations

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