The Best Cities In Europe To Explore!

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As much as I love beach holidays, tanning on the beach, surfing, drink a coconut on the beach (kidding, I have never done that): I also really love visiting cities during a city trip! In all honestly, I think city trips are so much fun. You get to explore an amazing city in just a few days and have the best time. And all things aside: you could still tan on the beach, go surfing and drink a coconut. Just saying.

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I think I have done an equal amount of city trips and longer holidays. City trips are my way to go if I just need to get out of the country for a few days. The longer holidays are definitely my more relaxed and adventurous holidays. There are so many cities which makes it so hard to make the following decision: where to go on my next city trip? I got you with these amazing cities.

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Paris, France

Paris is such a beautiful city full of surprises. It’s known as an amazing city to go shopping, and I must admit: it is. There’s something for every type of shopper: vintage shops, high street and designer. However, don’t be mistaken and think that this is the only thing that Paris has to offer. There’s so much culture to discover like the catacombs, the museums like the Louvre and château Versailles. And if you’re ready to chill down: Paris has a lot of incredible parcs with the cutest chairs to just sit, relax, enjoy the sun and maybe even read a book. You can almost escape the hectic city that Paris is.

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Barcelona, Spain

This is another versatile city! You can even enjoy the beach and the city if you visit Barcelona. The Ramblas is amazing for shopping and has a few of the biggest stores but there are amazing shopping malls as well. Visit Parc Güell, Camp Nou if you like shopping and don’t forget about the Sagrada Familia! If you want to be the real tourist: take the hop on-hop off bus. But if I may advice you: just stroll around the city. Become part of the community, enjoy the local restaurants and see the non-tourist side of Barcelona. This is how you actually discover the pearls of a city.

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Valencia, Spain

I love Valencia. I love the difference between the modern buildings and the historical town. This is another city to enjoy the beach and the city. The modern side and the historical side are almost separated by the parc that’s in the middle of Valencia. This once used to be a river, now it’s a long parc! The perfect spot for a picnic, a walk or to cycle through. During certain months of the year like May, you can enjoy the beautiful fireworks. This is a great place to have your city trip.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is amazing for the water-lovers. It’s also known as the home of the Little Mermaid which makes me want to visit it immediately. Most of the popular sides are located by the water. The different sides of the city are actually connected via canals and waterways! Copenhagen has so much to offer from amazing restaurant, to lovely gardens and museums. The Tivoli Gardens and the Rosenburg Castle are two incredible sights to visit. This is a city that’s always lovely, no matter what season it is.

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Venice, Italy

Venice is already impressive by just looking at it. The only way to get around the city is by walking or travel by gondola or vaporetto and explore the canals of Venice. This city almost transforms at night. Discover the city by day and enjoy one of the best diners with the best views in a restaurant beside the canal. Watch the lights and watch the city go to sleep as it prepares for the next day. One big advice I have for you: try to find the local shops and help the local economy. Venice is extremely popular and sadly, the locals are almost suffering under the pressure that the tourism brings. As tourists, the best thing we can do is support the local shops, minimize our waste and our footprint.  

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Tallinn, Estonia

Looking for a cheap and more quiet place? Tallinn in Estonia is one of the least popular cities in Europe which makes it an amazing city to stroll around. Since the tourism isn’t as big as Venice for example, it is much cheaper. The old streets are lovely to discover and to end the day with a diner in a local restaurant. It’s such a lovely place to go for your weekend city trip!

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

This once was one of the least popular cities in Europe but Ljubljana is so gorgeous which lead to a growth in tourism. More people are visiting this incredible city, and you should too! The architecture is amazing and I love all the colours of the buildings. It’s a city that’s located outside of the more known western Europe but it really is worth the visit. Slovenia in general is a beautiful city full of amazing nature to explore!

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I hope these places gave you inspiration for your next city trip. Some of them are pretty or really popular and others are yet to be discovered. I’d love to hear what your favourite places for a city trip is and which city is worth exploring. There’s so much to explore, I wish I could write about all of the amazing cities in Europe!




  1. Oooh, there are so many gorgeous places to visit in Europe! These are definitely cities I want to visit, especially Paris! I’ve heard so many great things about Ljubljana – though I want to learn how to pronounce that properly first, hehe. Thanks for sharing these recommendations!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Ha, right there with you because I can’t pronounce Ljubljana properly either! Paris is an incredible city, my absolute favourite 😀

  2. So many great cities on this list! I can vouch for especially Tallinn to be worth every second you give it 😍

    – Laura ||

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