The Guide To Plan Your Perfect Trip | Part 2

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Alright, it’s time to plan your perfect trip ON destination. I have talked you through booking your trip and everything to think about while booking your trip and things to think about after you’ve booked the trip. So the trip is booked, you’re really excited and ready to go exploring and loving life. Are you ready to get to know everything you need about planning your activities, time planning and finding the right restaurants? Keep on reading!

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Whenever you visit a (new) country, it’s always good to get inspired before arrival. Get on Pinterest and search the boards about the destination to find blog posts about it or fun locations to shoot pictures. You can also find great inspiration via Google or any other search engine. Your favourite travel bloggers might have a few blog posts about it as well. It’s fun: just spend a few hours in advance to discover a little bit about your destination. However, if you’d love to be surprised on the destination and not do researched before arrival: that’s totally fine too. The best surprising and the best activities are usually the unplanned ones. Personally, I do like to get to know my destination beforehand. Just to see what I can expect!

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Time planning to fit it all in your perfect trip

With time planning, I don’t mean making a strict time schedule. However, it is important to think realistically. How much time do you have on the destination? What are all the activities you want to do and what are the sights you want to see? You might need to prioritize and make decisions if it can’t all be done within the time you have. Try to think ahead about the time you’re going to be spending on a sight or during an activity.

I usually write down the number of days I have and all the fun stuff around in the area. Next, I prioritize the activities and sights. Things I really want to see are on the top of my list and I’ll make time for these things. Other less-important activities or sights are further down the list and may not happen. After prioritizing, I google to see what there’s to do and how much time I think it’s going to take me. If you need to, prioritize in things to see during an activity or while visiting a site. By doing this, you create more time for the other things on your list! After all of this, I always have a pretty good idea of the amount of activities and sights I can fit into my travel days without stressing.

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Fun places to visit during your perfect trip

Pinterest, blogs, YouTube and Instagram. The entire internet is full of inspiration and it is the best way to plan activities for your perfect trip. So many people use these platforms, which means that there is lots of content. You can choose the content that fits you best and find hidden spots before even going to the place. And definitely ask around in your friend group and family. Maybe someone has already travelled to the destination and has some great tips for you. Or maybe they know someone who did! Sharing travel stories is such a fun side-thing about travel and it’s so much fun to hear about other peoples experiences.

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Finding a place to sleep on the destination

I can imagine that it’s nice to not book accommodations in advance. It gives you more freedom. More possibilities into staying longer on a destination or perhaps leave earlier if it’s not your thing. To do this, it’s good to have a few apps on your phone so you can book a hotel of hostel without any hazzle. AirBnB and are great examples.

We all know AirBnB and it gives us a feel of living next to the locals. is amazing if you need to find an apartment, hotel or even hostel. It’s much easier to book via these compagnies if you have the app on your phone. And it’s always possible to hop by a hostel to see if there’s any sleeping places left. You can always call the hostel as well. It saves you time and perhaps even money because you don’t have to travel to the hostel!

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Local transportation

So, you have arrived on your destination. What’s next? The local public transportation is always the cheapest way of traveling. It depends on the destination. Singapore has an amazing public transportation network so you can get from the airport to the main city centre. Bali, for example, does not have the best public transportation. You can take the bus, for example from Kuta to Ubud. It saves money, but it takes quite a bit longer.

Whenever you’re staying a little bit longer, try looking into ways to transport yourself via a scooter for example. Especially in Asia: this is the most effective, yet really dangerous, way of traveling. It depends on your scooter experience and confidence if you’re ready to participate in the hectic travel some countries have. Always look into multiple renting companies to find the best price and always look at the terms before riding. Take a few photos of any already existing damage to avoid any hazzle afterwards. This way, they can never blame you for the damage because you have proof it was already there before you rented the scooter!

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Food and drinks!

Whenever you’re backpacking, solo traveling or when you meet other travellers: you usually find yourself at a restaurant or bar later that night. No worries about finding a great restaurant. Especially the people who’ve been on the destination a bit longer, know the best places and can guide you around. However, if you’re in a different situations: try to do some research in advance. You can always Google the destination at home, look on Google Maps for any restaurants and bars and see the recommendations about the place. Do you love it? Write it down. You’ll always have some places in mind if you can’t find any other great restaurants or bars! No wandering around for hours if you already have a few options in mind.

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I’m really someone who loves to do research beforehand. I love to read into the culture, their way of living and fun activities. It makes me feel prepared, without having a strict schedule or places in might that I HAVE to visit. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared, as long as it doesn’t holds you back from doing other fun things. Find a balance and plan that perfect trip. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time!

How do you plan your trip? Are you someone who loves to be surprised or do you like the prepared? Let me know!




  1. Forward planning is so important before embarking on a trip. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gone away for a short break and sound myself wasting time! I love getting inspiration from Pinterest for my trips too. Such great tips! xxx

    1. That’s so much fun as well! You can discover the most amazing things when you don’t plan the day! 🙂

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