7 Travel Books To Read For The Best Travel Inspiration

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Travel books are the perfect way to get new travel inspiration. I’ve been collecting travel books for a while now and store them on my coffee table. I love looking through them on a gloomy night or read them in the garden when it’s sunny. Besides using them as travel inspiration, they are also perfect to do additional research about the destinations you want to visit!

This blogpost contains affiliate links that, if you click on and you make a purchase, earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you. However, I will only ever recommend or promote products/services I love and feel are valuable to my audience. In addition, my opinions are my own and always honest.

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the ultimate travel books to read for travel inspiration, english travel books, dutch travel books

I am going to talk about seven travel books, six of which I actually own and one that I love but haven’t bought yet. I’ve looked through it and it’s the perfect one if you are visiting Bali. Travel books are also perfect if you’re enjoying some time in the garden or inside and not particularly want to read a fiction book.

I’m Dutch and I have three Dutch travel books. I tried to find an English version of then, but none of them have been translated to English (yet). So I decided to divide this blogpost in English travel books and Dutch travel books. Just scroll to whichever language you read!

English Travel Books

Have A Happy Weekend | Monaco Books

I got this book for Christmas and this book is all about weekend trips to take! Perfect for the people who are still in university like me or if you have a fulltime job. Weekend trips are the best option – you don’t need to take a lot of vacation days (maybe 1) and you get to visit a lot of destinations during the year!

This book is divided per season so you have cities to visit during spring, summer, autumn and the winter. Which is amazing because you don’t have to do that research yourself! The entire book is over 310 pages so it’s a lot but I absolutely love it. You can buy this book on Amazon!

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The Best Things in Life Are Free | Lonely Planet

This is your ultimate money-saving travel guide as Lonely Planet claims. The book is divided in different sections: arts & culture, sports & leisure, music & film, festivals & events and food & drinks. These different sections come back in the destinations who are also divided in continent. So you have Africa with Cape Town and Marrakesh, Europe with Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona and so many more destinations.

I highly recommend this book if you want to travel on a budget. It offers a lot of options in the most popular destinations of the world and almost all of them are completely free!

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We Like Bali Travel Guide | We Like Bali

These girls are Dutch travellers who are living in Bali since a few years. They wrote an actual travel book in Dutch, but also have an English online version and the We Like Bali Travel Guide, which is what I believe an actual copy as well.

This is the book that I don’t own personally, I would love to buy it one day but it is focused on Bali and I’m not planning a trip to Bali now! If you are planning a trip to Bali – this is definitely a good one to look at.

Dutch Travel Books

Take a Break | Sara van Geloven

Take a Break is focused on everything we need for a world trip, a sabbatical or a gap year. The book is divided into four parts: what are we planning, where do we want to go, going on a trip within a year and the travel & coming home part.

The first part talks about the different possibilities like travel and learning or backpacking. The second part focuses on the continents and the different countries to visit. The third part gives tips on how to save for the journey, a checklist and tips on how long to stay at a destination. The fourth part is all about challenges you’re going to face during travelling, how to save your travel memories and going home or going on a new adventure!

The book has different interviews in the 17 chapters which is nice, ‘cause it shares light on different experiences from different travellers. A few of them have been backpacking, working abroad or are learning at a foreign university!

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Backpack Bestemmingen | Roëll de Ram

This one of my favorite travel books to read. It’s all about backpacking and it gives complete travel guides per destination. It has tips on what to do, how expensive the destination is and what the best travel time is.

If you’re into reading more travel related content about backpacking or travelling in general ánd you’re Dutch – their website wearetravellers.nl is perfect to use as travel inspiration!

We Like Bali | We Like Bali

The same book as I mentioned in the English travel books part – but this is their main travel book about Bali in Dutch. The design is gorgeous and the book looks so good! The book gives information on the different areas on Bali with additional activities and places to visit. Like I said before, I don’t own this book myself!

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Solo Reizen | Liesbeth Rasker

This book is about solo travelling and I got this book for Christmas as well. I’ve been looking into solo travelling and it seems so scary to me – but I really want to do it! This book is perfect because it tells you why solo travelling is awesome, the mistakes she made while solo travelling (so we don’t make them!) and the different destinations to visit.

She writes about loneliness during solo travelling as well and that’s my main concern regarding solo travelling. I love sharing these travel memories with my travel buddy. She’s also writing about making friends, how to travel, financial stuff and strolling around destinations on your own.

I’m reading almost all of them – except the Bali books – and they are all different. That’s what I love most because I hate it when travel books tell the same story. All of these compliment each other so well. Definitely reading them more now that we are inside during a pandemic to give me travel inspiration for later this year or next year!

I hope you’re all well and have been loving this blogpost. Which travel book you own is your favorite?



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the ultimate travel books to read for travel inspiration, english travel books, dutch travel books
the ultimate travel books to read for travel inspiration, english travel books, dutch travel books


  1. These are such great recommendations! I love the idea of a weekend trip inspiration book – it seems like the perfect thing to browse over morning coffee – I might need to get that one 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s absolutely perfect for that! I love browsing through it and the book gives so much additional information about the cities as well. 🙂

    1. It is definitely awesome! It’s so much more than just money saving tips, when I ordered it online – I didn’t expect it to be so full with information about so many destinations. 🙂 It’s perfect.

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