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I love buying new books or magazines to get the maximum doses of travel inspiration! Today I have listed a few of the best travel books or the best travel magazines to get you your travel inspiration.

On Twitter I mentioned that I am currently moving into a new build house (my parents house!) and I am extremely busy ‘cause there is lots to do. I haven’t had the time to write a long blogpost as I usually do, so today’s blogpost is a shorter one. The blogpost on Wednesday will (hopefully) be a bit longer.

The shown pictures are not my own. I have linked the image source with additional information about the book/magazine below the image and all credits go to these sites.

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist


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This is the absolute best book if you love travelling. I haven’t bought this book (yet!) but I have often browsed through the book in bookstores. Somehow, I never actually bought it and I regret it every time. The linked line above will send you to the site of Lonely Planet, and they have a discount at this moment! Lonely Planet has over 500 destinations on this planet in this book, with amazing photography and information about different places. Honestly, all those destinations and photography look incredible and I love to just sit in my chair, with a cup of tea and browse through the book imagining my next destination! I love interior design and some books just have a great look to be an easy-to-grab coffee table book and this is definitely one of those. I can’t wait to buy it and place it in sight on my coffee table. It will look great.

Adventure Guides


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I’ve found these books last night while searching more travel books and these books are perfect if you’re looking for a travel books based on a specific destination! I believe these are e-books so you’ll need a laptop or an e-reader to read these. However, it is the best and most travel-friendly way because you won’t have to carry around a big and heavy book. You can just open the book on your phone and find the best places at your destination. How easy? They currently have Adventure Guides about Thailand, Cambodia & Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. So, are any of these destinations your next destination? These books might be perfect for you! They’re full of personal recommendations and beautiful photography.

Lonely Planet: The Travel Book


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This is the second of third recommendation from a Lonely Planet product. I believe they are the absolute master in travel books or anything travel related. Once again, this has been on my to-buy list for quite some time and I REALLY want this book. Honestly, I’d love to get this book along with the “Ultimate Travel List” because they are both pretty looking books (yes, it’s another easy-to-grab coffee table book) with amazing photography and it’s full of travel inspiration. The book takes you on a journey through 230 countries. This one has a discount as well.

National Geographic  “Traveler” Magazine

4x-natgeo-traveler-7-190 (1)

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National Geographic is another travel master and their “Traveler Magazine” is full of inspiring stories with local people, amazing photography and practical information. I had a guest lecture about the “Traveler” Magazine and they talked about the incredible journeys they’ve been on with the process of taking the best picture and creating the best journey. It was hands-down the most inspiring guest lecture of all time and I bought the Traveler Magazine that same day! Magazines are great if you just want a quick read and browse through the magazine. The Traveler Magazine is published four times a year.

Lonely Planet Magazine


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Another magazine and yes, it’s the Lonely Planet Magazine!! I love, love this one as well and I love browsing through the magazine and (obviously) read it. Sometimes, I like to cut out the best pictures and decorate my room with it! I do this with the Traveler Magazine as well, because the photography is in both magazines just incredible.

I love all of these books and magazines, and even though I don’t own them all: I certainly want to!! They give me so much travel inspiration, and I hope they’ll give you as much inspiration!



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