The Best 2 Ways To Create A Travel Photo Album

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We always make new memories when we travel. Even if we are driving three hours to another part of the country. There’s always new experiences to have, new things to see and new people to meet. How do we save these memories? I have two ways to save your travel memories in a travel photo album!

Sharing and saving travel memories is one of my favorite things to do after coming home from a trip. I have a few of my own traditions during my travels to make sure I keep the travel memories alive, so I won’t forget them and so others can feel the happiness of the travel memories as well.

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The two things I like to do are either making my own photobook or to digitally design my own photobook. The first one is absolutely perfect if you love things like a scrapbook or have more physical things to place in your photobook like I have sometimes. The second one is perfect if you want to keep it very neat and organized, you can select the images on your computer and write a story with it as well. This one is perfect if you’re not into creating those handcrafted things!

While we are staying at home – even if it’s because we haven’t planned a trip – this activity is a perfect way to spend your afternoon. Do this in your garden or on your balcony whenever the sun is out or enjoy doing this inside if it’s a gloomy day. Just because we aren’t travelling doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our previous travels!

This blogpost contains affiliate links that, if you click on and you make a purchase, earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you. However, I will only ever recommend or promote products/services I love and feel are valuable to my audience. In addition, my opinions are my own and always honest.

Two ways to save your travel memories!

Design your own travel photo album

This is what I’ve been doing since the last few years and it’s so much fun! I always buy a postcard at the destination so I’ve collected postcards from Singapore, Bali, Paris etcetera and have them in my photo album before the pictures from the destination.

So what this looks like is: an empty page with the postcard on it and all the pages after that page are the pictures I’ve made during the trip. A new postcard always starts on a new empty page. My travel photo album is very big and has a lot of room for pictures so I have literally all my travels in this book.

I love doing this because it feels so traditional and makes me relive all the travel memories. I do love being creative as well but I definitely need to work on that as you can see in my pictures. In addition, I love to grab my travel photo album and just scroll through it and enjoy the pictures from all my travels!

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Design an online travel photo album

I gotta admit, even though I love the traditional travel photo album – I still need to work on my pictures from Madeira, get them developed and work on this travel photo album. I still need to do Barcelona as well.

An alternative fun option is to create your own online travel photo album! It’s less work, you can just choose the pictures from your laptop and some websites allow you to write stories with the pictures as well.

My favorite one is Travel Diaries and it’s exactly what the name says! You can use all sort-of pictures in different formats and write stories on it as well. You’ll have different smaller travel photo albums dedicated to each destination.

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Even though I love the bigger travel photo album, it’s so much fun to have different books from each destination. In my case – I would have a book from Bali, a book for Paris, a book from Barcelona etcetera. That’s so nice to have in your bookshelf or on your table as well.

A very big plus of making an online travel photo album is the easiness of organizing the book with endless possibilities. If you make a mistake, just erase it and try again. It’s also much faster to create a travel photo album like this! I love small photobooks to remember all the travel memories.

Travel Diaries has the option to use it as an online travel photo album or to develop your entire book and send it to you. Whatever you prefer!

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I feel like we forget the travel memories if we don’t relive them once in a while. Of course, some things we will never forget. However, I always remember small details of my travel journey if I look at the pictures. From my first surfing lesson in Bali, to releasing baby turtles on the beach and enjoying the gardens of Chateaux Versailles. Even the smallest memories like eating a sandwich and drinking a cappuccino next to the Seine.

What is your favorite way of collecting travel memories in a travel photo album? I’d love to know!



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travel photo album, travel memories, photobook, creating a travel photo album
travel photo album, travel memories, photobook, creating a travel photo album


  1. I love the idea of creating photo albums and momento books for trips! Great idea to get a postcard from every place to mark the start of a new trip!

  2. I love creating photo albums from my travels! I have created 2 so far online and it’s a blast. Definitely a fun activity right now.

  3. I love the idea of creating a photo book. I’m not at all creative so this is a MUCH better option for me. I am going to start doing this with my travels. I have never used Travel Diaries before, but I’m going to check it out.

    1. It’s so easy to create this and there are A LOT of examples and inspiration posts online! 😀

  4. How both the options look and feel is really nice and sweet! I had never looked how to create a digital photo album, so this article was very useful to me! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for reading this post! It is so easy to create a digital photo album.

  5. Years ago I loved to create photo albums but somewhere along the line just got too busy. I miss them. This post inspires me to return to this time-honored tradition. I especially love your suggestion of making online books because that may be a bit easier for those of us who have limited time. Thank you very much for the inspiration!!!

    1. You’re so welcome! I’m so happy you liked this post and got inspiration from it. 😀

  6. These are great ideas! I’m so bad at doing *anything* with my photos from when I travel other than download them, but I’ll have to give this a try!

    1. Same here girl, I forget it a lot too! If we just save them, we can always create a travel photo album. 🙂

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