What I Learned While Travelling

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I write about travel and how much I love travelling. Even wrote a blog post about the reasons why I love travelling. As much as I love travelling, I haven’t travelled that much yet. This year is full of new exciting travels to Spain, Portugal and maybe even Iceland later this year. Despite the fact that I didn’t do the big travels I wish I had done, I still learned a lot while travelling.

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To be more patient and enjoy the little things

I used to always rush and live the fast-paced life. Growing up in a city learned me to do everything as fast as possible. Hit the shops before it gets crowded, waiting in a long line at the store when I got there too late, getting into a crowded train, missing the train and impatiently waiting for e-mails. Everything had to go fast so I could go on with the next task. Travelling learned me to be patient. It learned me to take my time and enjoy the moment. Even if I took the wrong train or accidentally go 10 stops further than I was supposed to. Or to get stuck in traffic for hours on Bali. The thing about travelling is that it’s all about the journey and the adventure. If everything would go smoothly and fast, the adventure wouldn’t be as great. And being patient learns us to look at the smaller things and appreciate the time we have!

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To leave my beloved comfort zone

Now I’m not the best person at leaving my comfort zone. I’m someone who likes to push herself and explore new things, but I’m also someone who will stops when things get too scary or too far out of my comfort zone. I’m working on it and I have definitely stepped more out of my comfort zone because of my travels. It learned me to be on my own and to take care of things. It also taught me that the greatest things happen when you’re out of your comfort zone. It’s scary at first, but at the end: you’re so happy to have done it and you’ll grow every time.

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To be more curious

During our daily life, we see the things we always see. Or we do the usual routine. Get up, take the train or car to work, work for 8 hours, take the train or car back home, eat, chill for a few hours and go to bed only to do it all again the next morning. Nothing new, just the usual. I love travelling because it made me more curious. It made me curious to exploring new places, learning about the history of the place, trying new foods and meet new cultures.

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To appreciate and value other cultures

I mentioned this before, but I love meeting new cultures. It creates new perspectives on life and it shows me that we’re just a tiny little dot on the planet. Our problems look so big sometimes, but during travelling you realize to appreciate the small things. Furthermore, the values of the other cultures have taught me so much. The respect towards each other, always putting family first and to be hospitable.

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I can’t wait to learn more during my upcoming travels. Not only is travelling so much fun, I never expected to learn this much. Be excited for my upcoming travels to Spain in Barcelona and the Portuguese island Madeira! I’m excited to share these travels with you and write the perfect travel guide.

What did you learn during your travels?




  1. These “lessons” are really the gem of traveling, and all the more reason to keep traveling more and more!

    – Laura // afinnontheloose.com

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